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Atd 2015 - Mastering Mobile Learning


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Delivered at ATD 2015

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Atd 2015 - Mastering Mobile Learning

  2. 2. About Chad Udell • Managing Director at Float Mobile Learning • Faculty for over 10 years at Bradley University in Interactive Media • Been designing and developing web and learning solutions for 15 years now. • A bit of a hacker/tinkerer, and a self-admitted learning technology and design geek. - @visualrinse on Twitter ! Author of Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies are Transforming Training, Editor and Author of Mastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success
  3. 3. The Details New from ASTD Press and Wiley
  4. 4. The Structure 1. Understanding Mobile Learning 2. Strategic Thinking About Mobile Learning 3. The Varieties Of Mobile Learning Experiences 4. Design And Development Processes For Mobile Learning 5. Managing And Delivering Mobile Learning Projects
  5. 5. Understanding Mobile Learning 1. Enterprise Mobile Learning: A Primer 2. The Seven Shifts in Enterprise Learning 3. The Disruptive Nature of Mobile Learning 4. Why Executives Should Care About Mobile Learning 5. mLearning Is Not e-Learning on a Mobile Device
  6. 6. Understanding Mobile Learning 2. The Seven Shifts in Enterprise Learning
  7. 7. The Seven Shifts in Enterprise Learning 1. A Shift in the Location of Learning 2. A Shift in Time 3. A Shift in Context 4. A Shift in the Amount of Information 5. A Shift in the Location of Information 6. A Shift in Learning Experiences 7. A Shift in Control
  8. 8. Strategic Thinking About Mobile Learning 1. The Six Ps Of Mobile Learning Strategy 2. The Business Case For Mobile Learning 3. The New “Nomadism” As A Driver Of Mobile Learning 4. Creating A Mobile Learning Content Strategy 5. Seven Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Launch Mobile Learning 6. Building Brand Advocacy Through Mobile Learning 7. Developing A Mobile Management Strategy 8. Change Management Strategies For Mobile Learning
  9. 9. Strategic Thinking About Mobile Learning 1. The Six Ps Of Mobile Learning Strategy
  10. 10. The Six Ps Of Mobile Learning Strategy 1. Platform 2. Procurement 3. Policy 4. Process 5. Publishing 6. Procedures
  11. 11. The Varieties of Mobile Learning Experiences 1. Categories Of Mobile Learning Content 2. Unique Affordances Of Mobile Learning 3. Using Mobile Devices As Research Tools 4. Performance Support As A Form Of Mobile Learning 5. Mobile Learning In “Third Spaces”: The Move To Alternative Workspaces 6. The Impact Of Mobile Learning On Assessment 
 And Evaluation
  12. 12. Unique Affordances of Mobile Devices 1. Camera(s) 2. Clock 3. Cloud storage 4. Computing Functions/ Apps 5. Document production and viewing 6. Embodiment 7. External and internal sensors 8. Geolocation 9. Individual Addressability 10. Input/Output Peripherals 11. Internet Connectivity 12. Media viewer / playback 13. Memory 14. Messaging 15. Microphone and audio recording 16. Microprojection 17. Networking 18. Notifications and Alerts 19. Portability/Mobility 20. Short-range communication 21. Touchscreens 22. Ubiquity 23. Voice / phone communications 24. Wearability
  13. 13. Design and Development Processes for Mobile Learning 1. Mysteries, Heuristics, And Algorithms: Design Thinking For Mobile Learning 2. Ubiquity And Mobility As Design Considerations For Mobile Learning 3. Design Considerations In Converting E-Learning To Mobile Learning 4. The Importance Of Curation For Successful Mobile Experiences 5. Selecting Tools For Mobile Learning Development 6. Instructional Design Patterns For Mobile Learning 7. Creating Digital Publications For Mobile Learning 8. Designing For Multiple Screens In iOS 9. Designing For Context
  14. 14. Design and Development Processes for Mobile Learning (cont.) 10. Using Mobile Devices To Leverage Social Media For Learning 11. Responsive Design For Multiple Screen Formats 12. Design Choices For Mobile Learning Management 
 Systems 13. Maps 3.0: The New Route To Learning With Social Geospatial Data 14. Using Push Notifications To Make Mobile Learning More Useful 15. Improving Performance For Mobile Web And HTML5- Based Apps 16. Understanding The Experience API 17. Implementing Mobile Learning Metrics
  15. 15. Design and Development Processes for Mobility in the Enterprise
  16. 16. Managing and Delivering Mobile Learning Projects 1. Managing a Mobile Learning Project Implementation 2. Security in a Mobile World 3. Education and Training for Mobile Development 4. Integrating Mobile Learning with Social Media 5. Budgeting for Social and Mobile Learning 6. Keeping Up with New Developments in Mobile Learning
  17. 17. Parting thoughts Advice and Guidance
  18. 18. Get a Free Chapter Today. New from ASTD Press and Wiley
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  20. 20. @visualrinse @floatlearning Questions?