Hybrid IT Operations and the Hybrid Cloud


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  • Vistara provides a comprehensive SaaS solution that enables enterprise IT and service providers to drive unified IT operations management
    Vistara manages the end to end IT operations lifecycle for your entire heterogeneous IT environment, and enables IT to provide service centric and business relevant insights.
    Vistara has a multi-tenant, multi-tier SaaS architecture with enterprise grade security, ease of adoption and maintenance, and massive scalability
    The company operates in North America, Japan and India and is headquartered in San Jose, California
    Our technology is mature – there are currently over 1,000 end customers under management in Vistara, many of them through the 100+ partners that we work with
    Here is just a sample of the cloud and technology platforms that Vistara integrates with to provide the breadth and depth of coverage across your IT infrastructure
  • Allows interoperability and information sharing between semi-autonomous de-centrally organized lines of business, IT systems and applications
    Development, maintenance and use
    Monitor and Manage

    Service Delivery

    Inventory and Governance

  • Hybrid IT Operations and the Hybrid Cloud

    1. 1. Hybrid IT and the Hybrid Cloud Empowering the Enterprise
    2. 2. Vistara is a SaaS platform for IT operations lifecycle management 1100+ Customers 100+ Partners Broad Cloud & Platform Integration  Operations in North America, Japan and India  HQ in San Jose, CA Recognized for Innovation
    3. 3. • Public cloud • Hybrid cloud • Hybrid IT • How Vistara can help Agenda
    4. 4. • CapEx transformed to OpEx • Effectively infinite scalability • Greater enterprise agility • Potentially higher uptime – Greater distribution – Faster disaster recovery Potential Benefits of Public Cloud Services
    5. 5. • Does it meet my requirements for: – security? – compliance? – availability? • Can it integrate with my management solutions? What Slows Down Public Cloud Adoption? Chris Howard et al, Gartner Inc., “Hybrid IT: How Internal and External Cloud Services Are Transforming IT,” 8 Feb 2012
    6. 6. • Patch and configuration management1 – OS – Application • Application management • Software licensing1 • Inventory & lifecycle management • License compliance1 • Monitoring solution Some Things Cloud Services Don’t Do 1. Lydia Leong, Gartner Inc., “What Managers Need to Know About Amazon Web Services,” 26 Mar 2013 Most personnel cost is related to the OS layer and above!1
    7. 7. • Public cloud • Hybrid cloud • Hybrid IT • How Vistara can help Agenda
    8. 8. “Hybrid cloud computing is the coordinated use of cloud services across isolation and provider boundaries …. between internal and external cloud services.” What is the Hybrid Cloud? Thomas Bittman and David Cearley, Gartner Inc., “Get Past the Confusion Surrounding Hybrid Cloud Computing,” 22 Oct 2012.
    9. 9. • Lack of clarity about security • Lack of clarity about compliance • Multicloud integration • Hybrid cloud monitoring and management What Slows Down Hybrid Cloud Adoption?
    10. 10. Typical Path to the Cloud Sooner Later Non-core support activities Core business activities Less confidential data More confidential data Services with spiky loads Services with smooth loads Static allocation policy Dynamic allocation policy
    11. 11. Virtualization Road Map Thomas Bittman, Gartner Inc., “Design Your Private Cloud With Hybrid in Mind,” 24 Feb 2012
    12. 12. • Enable ready migration of applications between OpenStack-compliant cloud providers • Prevent cloud service lock-in The Role of OpenStack
    13. 13. • Manage public and private cloud-hosted elements • Map virtual to physical infrastructure • Map services to supporting elements • Unified monitoring and management interface • Unified alert management across Public and Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Management Solution Requirements
    14. 14. • Public cloud • Hybrid cloud • Hybrid IT • How Vistara can help Agenda
    15. 15. “Hybrid IT is the result of combining internal and external services, usually from a combination of internal and public clouds, in support of various business outcomes.” - Chris Howard et al, Gartner Inc., “Hybrid IT: How Internal and External Cloud Services Are Transforming IT,” 8 Feb 2012 What is Hybrid IT?
    16. 16. “IT organizations are becoming the broker for a set of IT services that is hosted partially internally and partially externally – a hybrid IT architecture. By being the intermediary for IT services, IT organizations can offer internal customers the price, capacity, and speed of provisioning of the external cloud, while maintaining the security and governance the company requires and reducing IT service costs.” - Chris Howard et al, Gartner Inc., “Hybrid IT: How Internal and External Cloud Services Are Transforming IT,” 8 Feb 2012 IT’s Role in the Hybrid IT Model
    17. 17. • Trusted evaluator and approver of services • Managing internal services • Governing all services – SLA definition – SLA monitoring and management • Identity management • Data management policy IT Responsibilities in Hybrid IT
    18. 18. • Hybrid cloud management solution requirements, plus … • Service monitoring • Self-service service catalog • Self-service provisioning • Transparency about costs Hybrid IT Management Solution Requirements
    19. 19. • Cost comparisons with public cloud services: apples to apples? – Security – Availability – Compliance • Service quality comparisons with best-of-breed consumer IT services Pressures on IT Organizations
    20. 20. Cloud & IT Self-Service Drive Cost Transparency • Cloud gives organizations a choice between internal and cloud-based services • Self-service IT empowers line of business to make the choice • Therefore embedding clear, understandable cost and QoS information in IT service catalog is critical to enable rational, optimal choices
    21. 21. Additional metrics to consider for cloud services • Agility: Can IT service respond in real-time to changes in demand & business needs? • Elasticity: How much can service’s capacity scale upward and downward to match demand? • Continuity: Maximum time between interruptions • Consistency: Can variations in service levels be reduced? Source: Tapati Bandopadhyay, Gartner Inc., “Business-Aligned Metrics for IT Services in Cloud: Returns on Agility, Elasticity, Continuity and Consistency,” 10 January 2012
    22. 22. • Public cloud • Hybrid cloud • Hybrid IT • How Vistara can help Agenda
    23. 23. Unified IT Operations Management Unify the entire enterprise: physical, virtual, and public and private cloud Virtualization VMVM App App App APP Virtualized Servers Virtualization VM VMVM A p p A p p A p p A p p A p p A p p Private Cloud Public CloudPhysical Devices Switch Router Bring Your Own Device • Monitor and manage • Bottom to top of the stack • On-premise and cloud • Physical and virtual • Many platforms, vendors, clouds • Service delivery Unify IT Operations Management
    24. 24. CUSTOMER INFRASTRUCTURE On Public Clouds In Data Center On-Premise On Private Clouds H/M Customer portal Analytics/ Services Reporting Customer/end user communication SLAs/Metrics/Compliance RBA; SOP; Self Healing; Ticketing Alert processing across public and private cloud Patch, Configuration, and Application Management Secure Role Based & Auditable Remote Access Monitoring – Private & Public Cloud, Mobile & Client Needs Modern IT Operations Platform • Unified Management • SaaS • Secure • Intuitive • Limitless scale • Self-Service Vistara Inventory and Governance Service Delivery Monitor, Manage, Operate
    25. 25. Hybrid Service Availability Monitoring Considerations • Element level availability vs. availability of an entire service – Do you track availability of individual elements or an entire service compose of multiple elements? • Is availability a binary quantity (up / down) or more fine-grained? – How do you account services that are available, but running with degraded redundancy/performance? • Planned downtime vs. unplanned downtime – Do you count downtime due to planned activities (e.g. patching)? • Service to element mapping Database App Server 1 App Server 2 Web App
    26. 26. • Service catalog – Internal and external services – Embedded cost guidance to drive rational choices by IT and LOB Self-Service IT
    27. 27. Thank You!Thank You!