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Digital Marketing to Meeting Planners - eTourism Summit


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Digital Marketing to Meeting Planners - eTourism Summit

  2. 2. VICTORIA ISLEY Chief Operating Officer, DMAI Executive Director,Destination & Travel Foundation @victoriaisley @meetDMAI
  3. 3. OUR CAUSEDMAI protects and advances the success of destinationmarketing worldwide. ADVANCE THE ADVOCATE FOR THE PROTECT & LEVERAGE DMO PROFESSIONAL DMO INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION RESOURCES 1.1 1.1 Professional Development 2.1 2.1 At Home 3.1 3.1 DMO Members 1.2 1.2 Career Development 2.2 2.2 In the Meetings Market 3.2 3.2 Allied Members/Sponsors 1.3 1.3 Peer-to-Peer Networking 2.3 2.3 In the Consumer Market 3.3 3.3 Leadership/Governance 3.4 3.4 Professional Management
  4. 4. 600 DMO Member Organizations$1.5 Billion Annual Budgets
  5. 5. DMO Group Sales Channel Impact Study In 2011 DMOs influenced 37.5 million room nights (defined by booked for future periods) All Group Room Nights Sold For 2011 DMOs influenced nearly 1 in 5 (19%) DMO of all group room nights for Group Channel their markets (defined by 275 DMO markets) Group room night bookingsSource: DMAI, Tourism Economics grew 4.8% in 2011
  6. 6. DMOs have aone-two punch in promoting their destinations for meetings Inspire planners to choose to select your destination, driving incremental demand for your community Drive/increase attendance to meetings held in your community
  7. 7. San Francisco TravelMPI (WEC) 2012 Social Media Goose Chase Campaign October 11, 2012
  8. 8. San FranciscoMeetingsSocial Media  San Francisco Travel has had minimal success promoting the destination through Social Media tools. ­ Primary tool - Facebook [San Francisco Meetings] ­ Secondary – Twitter @MeetinSF
  9. 9. San Francisco MeetingsFacebook
  10. 10. San Francisco MeetingsFacebook
  11. 11. San FranciscoMeetingsFacebook
  12. 12. San FranciscoMeetingsFacebook
  13. 13. San FranciscoMeetingsFacebook  Overall, limited engagement, limited exposure for the destination.  Relatively low effort to maintain. Easy way to push out messaging.
  14. 14. San FranciscoFacebook
  15. 15. San FranciscoFacebook
  16. 16. San FranciscoSocial Media  Engaging Meeting Planners on “Consumer” channels  MEETING PLANNERS ARE PEOPLE. They use apps, social media, games – just like everyone else  Why not make it fun (and yes informative)
  17. 17. MPICampaignOverview  San Francisco Travel “social media” sponsor of MPI World Education Congress in St. Louis.  Attendees engaged with San Francisco content using a mobile photo scavenger hunt app called Goose Chase.  Goal to engage meeting professionals on destination using San Francisco based content and drive attendees to booth.  App available to all show attendees via mobile devices.
  18. 18. MPICampaignValue to Attendees  Connects attendees to other attendees using Facebook like interface.  Easy signup using email or Facebook.  Prizes.  Fun!
  19. 19. MPICampaignLink to content onmain convention app
  20. 20. MPICampaignPostcard available toattendees atregistration
  21. 21. MPICampaignStart the GooseChase
  22. 22. MPICampaignPromoting SanFrancisco  Developed San Francisco based “missions” to educate and excite attendees about the destination. (e.g. submit a photo of a San Francisco icon)  Developed “missions” to push people to our booth and speak to our staff and our partners. (e.g. take a photo of one of the San Francisco Travel Sales Managers in our booth)
  23. 23. MPICampaignLeaderboard
  24. 24. MPICampaignWinnerActual SubmittedPhotos
  25. 25. MPICampaignValue to San  251 Registered usersFrancisco Travel  With 1,800 in attendance: 14% participation rate  3,912 photos taken  Average of 15 photos per user  439 Face to Face interactions with our team and Suppliers from 20 missions  22 F2F average per mission  Great benefit for our partners
  26. 26. MPICampaignPress
  27. 27. Option B.
  28. 28. Thanks Chris
  29. 29. New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau: $1,000 Paid Search How to Increase Conference or Convention Attendance on a Shoe String Budget
  30. 30. FSC Interactive • Online and Interactive Marketing Agency located in New Orleans, La • Girl Power! • Specialize in Social Media Strategy, Paid Search Campaigns and SEO • Focus in Hospitality and Tourism
  31. 31. McKenzie Coco • Founder of FSC Interactive • Started the company in New Orleans in 2007 • Graduate of Wake Forest University • Loves: New Orleans, travel, people!• Work with New Orleans Tourism MarketingCorporation (NOTMC), New Orleans Conventionand Visitors Bureau (NOCVB), multiple hospitalityclients both locally and nationally.
  32. 32. New Orleans CVBThe New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau is a nationally accredited, 1,000-member destination marketing organization and the largest and most successful private economic development corporation in Louisiana.Consistently recognized as one ofthe top five CVBs in the country,the New Orleans CVB iscelebrating its 52nd anniversaryin 2012.
  33. 33. How We Got Here…• In 2011, Travel + Leisure recognized New Orleanians for their local pride, placing NOLA as the number one city on their annual Americas Favorite Cities survey.• New Orleans is constantly being recognized on a national level as a culturally authentic destination• Historically, the summer months (primarily August – September) is one of the “low” seasons for out-of-state travel to New Orleans meaning there was opportunity to leverage the local population• So….New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau set out to encourage attendance at a slow time of year on a not-so-well know conference
  34. 34. Enter Paid Search
  35. 35. OverviewThe New Orleans CVB wants to allocate $1,000 toaid the American Academy of Pediatrics conferencein pre-conference marketing.The end goal is to boost conference attendance andshow the Pediatrics conference planners that theNOCVB is a full service, hands-on bureau thatsupplies assistance above and beyond those ofother cities.
  36. 36. How We WANTED To Do ItAds to be directed to a landing page on the NOCVBwebsite where visitors were prompted to enter for aFREE registration to the conference to build databaseand allow for more direct marketing in the future.The landing page and thank you form would behosted on the NOCVB site with Google Analyticsinstalled for tracking purposes to show the value ofthe campaign.
  37. 37. Microsite
  38. 38. Microsite Add OnsBuild out a more expansive micro-site than the standard CVB template.Include the following add-ons:• YouTube videos that directly relate to the Pediatric attendees’ interests. Suggested videos: Museums, French Market, French Quarter Walking Tours, Julia Street Art, Jackson Square• Twitter Feed of the official conference Hashtag. This will provide awareness of the official messaging coming from the conference, the New Orleans CVB when using the Hashtag and the attendees communicating with the conference. It will encourage others to join the conversation on social media.• Airfare Deals feed from cities around the country to New Orleans during the conference (10/20 – 10/23)• Links to the official conference website
  39. 39. Resources
  40. 40. How We Did ItThe ads directed to a landing page on the NOCVBwebsite where visitors were prompted to learn moreabout New Orleans and the conference.The landing page had information about theconference as well as links to various New Orleansassets (videos, coupons, maps, accommodations, and alink to the registration NOT hosted on the NOCVB site.
  41. 41. Registration
  42. 42. The Media PlanFive Months PriorGoogle Advertising : $700 will be spent on a highly targeted Google search campaign targeting top national membership areas with keywords describing the conference including keynote speaker, continuing education credits, pediatric specialties and any other appropriate descriptors. The ads will mention the conference name and the contest giveaway. Targeting will include a maximum of four locations.Two Months PriorLinkedIn Advertising: $300 will be spent on LinkedIn Advertising targeting pediatric LinkedIn Groups. All ads will link back to the built out micro-site which includes the supplemental content listed above as well as a link to the official conference website.
  43. 43. Visits to SiteBUT…we couldn’t track conversions, asthe “conversion” was on the otherwebsite.However….
  44. 44. The Good News
  45. 45. Costs
  46. 46. McKenzie Coco E-mail: mckenzie@fscinteractive.comLinkedIn: Twitter:
  47. 47. Twitter: E-mail: Get More Slides: Facebook:
  48. 48. AdsAds vv
  49. 49. Katerina Ram 1st Online Ads Strategist at LinkedIn San Francisco Bay Area | Internet LinkedIn Ads Overview Send Message View ProfileAds 51
  50. 50. The LinkedIn Opportunity Connect talent with opportunity at massive scale + Fundamentally transforming the way the world works Ads 52
  51. 51. Our MissionConnect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Ads 53
  52. 52. The World’s Largest Professional NetworkOver 60% of members are now international 85% * 175M+ * Fortune 100 Companies use LinkedIn to hire >2M * Company Pages ~4.2B Professional searches in 2011 *as of August 2, 2012 Ads 54
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  54. 54. Marketing SolutionsTargeting one of the most affluent and influential audiences on the web Self-Service Platform Display / Social AdsLinkedIn Company Pages Custom groups / Sponsorship Ads 56
  55. 55. Advertising on LinkedIn • Text ads with small images • Display ads (IAB-compliant), Interactive • Auction-based bidding • Guaranteed inventory & delivery • Pay per click (CPC) • Pay per impression (CPM) • Self-service online interface • $25K minimum campaign budget • Active Strategists for • Account Management Team top performing advertisers Ads
  56. 56. LinkedIn Ad Headline 25 characters Image50 x 50 pixels Description 75 characters Ads 58
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  59. 59. LinkedIn Groups 1.2 Million+ professionally oriented groups 81% of users belong to at least one group with 52% participating in group discussions2 2 Ads 61
  60. 60. Budget & Bidding Pay per click (CPC) Bid recommendationsbased on targeting Set a daily budget Run continuously or until aspecific date Stop and edit your ads andcampaigns at any time Example Target Audience Number of Example Bid Members Corporate Executives at Large 711,974 $2.81 per click Enterprises Owners of Small and Medium Size 497,129 $2.71 per click Businesses All LinkedIn Members in the U.S. Over 43 million $2.62 per click Campaign Minimums: $10/day daily budget, $2 minimum CPC bid After you select your target audience, LinkedIn Ads will show you a ‘Suggested Bid Range’ Ads
  61. 61. Tracking Results Online Campaign Management and Reporting InterfaceView reports showing your clicks, impressions, and costsCompare click-thru-rates of your ad variations3rd Party URL Tracking OnlyTying Tracking to Campaigns or Ads if Possible Ads
  62. 62. Quick Demo Ads 64
  63. 63. The Bottom Line The Most Relevant Professional Platform Senior Audience = Access to Decision Makers Flexible Targeting Options Ads
  64. 64. Questions?Ads 66
  65. 65. Session Sponsored by: Ads