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What Is C’est Bon?


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A review of C\'est Bon restaurant customer experience through the lens of service marketing. Members include: Keith Loo and Ehsan Sarrafian

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What Is C’est Bon?

  1. 1. What is C’est Bon? Keith Loo & Ehsan Sarrafian
  2. 3. What is C’est Bon? Keith Loo & Ehsan Sarrafian
  3. 4. What is C’est Bon? Keith Loo & Ehsan Sarrafian
  4. 5. Keith Loo & Ehsan Sarrafian Inconsistent!
  5. 6. No Service!
  6. 7. Issues No Service!
  7. 8. No Parking! No Exit!
  8. 9. Poor Delivery!
  9. 10. Not Cheap!
  10. 11. What is C’est Bon? After following our recommendations…
  11. 12. Match brand to service Meet and exceed customer’s expected experience: Authentic Chinese cuisine and dining experience, with speedy delivery. Authentic
  12. 13. Attentive and responsive Hire trained servers and deliverers for a consistent and quality experience. Develop processes for handling dine-in customers and phone calls. Great Service
  13. 14. Improve delivery coverage Relocate north restaurant to improve delivery coverage and service. Accessible
  14. 15. What is C’est Bon? It’s good.