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Logic iPad children game


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The game of Logic has just been released by PopAppFactory.

Logic, comprised of 5 small games, is their second child's learning game. Logic has innovative ideas and is ideal for early childhood learning experiences (2 years and up).

Logic has geometric forms to help children learn shapes. It has 10 colors to learn along with their names. It has numbers and sets to help children learn math and deductive reasoning. It can help them learn the basics of other languages by pronouncing and spelling the color, shape or number in five built-in languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.

★ ★ ★ Tested on the developers' own children, Logic’s games will allow children to follow a natural developmental path from simple colors to complex shapes and sets. Children will enjoy Logic's first games of Colors and Figures with their bright colors and simple shapes. As they grow in their ability, they will also enjoy its more challenging games of Letters, Pictures and Numbers.

All of Logic’s games have a high level of re-playability. Every time you open a game the ordering of the tiles will be different from the last time he played it. This will make the child think about the game, and not play it from memory.

Logic follows comes shortly after the release of Mosaic, PopAppFactory's first release which focused on pattern and color recognition through board games. Logic extends PopAppFactory's offerings of fun-to-play games which reinforce a child’s natural desire to play and learn.

Logic will be available on the on the iTunes' AppStore in two forms, the full version with the features described above, and a free, light version with only two games and the narration only in English. The full version is available for a price of $1.99.

About Logic's developers

Logic was designed by Visualizers ( ) and programmed by PopAppFactory ( ). We create visually stunning and popular iPad/iPhone/Touch applications for ourselves and for our clients.

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