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Judicial plans of cornwallis


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Judicial plans of cornwallis

  1. 1. Plan of 1787Revenue Civil CriminalG. G-in-Council King in Council Sadar Nizamat AdalatBoard of Revenue Sadar Diwani Adalat Mufussil Nizamat AdalatMal Adalat Diwani Adlat Magistrates Courts
  2. 2. Plan of 1790CriminalSadar Fauzadari AdalatCourt of CircuitCourt of District Magistrate
  3. 3. Reasons behind introduction of Reforms The defective system of the Mohammedan criminal Law Defective constitution of trail courts trying criminaloffences. Corrupt Muslim officers who were administering justice incriminal court. Entire criminal administration of justice was in the handsof Nawab.
  4. 4.  Because of the weak administration of Nawab. The persons who entrusted with criminal justice were paidhopelessly low salaries. The Muslim criminal law which was applied by the courtswas also defective many ways. Some of its provisions were contrary to the principles ofnatural justice and they imposed very severepunishments for petty cases.
  5. 5. Salient features of the planCourt of district MagistrateThe collector in every district was authorized to act asMagistrate to apprehend and arrest, murderers,robbers, thieves, disturber of peace.In petty cases he could him self impose punishment orimprisonment not exceeding 15 days and he couldrelease the accused on bail.
  6. 6.  It was moving court like a similar court which was inexistence in England. Entire presidency divided into 4 divisions and eachdivision a circuit courts was established. ( Patna, Calcutta,Murshidabad and Dacca) It visited every district twice a year to try the personwho had been apprehended and charge-sheet by theMagistrate in his area. The court was assisted by Muslim law officers such asKazi and Mufti and all the judges were in this court wasEnglish men.
  7. 7. Sadar-Foujudari-AdlatThe seat of this Court of this Court had been, so far, atMurshidabad but under this plan it was shifted toCalcutta.The Court was constituted by the Governor-General-in-Council as judges.They were also to be assisted by Muslim law officers.The adalt was require to conduct its business at least oncein a weak
  8. 8. Sadar Diwani Adalat Sadar Fauzadari AdalatProvincial Court of AppealMofussil Diwani Adalat Diwani AdalatRegistrar Courts (civil and criminal)Munsif’s Court