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Enterprise DevOps


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Enterprise DevOps

  1. 1. App Lifecycle DevOps is a full lifecycle investment DevOps is a team undertaking DevOps enables better software development and delivery practices DevOps accelerates the last mile of continuous delivery
  2. 2. REQUIREMENTS BACKLOG The agile Methodologies are accelerating the construction process Determine next set of investments based on learnings Disconnects between Development and Operations increase mistakes and MTTR when issues occur Current ITLM/ITSM “best practices” made the release and operate processes reliable, but not agile
  3. 3. WebOps NoOps Enterprise DevOps (Google, Amazon, Twitter, F acebook, XBOX live, etc.) (small web teams, start-ups) (cross-functional organizations)
  4. 4. Increase deployment frequency Reduce change lead-time (react faster to dynamic business needs) Agility performance indicators Reduce change fail rate Reduce Mean-Time-ToDetect & Repair (MTTD, MTTR) Reliability performance indicators
  5. 5. REQUIREMENTS BACKLOG No actionable and contextual info to resolve incidents Prioritize and validate investments based on qualitative and quantitative data. Inconsistent tracking and management of incidents across teams and tools Quickly detect and resolve application issues. Inconsistent and chaotic releases
  6. 6. Problems Solutions Value Shift from long release cycles to monthly, or even daily, without adding unnecessary risks. Incident management workflows to integrate development and operations Continuous delivery value Visibility to the release pipeline to set customer expectations about when features or fixes go live. Actionable production diagnostics Proper tracking, managing and approval of releases. Role-based tools Consistency, transparency and traceability for all releases
  7. 7. Release Process Code DEV Testing Time INT QA PROD Provision Deploy Coordination Deploy the same code every time, every where, any time
  8. 8. End users How do I know I have a problem? ? How do I isolate the problem? How do I diagnose the problem? Web servers Data servers Application servers
  9. 9. Reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) Problems Solutions Value Visibility to application health 360 degree view to your application health, with relevant metrics to help you identify issues in production. Minimize outages and customer impact. Visibility to application outages to minimize customer impact. Automatic Alerts whenever your application is not responding according to your thresholds
  10. 10. Demo Microsoft Monitoring Agent - Standalone Data Collector 2013
  11. 11. UI Layer (server) UI Layer (client) Service Layer
  12. 12. Performance Violations No Exceptions!
  13. 13. • Take advantage of the Load Testing on the cloud to make sure that your application can withstand the load..
  14. 14. Check the pulse of your application • Get 360 degree view to application’s health with relevant metrics to help you detect issues in production with Application Insights. Set up a view of your application health with metrics that you care Identify issues and patterns with your application in production
  15. 15. Global service monitoring • Check service availability through global service monitoring
  16. 16. Production incident alert in operations system • Automatic Alerts whenever your application is not responding according to your thresholds. Automatic alerts with relevant Contextual information
  17. 17. Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) Problems Solutions Value Uncover root cause of production issues Detect if the problem is your code or your dependencies. Low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) Quickly resolve code problems detected in production Incident management workflows to integrate developers and operations. Improved communication between dev and ops teams Actionable production diagnostics Role-based tools Better information to users Increased user satisfaction
  18. 18. Understand what failed and why by drilling down into failed tests • Detect if the problem is your code or your dependencies
  19. 19. Production incident alert in operations system Assign code related incidents to development • Assign production incidents from System Center to the Development team in Visual Studio for investigation and resolution. Development system incident reference in operations tool Incident in development system
  20. 20. Request additional diagnostics from operations • Get actionable production diagnostics. Request for additional diagnostics in operations system
  21. 21. Generate IntelliTrace logs from within SCOM • Get actionable production diagnostics. IntelliTrace logs collected by operations in development system Actionable debugging using IntelliTrace logs
  22. 22. Continuous learning Problems Solutions Value Lack of information to prioritize future investments Access to customer usage data to help you make informed decisions. Continuous learning
  23. 23. Valuable data at your finger tips • Identify systemic issues and trends affecting application and infrastructure health • Prioritize new features, bug fixes and strategic direction based on qualitative and quantitative data Validate your investments