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Company Presentation

  1. 1. A Spark of Business Inspiration June 2007
  2. 2. 5 Things We Believe In Information 1. Wisdom makes things simple. Common sense keeps them simple. 2. Each market is different. Each client is unique. Each situation is special. 3. First things first. Understand the rules, then you know whether to follow them or not. Common Wisdom Sense 4. Best advice is the one that can be easily assimilated and immediately implemented. 5. Business is supposed to make money. People are supposed to make businesses work. Business Knowledge 2
  3. 3. Key Issues for Today’s Business Makers Where should I External export my How can I anticipate Which are the and react to my Environment products/services to? industry’s competitors’ moves? How can I attract How can I particularities? financing for my acquire and How can I increase How can I get customized business? keep the most Whom should I my company’s information about a given profitable partner with (abroad responsiveness to market environment? customers? or at home)? market changes? How can I sell How are market more to existing How can I sell to conditions How can I have a customers? more customers? influencing my performance? more proactive approach towards my customers? How can I better Who are my customize my offer How can I get support Where should I What can I learn most profitable to business for entering new expand my from my customers ? customers? markets? business to? competitors? Present How can I better Future How can I get leverage the existing more value How can I measure competencies within How can I be one step What is the best from my the efficiency of my my company? ahead my time? way to reach my portfolio? marketing strategic goals? activities? How can I What is the minimize price that business risks? How can I get optimizes my competitive bottom line? How can my advantage? marketing plan be improved? What is the How can I maximize opportunity cost of How can I bring more the assets of my launching a new value to my organization? How can I pin-point product? customers? and pursue my company’s vision? Internal Environment 3
  4. 4. Key Issues for Today’s Business Makers External Environment Present Future Internal Environment 4
  5. 5. Synchronize Your Business To The Market Environment • Companies nowadays have to swiftly sense and respond to environmental changes in order to stay innovative and competitive. • Improving business agility simply relies on 3 pillars: 1. Know and respond to the market & industry 2. Know and respond to customers’ needs 3. Know and respond to what competitors are doing 3. Competitors 1. Market & Industry Being constantly aware of your competitors’ moves enables your Getting a better understanding of the organization to react to their attacks or particularities of your market, its speculate their weak points. structure, main characteristics and key success factors can increase your Visionwise competition analysis business agility. and competitor monitoring provides just-in-time competitive Visionwise market reports provide intelligence. actionable market and industry analysis. 5
  6. 6. Seize Market Opportunities • Business growth involves looking into ways to increase share-of-wallet in existing accounts, acquiring new clients and expanding into new markets. • Companies can generate more revenue by means of: 1. Increasing customer spending and/or customer base 2. Entering new markets • Identify markets & select business partners • Obtain financing for your business 2. New Businesses 1. Customers Customizing your offering Drawing up a plan to organize increases client profitability your business initiative enables while identifying new you to share it with current and customer segments potential stakeholders. augments your revenue. Business plans help you in Visionwise’s profiling and both getting financing for your monitoring approach for projects and tracking project corporate accounts allows progress. your sales team to better customize the offering to these clients’ needs. 6
  7. 7. Increase Return on Marketing Activities • Detailed planning and flawless execution of marketing initiatives and marketing processes are requirements for business success in competitive market environments. • There are 3 main steps to an optimized marketing function and hence an improved return on marketing activities : 1. Developing and implementing a sound marketing strategy 2. Tracking and improving key marketing metrics 3. Focusing on your core marketing activities 1. Marketing Strategy 3. Focus on Core Marketing Setting up clear marketing goals and Activities defining how they are best achieved, allows for their smooth implementation. Supplementing or freeing up internal marketing competencies allows you to Visionwise consultants will help you focus on core marketing activities. develop and implement a customized marketing plan. We can also help you Flexible marketing services and improve portfolio performance, outsourcing capabilities increase bottom line with a suitable recommend Visionwise as your ideal pricing strategy and improve your provider for professional marketing new product development services. processes. 7
  8. 8. Fulfill Your Vision • Preparing your organization for the future will help you be bold, productive and successful. • Envisioning the future yields: 1. Company’s vision 2. Organizational strengths 8
  9. 9. Visionwise Capabilities • Dedicated department for the IT&C sector • Wide industry coverage: FMCG, IT&C, finance, manufacturing, healthcare sector, public sector • Experience in integrating various methodologies and information sources to leverage knowledge in complex projects • Active since 2003 in pan-European projects • Multilingual team: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese 9
  10. 10. Visionwise Research Tools Secondary Marketing Research • Believing in common sense and wisdom’s simplicity, we keep Visionwise’s research tools simple but robust. • Visionwise integrates useful information and knowledge from various sources such as: • publicly available databases • client’s internal data • magazines and press articles • company reports and communication materials • market and consultants reports • Industry insight is based on discussions with opinion leaders, the persons who know how specific markets tick Primary Research Integration • We are part of a strong marketing research group (Daedalus Group) and, whenever a project requires it, we join forces with our colleagues in Daedalus and Eurodata in order to answer our clients’ marketing and business issues. 10
  11. 11. Visionwise Clients For more info on our customers, please visit our website 11
  12. 12. Looking Forward to Bringing You A Spark of Business Inspiration Carmen Patrascu – Operational Manager Tel. 021 3179731