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VWO - SpyFu Webinar - Running Smarter Retargeting Campaigns


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VWO and SpyFu present this free webinar on running smarter retargeting campaigns and how to maintain synergy between ad copies and landing pages.

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VWO - SpyFu Webinar - Running Smarter Retargeting Campaigns

  1. 1. Running Smarter Retargeting Campaigns: From Ad Copy to Landing Page 25th February, 2016
  2. 2. @NEILPATEL Use #VWOwebinar in your Tweets Talk To Us On Twitter
  3. 3. Meet Us Mike Roberts is the Founder and CEO of SpyFu, a service that lets you learn from and download your competitors’ AdWords and SEO campaign history. Mike is an industry recognized expert in SEO, PPC, and competitive intelligence. MIKE ROBERTS, Founder and CEO, SpyFu @SpyFu Sushant is a Conversion Optimization enthusiast and heads Channel and Co- marketing operations at VWO. Sushant has previously driven content marketing campaigns for eCommerce and can talk for hours about Google Analytics and Adwords. SUSHANT SHARMA Channel and Co-Marketing, VWO @Sushant6759
  4. 4. The company I founded.
  5. 5. SpyFu: In 15 seconds For any website see: • Which keywords they buy on Google • Which keywords they rank organically and (how their rankings have changed over the last 10 years) • Every ad variation they’ve ever run and how they’ve *evolved it* over time.
  6. 6. “Download your competitors’ keywords...” • “#1 Free Keyword Tool” These are messages that work for us...
  7. 7. Impressions → Clicks Visitors → Buyers ...because they convert.
  8. 8. Finding your winning message unique selling proposition, value added differentiator, features-->benefits-->advantages, offers, call to actions, headlines…whatever. Describes you accurately and makes people click and buy. Other parts of your landing page, your funnel support this core.
  9. 9. The testing starts before the landing page
  10. 10. Maintaining consistent messaging is called “scent”.
  11. 11. Even while we’re running tests, we keep the scent consistent.
  12. 12. Did it just get awkwardly complicated in here?
  13. 13. The takeaway: The core message that will deliver you to landing page nirvana, also works on Adwords. They go hand in glove.
  14. 14. So, it turns out...
  15. 15. Entire Adwords campaign history. • For all websites. • Every ad copy test run by anybody since 2006!
  16. 16. Been collecting data 4 years longer than they’ve been a company. •We’ve been collecting the data longer than 99.1% of companies have been advertising.
  17. 17. The results of every split test they’ve *ever* run.
  18. 18. Let me zoom in on something real quick
  19. 19. Takeaway: Learn from the mistakes of your competitors without having to suffer through them yourself. Take what *has* worked for them and make it your own.
  20. 20. Btw, it’s not only about “spying on your competitors”... Want to know the best way to get people to buy “credit reports”?
  21. 21. Here’s the results of 879 split tests of everybody that’s ever tried it.
  22. 22. Your winning message is out there. Maybe somebody has already tried your current winner. Wouldn’t you like to know what test beat it?
  23. 23. When you’ve got the results of virtually every test ever run on AdWords… Bonus:
  24. 24. …and you’re a HUGE data nerd, you can do some pretty cool stuff.
  25. 25. Super-massive-billion-way split test – but for words and phrases.
  26. 26. Warm-up: Which offer would get more clicks? Free Shipping vs Free Overnight Shipping
  27. 27. Free Overnight Shipping*
  28. 28. Not a casual observation * Winner based on 5.3 Million unique matching ad tests from 54k advertisers.
  29. 29. Wooooohooo! Computers are the future; humans are crap.
  30. 30. Okay, but that’s obvious. “Free overnight shipping” is clearly better than “Free shipping”. It also *costs* more. Duh.
  31. 31. But, put these in order: Free shipping Free same day shipping Free next day shipping
  32. 32. Free same day shipping (winner) Free next day shipping Free shipping
  33. 33. “Free same day shipping” is interesting…
  34. 34. Put these in order: free same day shipping (current winner) ships today ready to ship free shipping
  35. 35. “Ships today” FTW!
  36. 36. “Ships today” and “Ready to ship” cost you ZERO dollars. (and they’re better than “free shipping” and “next day shipping”)
  37. 37. …and there’s even more of them.
  38. 38. But can anything take out “free overnight shipping”?
  39. 39. Six words, one comma: In Stock, Ready to Ship Today The phrase “in stock, ready to ship today” appeared 13.1x more often in successful ads than unsuccessful ads. We looked at 12,480 ads by 151 different advertisers containing this phrase to come to this conclusion.
  40. 40. Obviously, not everything works for everybody. But, “In Stock, Ready to Ship Today” -- is 13x more likely to be successful than not. And it’s basically free.
  41. 41. Don’t act too excited about shipping!!!!! “free shipping” beats “free shipping!” “next day shipping” beats “next day shipping!” “overnight shipping” beats “overnight shipping!” “in stock, ready to ship today” beats “in stock, ready to ship today!”
  42. 42. And it’s not just shipping… • Exclamation points can backfire(!) “50% off” beats “50% off!” “Free” beats “Free!”
  43. 43. Seriously?
  44. 44. When you have an “exciting” offer, leave the exclamation point out. “special offer” beats “special offer!” “no cost” beats “no cost!” “easy” beats “easy!” “now open” beats “now open!” “free samples” beats “free samples!” “no obligation” beats “no obligation!” “off coupon” beats “off coupon!”
  45. 45. When you have a sense of urgency, keep the exclamation point.
  46. 46. Rule #2: Use exclamation for urgency “act now!” beats “act now” “ends soon!” beats “ends soon” “limited time!” beats “limited time” “don’t miss out!” beats “don’t miss out” “don’t wait!” beats “don’t wait” “call today!” beats “call today” “while supplies last!” beats “while supplies last” “hurry!” beats “hurry”
  47. 47. Heavy Meta: Special offer. Urgent!!!
  48. 48. Creating Urgency “limited time” beats “limited supply”
  49. 49. If you have the choice, time is more effective than quantity for creating urgency.
  50. 50. Shorter, specific deadlines win in general, but….
  51. 51. …you can use vagueness to get them to put pressure on themselves.
  52. 52. Pop Quiz: Which of these *should* win?
  53. 53. You picked this one right? 1. Your offer isn’t exclamation worthy. Don’t try so hard, bro. 2. “In stock, Ready to ship today” beats “Free shipping” 3. “Won’t last” is better than “While supplies last”. 4. Urgency and exclamation points are BFFs. 5. That period isn’t necessary. Brevity wins.
  54. 54. There’s a few ways to find and improve your core message.
  55. 55. Speaking of meta… and now Sushant will talk Retargeting
  56. 56. 1. What happens AFTER user reaches LP from a retargeted ad 2. Post Click Onboarding 3. Difference between landing pages (normal and retargeting) 4. Researching user data to personalize landing page content 5. Landing page (retargeting customers vs retargeting lost opportunities) 6. Using lead magnets for different funnel stages 7. On-page tactics you can use to gather user intel and maintain engagement I’ll Talk About...
  57. 57. 1. In terms of the average lift in search activity generated for an advertised brand, retargeting represented the highest lift in trademark search behavior at 1,046% 2. 30% of consumers have a positive or very positive reaction to retargeted ads, vs. 11% who feel negatively about them. 3. 1 in 5 marketers now has a dedicated budget for retargeting. 4. Web site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your Website. 5. 46% of search engine marketing professionals believe retargeting is the most underused online marketing technology. Some Numbers, If You Would Please… (Stat Courtesy:
  58. 58. Always remember A good ad copy is just like the perfect wingman to the landing page (Image source: Google)
  59. 59. And the perfect landing page is just like a good salesperson (Image source: Google)
  62. 62. How Can You Seamlessly Enable Post Click Onboarding? When remarketing, establish a clear, minimalistic workflow that takes your user from landing on your page to converting. Remember, one of the major reasons behind high bounce rates is the high number of actionables user has to commit to.
  63. 63. Check out LinkedIn’s Onboarding Workflow for User Profile Completion
  64. 64. (Image source: THIS… Is What a Seamless Onboarding Workflow Looks Like
  65. 65. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LANDING PAGES NORMAL VS RETARGETING A normal landing page is a Taking Page A retargeting landing page is a Giving Page
  67. 67. Here’s What You Should Do Differently This Time Establish Value, Very Clearly, Very Early Into the Session GET THIS - The earlier you offer added value to a retargeted user, the better are their chances of converting. This is how you psychologically create a strong COGNITIVE BIAS.
  69. 69. Retargeting Landing Pages for Customers (Image source:
  70. 70. Retargeting Landing Pages for Customers ● Create separate post-conversion landing pages for customers ● Thank them for their previous engagement with your website ● Deploy a low frequency campaign to target customers ● Remember, prospects are NOT customers. Don’t use the same campaign for both. ● Most importantly, don’t chase your customers away with aggressive targeting (Read: Spamming).
  71. 71. Retargeting Landing Pages for “Abandoners” (Image source:
  72. 72. USING LEAD MAGNETS FOR DIFFERENT FUNNEL STAGES While plain lead-gen forms can’t tell you how serious your leads are, forms with lead magnets can. Your lead magnets can attract exactly the kind of leads that you desire, with content catering to prospects from specific conversion funnel stages.
  73. 73. A lead magnet is something valuable that you provide to your visitors in exchange of their contact details (usually, their email address) on a lead-gen form. A lead magnet can be anything: ebooks, whitepapers, research reports, eCommerce coupons, free access to an application, etc. BUT, WHAT IS A LEAD MAGNET?
  74. 74. Using Lead Magnets for Different Funnel Stages This form here offers a Smart Stats ebook to the users who complete the form. Smart Stats is VWO’s new Bayesian based statistics engine. Users who sign up for the Smart Stats ebook want to learn closely about how VWO works. They can be safely assumed to be high quality leads, and can be nurtured accordingly.
  76. 76. Form Analysis and Optimization for Retargeted Users You just need to know ONE thing to make a super-converting form NOBODY LIKES FILLING FORMS Not when filing taxes, not even when booking tickets to SuperBowl and definitely not when they have to pay and make a purchase! Web form optimization fundamentally involves minimizing “form-friction” and making forms more intuitive. And here’s how you do that…
  77. 77. Optimize Web Forms for Retargeted Users - Use Intelligent Forms ● Hide the form fields that users have already filled from appearing on the rest of the forms. ● Use Smart forms use conditional logic to show customized forms to users based on their history of form submissions.
  78. 78. Optimize Web Forms for Retargeted Users - Use Contest Forms The Form Conversion Report 2015, published by Formstack, contest forms offer the best conversion rate. The report said “People love having a chance to win. Which means contest forms are a great way to capture new leads and engage with your audience at the same time.”
  79. 79. Optimize Web Forms - Use As Few Fields as Possible CAVEAT - Nonetheless, it is important to mention that the “safe” number of form fields varies for different form types. While a contact form will (probably) not be effective with 11 form fields, a lead gen form with the same number of fields might work just fine. There’s only one way to find out - KEEP A/B TESTING
  80. 80. Optimize Web Forms for Retargeted Users - Offer Rewards Giving out Discounts and Freebies can exponentially shoot your form submission rates. Fashion News gave out 20% discounts on each email signup. In our own little experiment, we found that submit rates increased by more than 170% by offering a Free eBook every time a user filled up the subscription form.
  81. 81. Use On-Page Surveys For Gathering User Feedback Surveys help you uncover the intentions, motivations, and apprehensions of your visitors through pop-up surveys on your website. When used in retargeting landing pages, onpage surveys give you the necessary intel to restrategize your LPs and make them convert in the first go itself
  82. 82. Use On-Page Surveys For Gathering User Feedback
  83. 83. Enter Exit Pop-ups to the Rescue! Any savvy marketer must have traditionally used Exit Pop-ups as a final call for help, to keep visitors from leaving their page. DON’T BE THAT MARKETER. Understand the difference between keeping users from leaving and making users stay. Offer something of value to visitors (e.g., product discount coupon, free product demo, etc.) that aims to make them stay on their own and not just buy you some more time with them.
  84. 84. Enter Exit Pop-ups to the Rescue! OLD SCHOOL BUT EFFICIENT
  85. 85. Enter Exit Pop-ups to the Rescue! THIS IS SO COOL - CopyHacker’s Exit PopUp for Email Leadgen
  86. 86. Enter Exit Pop-ups to the Rescue! And they one up their own pop-up with this
  88. 88. Researching User Data To Personalize Content Before Creating LP Copy, Ask Yourself Questions Like - ● WHAT visitors did/did not do on your site (purchases, downloads, reading etc.)? ● WHAT content visitors liked/disliked? ● WHEN they visited the site (timestamps)? ● WHERE were your retargeted visitors located geographically? ● WHY they visited your site and what intent they had (keywords & landing page analysis)? ● HOW did they found your Website?
  89. 89. CAN YOU IDENTIFY THE “WHO”? The new opportunity is the WHO, ● mix traditional analytics data with the demographics data ● gain new insights into retargeted audiences and remarketing initiatives.
  90. 90. Dynamic Content for Instant Connect Dynamic content is what drives successful remarketing marketing campaigns now. Everyone likes attention; your users are no different! For verticals such as eCommerce, personalized website content ensures high click through rates. Take for example, Amazon, which features personalized homepages for its returning customers. In its product pages, Amazon subscribers have the option of selecting the categories they want discounts on - Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Mobile Handsets, Fishing Equipments etc. Personalization is also made on the basis of customers’ previous purchases and browsing patterns. When creating landing pages, use your users’ behavioral and transactional data to create a more personalized experience.
  91. 91. Enhancing Online Experience With User Personalization (Image source:
  92. 92. CONVERSION RETARGETING FINAL WORDS (Image source: Google)
  93. 93. QUESTIONS?