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Visit Wales Facebook Places


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Visit Wales Facebook Places

  1. 1. Facebook NearbyWales : Discover + Share
  2. 2. Overview – Why Facebook Nearby?Facebook ‘Nearby’ Places utilises the mobile Facebookapplication to share your current location with your contacts.Using GPS Facebook is able to locate ‘Place’ listings that aresurrounding your current location. By selecting a location you canquickly make others aware of your current travels or activities.For example someone may ‘Check In’ to the Millennium Stadiumwhen at a Rugby match to share with their contacts.Alternative systems include foursquare and GoWalla (recentlyacquired by Facebook) were a possibility but do not have themass audience that Facebook and the existing Visit WalesFacebook Page provides.The main reason for using Facebook Places over alternativesystems is to offer user generated content listings to our existing215,000+ Facebook audience.
  3. 3. Key Elements My Favourite Places Categories / Regions Categories Listing Google Map Places display See More Places Add My Place
  4. 4. My Favourite PlacesA PR opportunity to feature a celebrity or individual andtheir top 5 places.The images at the top work in a concertina effect todisplay a brief description of the place when clicked.The map displays the 5 places via numbered pins.The listing are then displayed by priority (not total checkin) along with their associated number of Facebook CheckIn’s and links to further information.We have the ability to update this as often as required.
  5. 5. Top Places by Categories By default upon loading, the user is presented with the ‘Most Popular’ listing, this ranks all registered listings by their associated number of Facebook Check In’s. We have the ability to add and remove categories to the system, maximum 12. Each Facebook Place can exist across multiple categories. Eg. Millennium Stadium may appear in both ‘Landmarks’ and ‘Venues’.
  6. 6. Top Places by Region To provide visitors with local user generated content around their holiday we have the regional view. Split by the marketing areas, we are able to view all Facebook Places listed in each area ranked by number of Check In’s.
  7. 7. Places ListingEach listing has the following elements:• Title – As listed on Facebook• Link – To drive traffic to their Facebook page.• Check-Ins – Number of user generated visitors• Like – How many people have clicked the ‘Like’ button for this listing/page• Rank – Within this category/regionMore places navigation displays thenext 10 Facebook Places for thatcategory/region.Add ‘your listing’ links to a form fortourism industry to add their FacebookPlace for inclusion.
  8. 8. Supporting Map Each page has a supporting Google Map. The pins (1-10) represent the current viewable listings. Clicking the pins will display the statistics for that Facebook Place.
  9. 9. Thank youVisit Wales Facebook Page Wales Facebook Places FAQ location basics: to use Facebook Nearby on a mobile device: a Place for your business: