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  1. 1. Twitter#NewNewTwitter By Naveed Ahmed @naza733
  2. 2. ContentsTwitter HomepageTwitter Home: ExpandTwitter Home: Expand ExampleTwitter Connect: InteractionsTwitter Connect: MentionsTwitter #Discover: StoriesTwitter #Discover: ActivityTwitter #Discover: Who to FollowTwitter Profile: TweetsTwitter Profile: FollowingTwitter Profile: FavouritesTwitter Profile: RequestsTwitter Profile: ListsTwitter Profile: Standard/Trend SearchTwitter Profile: Advanced SearchTwitter: OptionsTwitter: Keyboard ShortcutsTwitter: Direct Messages
  3. 3. Twitter HomepageThis is the #NewNewTwitter layout.Note: The background is a custom background designed bymyself via Adobe Photoshop.
  4. 4. Twitter Home: ExpandNow you can open up a Tweet in the timeline to reply, retweetor favourite.You can also view who has Retweeted or Favourite the Tweet.
  5. 5. Twitter Home: Expand ExampleExample of a Tweet that has been Retweeted by 37 Tweeps andFavourites of 4 Tweeps. Images of some of those who haveRetweeted are displayed.
  6. 6. Twitter Connect: InteractionsTwitter has a @Connect tab where the timeline displays howothers have been interacting with you. Interactions displayswhen some marks your Tweet as a Favourite, Mentions yourusername, Follows you, or Retweets your content.
  7. 7. Twitter Connect: MentionsTwitter has left the option of Mentions where you can onlysee conversations between yourself and the users youFollow.
  8. 8. Twitter #Discover: StoriesTwitter has provided a new tab called #Discover. In this tabStories that are Trending topics or top news are displayed .Activity of fellow users, Who to Follow, Find Friends andBrowse Categories are integrated into this tab.
  9. 9. Twitter #Discover: ActivityThe Activity tab displays a real-time information timelineabout the actions being taken by people you Follow. This willshow you who they’ve Retweeted, Followed, Replied to, andmore. Simple method to discover interesting content.
  10. 10. Twitter #Discover: Who to Follow The Who to Follow tab gives you a list of suggested Twitter users who you can Follow. You also use your address book (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail & etc.) to Find Friends or you can Browse Categories of popular accounts.
  11. 11. Twitter Profile: TweetsTwitter has integrated a simple user interface for allTwitter users. The profile page now shows tabs likeTweets, Followers and etc in a compact style. Number ofTweets, users you are Following and being Followed by are
  12. 12. Twitter Profile: FollowingThe Following tab on your profile will give you a list on theright of all the Twitter users that you are Following. Theprofile also displays a tab of Twitter users who are Similarto You because of who you Follow and your location.
  13. 13. Twitter Profile: FavouritesThe Favorites tab which is spelt the American way for UK usersshows the Tweets you marked as Favourite. Recent Imagesshows images you uploaded or replied to. You can Edit YourProfile from your Profile Page.
  14. 14. Twitter Profile: RequestsThe Requests tab is displayed when you have chosen toprotect your Tweets via Settings from the drop down box onthe black header near the Search Box. As you can see therewere no Requests when the screenshot was taken.
  15. 15. Twitter Profile: ListsThe Lists tab will display Lists that other users may havecreated and made you a member of. You may also besubscribed to Lists or created Lists. The Lists are also greattools to group users for their interests, locations and etc.
  16. 16. Twitter Search: Trend SearchTwitter Search is a useful tool to find interesting Tweetsincluding photos and links from Twitterusers, celebrities, news media organisations. In thisscreenshot a Trending topic has been searched to show
  17. 17. Twitter Search: Advanced SearchAdvanced Search is a new search tool which helps accuratelyfind any Tweet. For example an exact phrase with a questionin the Tweet can be searched or a phrase like “#Smelly Cat”can be searched for its geographic location.
  18. 18. Twitter: OptionsThe drop down box on the top right corner gives you accessto you Profile, Direct Messages, Lists, Help, KeyboardShortcuts, Settings and Sign Out. The Help option will give youa tutorial for the #NewNewTwitter and anything else.
  19. 19. Twitter: Keyboard ShortcutsA new feature in the #NewNewTwitter are KeyboardShortcuts. These shortcuts have been integrated into theTwitter interface moreover users can now navigate aroundTwitter with the touch of a button.
  20. 20. Twitter: Direct MessagesWhen you access Direct Messages via drop down options youwill notice that Direct Messages are shown in a separatebox, similar to iTunes. This box opens up in front of whateverTwitter page you maybe viewing .