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Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation


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Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation

  1. 1. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation Warren Ellis Computer Literacy 103 Professor Mark Rusboldt August 6, 2012
  2. 2. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation  Summary In businesses today, requires that you need to patent your work of creation online. It gives you the exclusive rights given when filling out a registration form to copyright your work and protect it against infringement. Remember, that not all works are entitled to get copyrighted. So, make sure that when you do your research; check to see if you are entitled to copyright and do so, for the sake of protecting your work.
  3. 3. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation Copyright Definition What is copy right? Copyright - Is a set of exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, display, license, or perform a work. This is a copyright symbol
  4. 4. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation Intellectual Property  Light Bulb What is intellectual property? Intellectual property are assets of  Songs on an intangible kind, in the form of the Radio inventions, symbols, literary, and artifacts. Intellectual Property, is also a form of copy right.  Film Here are some examples of intellectual properties to your right side.
  5. 5. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation Thesis – Make sure that when you initiate a business online and from state to state, that you should take full consideration and responsibility to go through the process of copyrighting your intellectual properties and innovations to protect against infringement.  Body of the (Paper) What are the types of intellectual properties that are copyrightable when protecting your work while conducting business online and state to state? The types of intellectual properties that are copyrightable when protecting your work while conducting business online and from state to state are created in the form of inventions; not in the form of ideas. Examples of intellectual properties could be a wine beverage, sneaker products, lyrics to a song,
  6. 6. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation How to strategically go about  Steps of copyrighting written work. copyrighting your work or creations online to prohibit others from reproducing your work? First, type in the search bar, the steps to copyright your work online. You will get a listing of many copyright websites to register your work and receive your certification. Secondly, securely upload or send your materials. Thirdly, U.S Copy Office will electronically file your application papers and will send your confirmation of certificate, articles of organization, and rights through mail
  7. 7. Copyright, Intellectual property, Innovation  Innovation Innovation = Theoretical conception + Technical Invention + Commercial exploitation This equation above is absolutely a successful one that creates great innovations through great inventions.
  8. 8. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation Hiring an attorney and an accountant The two most important elements of business that you should always carefully consider, when protecting identity and your business reputation, is hiring an attorney and an accountant The reasons for hiring an accountant are pretty obvious--you need someone to help you set up your "chart of accounts," review your numbers periodically, and prepare all of your necessary federal, state and local tax return A good business attorney will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business, from basic zoning compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability.
  9. 9. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Innovation  Conclusion At the end of the day, as a business owner looking to protect and secure the exclusive rights of his or her copy written works or creations, will reap the benefits of investing in all critical tools and resources that sets a great business foundation. Carefully, do your research and make the necessary choices that will help make a great impact on your business growth and development of goods and services, to prosper in your attempt to succeed; not just for the moment, but for the near future goals and aspirations that will create more business opportunities for you and other individuals to blossom and grow like the trees of wealth and knowledge.
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