Where is Iraqi Kurdistan?


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Where is Iraqi Kurdistan?

  1. 1. Where is Iraqi Kurdistan?
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Basic facts Population: 4 millions (Total number of the Kurds in Iraq is 6 millions) Area: 25,000 miles Capital city: Erbil Currency: Old version of Iraqi Dinar (Equals to 100 Dinars from the new version) Annual Growth rate: 2.6%
  4. 4. Health Sector Number of Medical Doctors / capita = 1/2000 Number of Nurses / capita = 1/1000 Hospital beds / Population = 1/1500
  5. 5. What happened in past? 
  6. 6. What Are the Achievements? An elected Kurdish Assembly (1992) Provision of security, health, education and other services to 4 million after withdrawl of Iraqi administration Progress in establishing a civil society and enforcement of the role of law: 1-Human rights 2-Women rights 3-Children rights 4-Free press
  7. 7. 11 Years Ago and Now… Total number of medical  Total number of medical doctors 450 doctors 2000 Number of Hospitals 19  Number of Hospitals 36 Number of Health Centers  Number of Health Centers 182 854 Infant mortality rate  Infant mortality rate 82/1000 59/1000
  8. 8. 11 Years Ago and Now….. One University  Three Universities One Medical School  Three Medical Schools No Nursing Schools  Two Nursing Schools at (University level) Universities No Pharmacy School’s  Two Pharmacy School No Dentistry School’s  Two Dentistry Schools
  9. 9. The Kurds have flourished in the three northern governorates of Iraq since theestablishment of an air exclusion zone overthe region in 1991. Progress has been made in developing a pluralist political systemand in encouraging economic development. These gains could serve as a model for the future of the country.
  10. 10. What Are the Constraints?1- Political instability in Iraq2- Isolation3- Double or some times triple “Embargo”!
  11. 11. The Role of the United Nations and the Oil for Food Program Started in December 1996 Each phase lasts for 6 months In 2003, allocation theoretically available for Iraqi Kurdistan $ 7.9 billion Total approved expenditures $3.9 billion Theoretically available $4.0 billion
  12. 12. What Do Kurds in Iraq Want?A Democratic, Pluralistic, Federal Iraq
  13. 13. In case of a US attack….The health facilities in Iraqi Kurdistan are lacking the capacity to meet the disaster that might result.
  14. 14. Urgent needs: US and international relief agencies move into Iraqi Kurdistan. Medicines and medical supplies Anti-gas masks Financial support package to keep the hospitals and other vital institution functioning until the dusts settle
  15. 15. Don’t leave the Kurds alone again, PLEASE…