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Visualvistor Website Visitor ID Product Tour


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Product tour for VisualVisitor.
VisualVisitor delivers actionable sales leads, not analytical data. Web analytics products, such as Google Analytics, provide businesses with a wealth of information. Web analytics are valuable, it’s just not what we do. VisualVisitor is different.

VisualVisitor is designed for sales and for generating leads. What we do is:

Identify ‘who’ (by name) is on your website
What they are interested in
Send you their phone number
Provide 12 other sources of data about your prospect
Provide all information in a real-time alert while the prospect is still on your site
Keep you informed at all times. VisualVisitor is compatible with most major mobile platforms.

All of this is done without requiring the visitor to login or complete any forms. And your sales team can manage all of their data without ever logging into the system. All of the data you receive can be managed from your email alerts.

Designed by sales professionals for sales professionals, VisualVisitor is easy to use and has the in depth information your team needs to turn your website into the money maker it should be.

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Visualvistor Website Visitor ID Product Tour

  1. 1. What is Visual Visitor? Anonymous Website Visitor Identification
  2. 2. VisualVisitor VisualVisitor turns anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads. Only 2% of all web visitors will ever call or submit an email form. We identify the other 98%.
  3. 3. Doesn’t Google Analytics Give You That? Sales wants to know: • Who exactly is visiting the website • The moment when they visit • What products/services are they interested in? Google Analytics • Will give you a lot of information • But it does almost nothing for the direct sales effort VisualVisitor will tell you: • Who is on your website • What products/services they are interested in • Get an Email Alert at the moment when visit
  4. 4. How VisualVisitor Works Prospect browses to Your Website Invisible VisualVisitor Code Sends Information as It Happens on Your Site VisualVisitor Works behind the scenes to determine: Who: What Company they are from. What: What product/service they are interested in. While they are on your site. Ok, we got ‘em… send ABC Big Co is on your website right now looking at these product/services… Here is their contact info… Your Sales the Email Alert! Team Email to Sales
  5. 5. Anatomy of A Prospect (Email) Alert
  6. 6. Email Alert Part 1 We Have Identified A Prospect
  7. 7. Email Alert Part 2 Prospect Buying Intent
  8. 8. Email Alert Part 3 We Deliver Quick Research about the Prospect We quickly research your prospect using 12 different information sources. Then we email you this research to your sales team with your prospect alert. This gives your sales team valuable data at their finger tips to reinforce the sales call.
  9. 9. Quick Research Drilling Down for Details What level of contact information would you like?
  10. 10. What Other Information Does Your Sales Team Need Before the Phone Call? If you are logged in to, we automatically look up who you know at this prospect company. In addition to all the information already provided, we provide quick access to: • News about the prospect company • 90% of social Media Coverage including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs • Hoovers (Dun and Bradstreet look up) Ok, it's time to call the prospect. Happy Selling!
  11. 11. Feature/Benefits Know Who, When and What VisualVisitor will tell you Who is on your website, at the moment they visit and What products/services they are interested in. Leverage your current investments in website and search marketing You are spending big money to drive prospects to your website. You should be able to use this effort to further engage your sales team. Easy Install - No Maintenance It will literally take your webmaster 5 minutes to install. Simply paste in our invisible code to your website. We host it, we run it. There is nothing for you to do other then follow up on sales leads. Designed for Business To Business Sales Sorts out the ‘consumer’ visitors so sales is not bothered with false alerts. Designed For Sales Not Tech You already have Google Analytics. This is not a replacement for analytics. This is designed give sales the information that the sales team wants - empower your sales team with more information. Email Alerts Know the exact moment a new prospect is on your site. Set alerts for your hot prospects. Timing is everything. Inexpensive One of the highest ROI (Return On Investment) you will ever see in a sales tool Easy to use - It Just Works Once installed, the system just runs. We handle all the details from there. All your sales team has to do is check their email. What could be easier?
  12. 12. Subscription Pricing Monthly Plan $59/Monthly (Monthly via credit card) Included • 3 Users (people that receive alerts) • Unlimited Domains/sub-domains • 10,000 Page Views Per Month Add-Ons • Additional Users $10/each/monthly • Additional Domains Unlimited • Additional 1000 Page Views over 10,000 monthly $5 per 1000/monthly (Most small business websites have less then 4000 page views per month)
  13. 13. Getting Started Visual Visitor is a solution designed for salespeople. It is easy to install, easy to use and runs without any effort from your IT department VisualVisitor turns anonymous web visitors into qualified sales leads. Could you use more leads and more qualified leads? Get Started Today! Sign up for a free trial today by clicking here: