Websites, Web Services and Cloud Applications with Visual Studio


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Websites, Web Services and Cloud Applications with Visual Studio

  1. 1. Web Applications & Services - One ASP.NET Services Deeper Dive - Web API 2, OData, SignalR 2.0 Cloud Applications and Services Windows Azure
  2. 2. Service s Websites Web Forms Web-pages Single-Page Apps MVC Web API SignalR
  3. 3. Continuous innovation: Release every ~6 months Sept 2012 ASP.NET 4.5 VS2012 Feb 2013 ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Fall 2013 VS2013
  4. 4. No “upfront decision” on any ASP.NET technology Unified dialog One Project: Web Forms, MVC, Web API Add any framework to any project Scaffolding works across all frameworks Configurable authentication Bootstrap used for layout and styling Templates based on Bootstrap.js Popular CSS layout framework Many themes available Completely new scaffolding system for One ASP.NET Web application code generation based on your data model Targets data-driven and CRUD boilerplate code
  5. 5. ASP.NET Identity (a.k.a. Membership) New Membership system One ASP.NET Identity system Supports Integrated claims-based with external authenticatio logons n
  6. 6. One ASP.NET New HTML editor AngularJS IntelliSens e Enable Edit and Continue Browser Link (“Artery”) By default for new web apps
  7. 7. ASP.NET Web API 2 Available as standalone NuGet packages Web API OWIN security integration (CORS, OA uth 2.0) Attribute routing Web API OData
  8. 8. Enable CORS in web API Per action Per controller [EnableCors(origins: "", headers: "*", methods: "*")] public class ItemsController : ApiController { public HttpResponseMessage GetAll() { ... } public HttpResponseMessage GetItem(int id) { ... } public HttpResponseMessage Post() { ... } [DisableCors] public HttpResponseMessage PutItem(int id) { ... } Globally }
  9. 9. OWIN = Open Web Interface for .NET Common interface that decouples apps from servers Standards for connecting servers to frameworks Deeply integrated with the ASP.NET pipeline Run your web APIs on any OWINcompliant host (your own process)
  10. 10. OWIN components that are built and released by Microsoft
  11. 11. Portable Easily substituted for new components Third-party frameworks can seamlessly run on Microsoft servers Microsoft frameworks can potentially run on third-party servers and hosts Modular/flexible Lightweight/ Small and focused components performance/ Lightweight scalable Consume fewer computing resources Handle more load
  12. 12. Bring your routes closer to your resources config.Routes.MapHttpRoute( name: “TodosForTodoList", routeTemplate: "api/todolists/{id}/todos", defaults: new { controller = “todolists”, action = “GetTodos” } ); public IEnumerable<TodoItem> GetTodos() { … }
  13. 13. Bring your routes closer to your resources config.MapHttpAttributeRoutes(); [HttpGet("api/todolists/{id}/todos")] public IEnumerable<TodoItem> GetTodos(int id) { … }
  14. 14. Optional values Default values [HttpGet(“Demographics/{zipcode?}")] public Demographics Get(int? zipcode) { … } [HttpGet("Demographics/{zipcode=98052}")] public Demographics Get(int zipcode) { … } [HttpGet("people/{id:int}")] public Person Get(int id) { … } [HttpGet("people/{name:alpha}")] public Person Get(string name) { … }
  15. 15. How to add support for: OData provides a standard solution for common Web API patterns
  16. 16. Components for implementing OData services Open Source Now supports $select, $expand, and $batch Built on ODataLib
  17. 17. Incredibly simple realtime web for .NET How can I use real-time functionality in my app? Simplicity Anytime a user refreshes the page or you use polling Dashboards and monitoring Collaborative anything Gaming Real-time forms and concurrency management Reach Performance
  18. 18. ASP.NET SignalR 2.0 OWIN Portable integration Class Library client Xamarin C++ client client for (iOS, Andr Windows oid, and Mac)
  19. 19. Sandbox environments for application development and testing on supported OS QA and application compatibility on new O/S (e.g., WS 2012) or software (e.g., SQL Server 2012) Stress & load testing SharePoint 2013 dev/test sandbox Reproduction and bug fixing for s/w and app stack failures Environment for doing training, learning and application demos TFS: Customized TFS setup with < 2200 users; testing TFS upgrades and roll-outs
  20. 20. Test/Dev VMs in the cloud Windows Azure Leverage existing skillset to move test/dev to cloud Hyper-V VHD Saved Disk State Deploy Sandbox Test/Dev VMs Connectivity with on-premises data and applications Azure Storage Common identity VPN Tunnel Onpremises Dispersed Teams Common dev tools and frameworks for on-premise & cloud Accessed by a geographically dispersed team
  21. 21. Activate your MSDN Windows Azure benefit and receive up to $150 in credit each month to use on any Windows Azure service including VMs, Websites, Databases and more.
  22. 22. Core technologies that enable a truly hybrid application platform
  23. 23. Decrease onboarding costs and increase customer satisfaction Web Sites cluster Web workers Server or virtual machine Local routing logic End user Development Tools Worker process (w3wp) HTTP/S Request Front-end application request router ….. Upstream hardware loadbalancers Temporary perapp file storage Front-end application request router Persistent storage Visual Studio, WebMatrix Protocols FTP, Git, WebDeplo y, HTTP Source control integration Web application databases Cluster topology and run-time state Resource usage data Web application file directories Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Developer tools and protocols
  24. 24. Frameworks for scalable, available services Tooling for modern applications Rapid application development tools
  25. 25. Download Visual Studio 2013 visualstudio Try Visual Studio Online Get started with Windows Azure Activate your MSDN benefit or sign up for a plan Activate your MSDN Benefit and try it, or get a Windows Azure Free Trial Account.