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EN - E-Mail Sending Module


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English Presentation brochure of E-Mail Sending Module for Visual Planning.

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EN - E-Mail Sending Module

  1. 1. E-Mail Sending SEND YOUR PLANNERS VIA E-MAIL SEND YOUR PLANNERS VIA E-MAIL The E-Mail Sending module of VISUAL PLANNING has been released several years ago. It is now more powerful than ever in the 4.4 release of VISUAL PLANNING. From the VISUAL PLANNING interface, the module allows you to send all or part of your schedules via E-Mail. It is quick and easy to use, compatible with all messaging systems and only needs one technical prerequisite: be able to access to an smtp server. Your need Our offer Your benefits Notify a colleague about a Many possible type of Acceleration in information change in his schedule next information to send : properties flow, week ? of an event, complete view" ..., Increase in your Send their schedule to several Sending of complete communication capabilities, collegues at once? schedules to short messages ..., Independence of recipients Inform your customers of the Customizable patterns, vis-à-vis VISUAL PLANNING, progress of their project / site / Compatibility with any Quick ROI. order ...? messaging system. Prerequisites and compliance They use it… PC Windows Vista, XP, 2000 J2EE Server : Win., Linux… FUJITSU Services, Postal Bank, Groupe CS, TSF, 3G : iphone, HTC, Blackberry Mysql, SQL, Oracle, Access Ms Office, Acrobat http, https, VPN, Citrix, TSE NURUN, ORANGE… +33 ( 0) 1 47 29 99 69 +33 ( 0) 1 47 29 99 69 STILOG I.S.T. www v sua -p ann ng com 107-111, avenue Georges Clémenceau - 92022 NANTERRE Cedex S.A.S. au capital de 60.979,61 € - R.C.S. NANTERRE B SIRET 38248902900035 – CEE VAT Number : FR 70 382 489 029