Converged Solutions to Accelerate Service Delivery


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IT administrators must monitor and manage many kinds of infrastructure, including on-premise, private clouds, public clouds, and mobile devices. They must govern service delivery across all these environments ensuring availability, change management, inventory and asset management, incident response, and cost control. Enterprises can use converged solutions such as EMC VSPEX to accelerate service delivery. Using a converged solution simplifies architecture and implementation. Vistara, which has been validated by EMC VSPEX Labs, adds the unified management layer necessary to complete service delivery using converged solutions accelerate service delivery. Vistara provides a dashboard, a self-service catalog so administrators and end users can request services on demand, application-to-infrastructure correlation, patch and configuration management, auditing capability, and a unified IT operations management user interface. Vistara unifies element management across EMC VNX and VNXe unified storage solution, Brocade VDX and ICX switches, Cisco Nexus switches, Cisco UCS, Microsoft SCOM, and VMware Virtual Center.

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  • Vistara provides a comprehensive SaaS solution that enables enterprise IT and service providers to drive unified IT operations management
    Vistara manages the end to end IT operations lifecycle for your entire heterogeneous IT environment, and enables IT to provide service centric and business relevant insights.
    Vistara has a multi-tenant, multi-tier SaaS architecture with enterprise grade security, ease of adoption and maintenance, and massive scalability
    The company operates in North America, Japan and India and is headquartered in San Jose, California
    Our technology is mature – there are currently over 1,000 end customers under management in Vistara, many of them through the 100+ partners that we work with
    Here is just a sample of the cloud and technology platforms that Vistara integrates with to provide the breadth and depth of coverage across your IT infrastructure
  • You have all styles if IT infrastructure and applications to manage.
  • You have to execute management of the infrastructure, service delivery, and governance of partners and data use across all of these infrastructures.
  • Make the point the Vistara is a SaaS Platform. It’s the logic is shared in the cloud- multi-multi tenant. That means
  • Converged Solutions to Accelerate Service Delivery

    1. 1. Managing Modern IT Accelerating Service Delivery with Proven Infrastructure
    2. 2. Vistara is a SaaS platform for IT operations lifecycle management 1100+ Customers 100+ Partners Broad Cloud & Platform Integration  Operations in North America, Japan and India  HQ in San Jose, CA Recognized for Innovation
    3. 3. The reality is that most IT professionals have many kinds of infrastructure they must manage. The Legacy Physical, virtual and cloud continue environments continue to expand Virtualization VMVM App App App APP Virtualized Servers Virtualization VM VMVM A p p A p p A p p A p p A p p A p p Private Cloud Public CloudPhysical Devices Switch Router Bring Your Own Device
    4. 4. At the end of the month, IT professionals have to govern data and services across all delivery methods. One Source of Control, One Source of Truth Virtualization VMVM App App App APP Virtualization VM VMVM A p p A p p A p p A p p A p p A p p Switch Router Bring Your Own Device Inventory and Governance Service Delivery Monitor and Manage Virtualized Servers Private Cloud Public CloudPhysical Devices Requirement: visibility across the entire enterprise
    5. 5. Types of IT Infrastructure • Mobile • Silos of infrastructure • Internal Private Cloud • External Private Cloud • Business Outsource Services IT Responsibilities • Availability • Maintenance • Service Management • Audit • Change Management • Inventory • Access Management • Incident Response • Cost Control Modern IT Requirements
    6. 6.  Integrate management of internal and external private cloud?  Accelerate private cloud?  Offer the business an IT dashboard?  Focus on service delivery instead of integration?  Offer improved self service over time without disruptive upgrades? WHAT IF YOU COULD…
    7. 7. Why Proven Infrastructure, Why VSPEX? VSPEX Simplifies Your Environment 1. Simple Consolidation 2. Flexible Reference Architecture 3. Optimized for Virtualization 4. Sells Easily 5. Simplifies Security VSPEX Reduces Your Costs 6. Built-in Efficiencies 7. Reduced Backup Storage and Bandwidth 8. Centrally Managed and Protected VSPEX Accelerates Your Environment 9. EMC Flash 1st 10. Speed Up Backup and Recovery
    8. 8. Vistara Enables Private Cloud Service Delivery Audit and Correct Configurations-as-a- Service Multi-Tenant Ticket System Audit and Governance Internal and External Private Cloud, One Pane of Glass Automated Reporting Self-Service Catalog User Dashboard Reporting Application-Infrastructure Correlation Patch Management Multi-Tenancy/Multi- Workload Support What It Takes To Complete The Private Cloud
    9. 9. Unify Element Management One pane of glass unifies all the elements of a private cloud. • API integration with EMC VNX, VNXe • API Integration with Brocade VDX • API Integration with Cisco Nexus and UCS • Ready integration with Microsoft SCOM • Ready integration with VMware Virtual Center
    10. 10. VSPEX Enabled Bare Metal • Bare Metal provision • Configure Compute Blades IaaS • Network and Storage Configuration • Validate with OEM Components Certify • Certify Environment Readiness • Change Control and Patch Approvals Service Catalog • Define Service Catalog • Simple Approval Flow Provisio n • Automated Instance Provisioning • Post Provision Automation Life cycle • Application Deployment • Enforce and Audit Best Practices
    11. 11. Only Cloud Delivery is Cloudlike Application Server Database ServerFile Server Web Server FTP Server Active Directory Firewall MS Exchange Backup Server Switch Router VG VCare Enterprise IT Internet Public Cloud Virtualization VM VMVM Ap p Ap p Ap p Ap p Ap p Ap p Private Cloud Vistara Alert Processin g VCare Servers DB Vistara Servers DB
    12. 12. Integrated Private Cloud Is Real We’ll show you!
    13. 13. Things to Remember Modern IT 1. Highlights Service Delivery 2. Requires Transparency 3. Is Trending Toward Self Service 4. Demands Reliability, Scalability and Security 5. Increasingly Demands Integration of Internal Infrastructure and External Infrastructure • Risk reduction and efficiency are easier with proven Infrastructure • Flexibility can be preserved with VSPEX
    14. 14. Thank You!Thank You!