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The simplest way to
    An infinity
    of applications                                                                   ...
is a graphical and intuitive tool to manage your resources and activities.                                                ...
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EN - Visual Planning Brochure in English


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EN - Visual Planning Brochure in English

  1. 1. The simplest way to An infinity of applications manage your activity ! ● Visual Planning enables you to structure your activity in a wide variety of business e fields Mor n ● Personnel scheduling ● Contacts tha 0 ● Project monitoring ● Resource allocation ● Contracts follow-up ● Fleet management 00 30users s m ● Technical intervention ● Logistics i n 4 0 fir ● Sales ● Industrial processes 50 User management On our site rights UMR ● Customers will tell you how they use Visual Planning in their activity AC NIELSEN, ALCAN, BIOMERIEUX, BIO RAD, CEGELEC, COMPANEO, CS, DUNLOP, EADS, EDF (FRENCH ELECTRICITY), FUJITSU, GE CAPITAL, GLAXO SMITHLINE, ● The UMR option enables to define, for each HONEYWELL, HR ACCESS, JOHNSON CONTROLS, KUONI, MESSIER BUGATTI, user and each planning board, specific rights PEOPLESOFT, PHILIPS, PSA, RENAULT, RICOH, of access to data and functions. SANOFI SYNTHELABO, SIEMENS, SNCF UMR allows any number of users to work (FRENCH RAILWAYS), THALES, TOTAL, concurrently in full security. UNISYS, UNITED NATIONS, XL BANK… and many others. ● Visual Planning usable examples can be downloaded from our web site. Services to help our customers Networks ● Wide range of monitoring services. ● Assistance and consulting for Visual and internet Planning implementation. ● Technical support… ● Every planning board generated by Visual Planning can be simultaneously updated and consulted by several users Every network connections are available : ● LAN or WAN Technical ● Direct internet/intranet acces with facts IPl@nning ● Database synchronization ● Windows 98 PIII-500Mhz Each mode presents the same interface, 128Mo Ram - CD-R to create and manage plannings @ lan Corporate headquarters STILOG I.S.T. Main branch STILOG I.S.T. is a powerful business intelligence Reseller stamp 107-111 avenue Georges Clemenceau 92022 Nanterre cedex Z.I Athélia II Bâtiment CCIMP - Lot 12 software designed to manage France 13704 La Ciotat - France Phone +33 (0)1 47 29 99 69 Fax +33 (0)1 47 29 19 08 Phone +33 (0)4 42 83 69 68 Fax +33 (0)4 42 71 84 59 ● your resources e-mail : email : ● your teams Visual Planning is a product of Stilog IST and Claude MAYER. © Realisation/Print : Mageral & Associes Agency - +33(0)1 47 25 35 25 Photos : STILOG IST & Eric AUDRAS - Trademark registration. 09.2006 - All cited trademarks are registered. Stilog IST can modify its software product at any time with no advance notice. ● your customers
  2. 2. is a graphical and intuitive tool to manage your resources and activities. Inspired from a mural planning board, it takes advantage from the most recent computer and network technologies. Thanks to its complete and visual interface, Visual Planning allows you to control and pilot your activities remotely and in real time. 2 complementary views 1 ● For each planning board, two types of views are automatically available. For instance if you Fundamentals Watch the planning board below, planned people to work on different sites : ● Rows ● The main view (1) represent resources you planify presents people on rows, sites being represented by icons Manage your resources ● The planning board is built 2 your teams dragging and dropping icons ● The inverted view (2) your customers on the board presents the same planning board but sites are now represented on rows and people by icons ● Customized icons represent the possible assignments of your A single click provides one view resources (customers, projects, building sites…) or the other (or even both on the same screen) ● Coulours and notes give a more specific description of events ● User-defined indicators are Powerful functions built to totalize, alert, quantify,... 1 - Managing events ● Building a planning board using “drag and drop” and iterative functions ● Links between events can create operational dependance between tasks ● Automatic links between events (delays,...) and/or prohibit certain actions ● Constraints to control the legal or operational use of resources… 2 - Analysis and control 4 - Printouts ● Calculations : costs, earnings, time spent… ● Graphical planning boards ● Statistics : analysis of durations and costs ● Lists of tasks, sorted by persons, resources following your own break down criteria ● Powerful analysis spreadsheets… An open and universal ● Management indicators and overload alerts... A spectacular graphism software 5 - Openness associated to “Drag & Drop” ● Imports and exports in the main available ● Thanks to its openness, Visual Planning 3 - Powerful sorting capabilities formats (Excel, Access,...) ● All of the items are user-defined and can be used by every firm or organi- Numerous filters, called in a single click, allow ● Links with other software products or other instinctively handled so that planning sation, watheverare its size and field you to find immediatly what you are looking for applications (payrolls, invoicing,...) task becomes natural, easy and For instance : convenient. The graphical orientation of ● Who can be in Boston in 2 days and is able to Visual Planning provides absolute drive a truck ? clearness in creation and visualization ● What tasks have been delayed in a project ? modes dowload through . an evaluation version (limited to 21 days)