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Chief failure Officer


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Successful and innovative companies learn from their mistakes. By appointing a Chief failure Officer a company sends a strong message to its employees that mistakes and failure are part of learning and embracing this aspect of human endeavor and routinely sharing the failure stories will foster courageous new thinking and activity.

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Chief failure Officer

  1. 1. CfO Chief failure Officer owning and savoring evry mistake
  2. 2. a failure plan After Action Reports Learning Innovation "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Thomas Edison
  3. 3. a failure plan for success for innovation to happen, failure is not an option… it's a requirement to be successful is to learn from our mistakes to be a successful organization, failures of a significant scale must be shared, studied and discussed via after action reports
  4. 4. We learn best from stories so, we need storytellers Remember Context Meaning “Some of the worst mistakes of my life were haircuts” Jim Morrison Sharing
  5. 5. We learn quickly through our mistakes Pain = Growth Sharing = Power Lessons learned = Leverage “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” Rita Mae Brown, Alma Mater
  6. 6. Success is built on failure Courage to admit mistakes - it baselines our humanity. Lessons shared are insurance. Turn failures into lessons. "Success is 99% failure." Soichiro Honda
  7. 7. Make mistakes faster to speed the learning needed to push innovation
  8. 8. Plan for success by capturing and sharing failure Starts with Chief Executive leadership in appointing a Chief failure Officer CfO responsibilities: share failure stories model and train executive confessional behaviors and methods support executive storytellers