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Cmmi with Agile - Demystified


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Cmmi with Agile - Demystified

  2. 2. Disclaimer The information contained in this material is based on the experience of the author and its not a representation of a group or an organization. The usage of the information by any individual or by the organization is not the responsibility of the author and nor for the implementation outputs For better understanding and application always refer and the cmmi model
  3. 3. PurposeIn the recent times there are many agile based software development organizations, whoare interested to implement CMMI model in their organization. The reason behind theirinterest varies across organization, but many of their questions remain common, A) How much CMMI and Agile map with each other? B) Which areas we need to work on? C) What’s the kind of effort we need to put in?This presentation is an attempt to give some of the answers to you.Also if anyone wants to understand what kind of artifacts the specific practices in CMMIwould expect, then they can very well use this presentation and the attachment asreference to their CMMI Journey.
  4. 4. CMMI and Agile – Together ?!You are an Agile Scrum based product development company and you want to know thathow much % of CMMI specific practices are already addressed by your projects and what isthe gap they need to work on …Then you are expecting the answer : Approximately 65% (expect 50 to 70% rangein normal conditions) Yes.. If you are implementing Scrum well with good engineering practices, youmight have already satisfied approximately 65% of practices which CMMI expects. Itmeans another 35% you need to identify, work on and improve your practices in projects.Apart from this you have organizational processes( 3 of them at ML3) which you need toimplement.However if you are not really having Scrum but some ad-hoc activities named as Agiledevelopment .. Then the answer is not right for you.
  5. 5. CMMI and Agile – Where the GapsYou want to know, where you would encounter the gaps and where you need to concentrate inCMMIThen you are expecting the answer :a) Risk Managementb) Configuration Managementc) Process and Product Quality Assuranced) Decision Analysis and Resolutione) Project Planningf) Project Monitoring and Controlg) Integrated Project Managementh) Technical SolutionLegend :Red Font – More gap, Blue Font – Medium gap
  6. 6. CMMI and Agile – Where the GapsIf you have no history of Process management and you want to know, where you needto put your effort in,Then you are expecting the answer :a) Organization Process Focusb) Organization Process Definitionc) Organization Training
  7. 7. All you want to know: CMMI with AgileEveryone who wants to understand, how each specific practice ofCMMI can be mapped with Agile output/Custom SoftwareDevelopment and How , here is your reference sheet, Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 WorksheetExplore yourself …..
  8. 8. What Should I Conclude?The CMMI Implementation in Agile based organizations is not tough as you think,but it needs,a) You should get people trained in Agile Scrum and they should follow a commonguidelineb) Some of your day to day activities should be tracked /evidence of the same to becollectedc) CMMI brings in lot of value in terms Risk management, Configurationmanagement, Decision Analysis and Resolution ,etc… they should be seen asimprovement plug-in to your Agile practicesd) Above all, commitment from management is the key to bring the changes andmake a successful blend of CMMI with Agile implementation. Be Assured, You will get best of both the worlds!
  9. 9. How much is the effort I need to put in ?!It Depends !- On your existing Agile practices- Resources & Skill- Organization structure and Products/Technology- Existing Process Maturity- Commitment and Leadership
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