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Dead Space 3 (shared using


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Dead Space 3 (shared using

  1. 1.  In 2008 visceral arts @ EA released what they called a action adventure, survival horror game with light RPG elements named “Dead Space”. Isaac is an engineer called on what he thought would be an ordinary job call to the planet cracker USG Ishimura where his girlfriend was stationed as a medical officer. He would soon find out it was far from ordinary.
  2. 2.  In January 25, 2011 visceral Arts @ EA released a sequel to the one best survival horror games of all time, “Dead Space 2” In this 2nd installment of the Dead Space Franchise you play as Isaac Clark in his desperate battle with dimentia due to his encounters on the USG Ishimura and death of his girlfriend Nicole Brennan.
  3. 3.  In E3 of 2012 EA showed off the first Dead space 3 game play demo. Dead Space 3 for the majority takes place on the frozen ice planet of “Tau Volantis” teamed up with his new partner John Carver, on his search for his dear friend Ellie although the same cannot be said for Carver who has questionable motives.