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What Content Do Consumers Really Want?


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Less than 40% of marketers describe their content marketing programs as effective. To help understand what consumers want from their content, we conducted an in-depth consumer survey and used ScribbleLive Insights to analyze the effectiveness of a number of top brands.

In this presentation, Ural Cebeci and Larry Levy walk you through everything from consumers’ favorite content type (social media), to how much they trust branded content (44% don’t) and which brands are getting it right.

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What Content Do Consumers Really Want?

  1. 1. Whatcontent doConsumers Reallywant?
  2. 2. Ural Cebeci VP, Marketing @UralCebeci Larry Levy EVP, Strategic Partnerships @Jodange
  3. 3. Where we’re headed: 1. Why you need to know your customers 2. Consumer content preferences 3. Brands who are doing it well
  4. 4. Content marketing is hard
  5. 5. 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing (down from 38%). 76% will create more content. Numbers are similar for B2C. 2016 CMI/Marketing Profs Benchmark Report
  6. 6. We’re creating more content, but the audience isn’t growing Avg. time with digital media per day in the U.S. (Nielsen) Exabytes of data created (BI Intelligence)
  7. 7. Companies that exceed their goals (for leads and revenue) are 7.4 times as likely to have up-to-date customer personas. Cintell, Understanding B2B Buyers
  8. 8. SurveyResults (Myth Busting)
  9. 9. Myth: “Themostimportanttypeofcontent is...videos,social,podcasts,etc.”
  10. 10. Whatkindsofcontenthavepeople Consumedinthepastweek?
  11. 11. Whatkindsofcontentdo peopleLikethemost?
  12. 12. Myth: “Everyoneshouldbethinking mobilefirst.”
  13. 13. Howmuchtimedopeople Spendondifferentdevices?
  14. 14. Myth: “Peoplearetoobusytospend moretimeonline”
  15. 15. Dopeoplewanttospendmore orlesstimeonline?
  16. 16. IsPeople’sTimeonline Rewardingordisappointing?
  17. 17. Myth: “Contentmarketingworks.”
  18. 18. Arepeoplemorelikelytotrustcontent frombrandsovertraditionalpublishers?
  19. 19. Howlikelyisitthatpeoplewillusethese contenttypesforamajorpurchasedecision?
  20. 20. Myth: “Ifyoumakeyoursiteresponsive, you’llappealtoeveryone.”
  21. 21. Howlikelyisitthatpeoplewillusethese contenttypesforamajorpurchasedecision?
  22. 22. Myth: “Whoneedspersonaswhen you’vegotdemographics?”
  23. 23. Whatkindofcontentdo peoplelikethemost?
  24. 24. Who’s Doing a Good Job?
  25. 25. Our Insights product uses linguistic analysis and data science to analyze the content on millions of: ● News sites ● Blogs ● Social media posts ● Forums ● Discussion boards
  26. 26. Here’s How We Built The Insights Query
  27. 27. And Here Are Some Highlights Of The Results!
  28. 28. Youtube Native (HuffPo)
  29. 29. Engage Inform Entertain Whatdothesebrandshaveincommon? They’reBuildingCommunities!
  30. 30. Questions?