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VWO - Trinity Webinar - 10 Ways to Convert More Orders


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Slides from the webinar where Craig Smith from Trinity Insight reviews our ten most effective conversion experiments run this year, outlining exact website changes and overall conversion impact. We will take a deep dive into a variety of approaches for brands to maximize conversion through testing content and capture fields.

Key Takeaways:
1- How minor tests to the mobile experience can drive major gains
2- Alternative methods of capturing consumer data to accelerate performance
3- Measuring "micro conversions" with your web experience to tackle friction areas

Published in: Marketing
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VWO - Trinity Webinar - 10 Ways to Convert More Orders

  1. 1. 10 ways to convert more orders (starting next week!) Real life data and UX examples Craig Smith, Founder & CEO Trinity Insight
  2. 2. @VWO | @TrinityInsight Use #thinkCRO in your Tweets Talk To Us On Twitter
  3. 3. My Goal: Arm you with new ideas to optimize
  4. 4. About Me ● 16 years in ecommerce ● Started Trinity Insight in 2006 ● VWO premier partner since 2009 ● We help brands & retailers optimize
  5. 5. In 3 years, mobile will drive 50% of sales
  6. 6. Source: EQ1 2016 - Monetate Only 42% of eCom orders happen in first hour
  7. 7. Conversion going higher, mobile up 21.4% Source: EQ1 2016 - Monetate
  8. 8. Top ten experiments Reviewed our experiments over the last 12 months Hand picked some of our best performing tests Variety of UI focal points: Split tests, multivariate tests, segmentation efforts, modals, personalization
  9. 9. #1 Checkout Distractions Does your checkout process provide pathways to distraction? Eliminating alternative paths and re- engineering header equaled 17% increase to overall conversion.
  10. 10. #2: Auto Zip Lookup Re-created the page to lead with zip code before city/state Using third party API we are able to populate the city/state field Increased overall conversion 7.8%
  11. 11. #3: Checkout Boxes Shopping funnel “boxes” represent a familiar look to users (Amazon) Re-constructed page over multiple test iterations, experimenting with a variety of messaging and creative Winning variation increased page progression 4%, leading to over 1mm annually in incremental sales
  12. 12. #4: Jump point to checkout Experiment with actions, post cart add (click) Tested right to the cart, modal with recs, modal without recs Modal without equaled 20% conversion rate increase over control
  13. 13. #5: Filter Presentation Tweak how you present your category filters Goal of increasing PDP views “Sticky” header in test, condensed with dropdown 30% lift in category to product page progression
  14. 14. #6: Cart Simplification Re-focus shoppers to primary path Relieved clutter and additional distractions, changed color scheme 20% increase to conversion on this single experiment Control Variation
  15. 15. #7: Re-order Optimization Goal: Make the re-ordering process easier Cookie returning customers and speak differently to segment with re-order messaging 8% increase in overall conversion Control Variatio n
  16. 16. #8: Last Mile Messaging Do not underestimate messaging power within the three key areas: Security, Guarantees, Shipping 9.3% lift in conversion after adding in additional messaging that reiterated these areas
  17. 17. #9: Reduce Analysis Paralysis Isolate where you may have “information overload” This product page test eliminated warranty steps from product page and were rendered post cart-add via modal 25% add to cart increase, 27% conversion increase overall
  18. 18. #10: Personalized Exit Intent Exit Intent promotional messaging using codes that is based on clickstream 11% overall conversion increase Tailor promotions and messaging based on exits using data layer
  19. 19. Where do you begin? Look at your progression rates and segment performance. Data will tell you where to focus… Start thinking, designing and deploying...
  20. 20. Define your UX economics (use our free tool)
  21. 21. Thank you!