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New vision pyramid_contemporary__double_glazed_


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New vision pyramid contemporary double-glazed

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New vision pyramid_contemporary__double_glazed_

  1. 1. VISION-PYRAMID/ CONTEMPORARY - TYPICAL INSTALLATION GUIDE DRAWING: VRL-PVC-S-DG STANDARD GLASS (DOUBLE GLAZED) Rooms”-I-5 Rev. 4,0 D011D14 Extruded cip-on Capping (supplied as standard) To cover screw fixings for a neat finish to the outer profile ACTION: clip on to outer profile once screw fixings are in place Plasterhoard Detail slot plasterboard into unique preformed stop detail Screw Fixings (to be supplied by contractor) 4x4Umm Stainless steel countersunk woodscrews _ _ silicone seal/ Bond (wurk to he carried out by contractor) ACTION: secure Roofllght to upstand through pre—drl| |ed holes ACTION: add 8mm bead or neutral curing silicone sealant to perimeter of upstarid prior to fitting Rooflight. Root Membrane (materials to be supplied and work carried out by mrilracwri Vision insulated upstand laslt us for pricing, this will arrive before rcinflight to prepare your roof prior to install) Maximum allowable membrane thickness Smirk L Zx WBP Marine grade plywood encasing 32min Polyioarn rldgid insulation with whitewood (treated) Capping. ACTION: To be dressed on to the upstand before Roofliglit installation (w)75mm x (h)150mm includes 5 degree pitch/ rain run off angle on all flat glass products. ACTION: Please confirm which side requires the fall upon ordering, short or long side? On lopfiunar Ams Ra“ W ‘)2 Suppl“ by (“um”) alternatively contractor to form a solid timber upstand 75mm wide and a minimum of15Dmm in height with a 5 degree pitch on top or existing roof pitch to create a rain run err angle. ACTIDN: upstand to be installed by contractor before littirig Rooflight. Plasterbciard and skim irnatarials to be supplied and work carried out by contractori ACrIoN: add 9mm plasterboard plus skim to finish opening, INTERNAL DIMENSIONS TAKEN FROM HERE INTERNAL STRUCTURAL OPENING EXCLUDING PLASTERBDARD AND SKIM ACTION: This measurement to be provided by Customer or Contractor) Durspeciflcations > > Flnlng instructions iinese are mu nieant as a guide; I > Vision Roomgms Limited whilstwe endezlmurta ensure ourinibrrnation isas up to date and accurate as suggested installationdetail only. Roof constructions details varies irornone moftvpeta another. whilst every eiiorthas been made as N Ursa com‘ Kmwmm B 5 Pa, k possible, the sizes shown may vary slightly. Slles may also change without 10 ensuretheaccuracyoIv. hesedlagrarris, Vision Roofllghlshmlled cannot be held resporisihlelardamage, iniury, loss orexpense V i , notice due to newer nianuiacturine techniques or reuuiremems, our resulting from errors orornissions. iiootllgbts should be installed bya comvetent person in ruli compliance with the appropriate Harboiough Rofidi kibwoilh Haitollit intorniation WIII beupdated as often as posciblewrien these changes occur. building regulations, gimd practiceand apizllcahlecodeswhllsladiievingtuarchitects/ engineersspeclfirjappmved designde-tails Leicg5[er5h| re LE3 ogx For further help or advice call us on 0116 279 1900 or email us techsupport@visionroofIights. co. uk www. visionroof| ights. co k
  2. 2. VISION-PYRAMID/ CONTEMPORARY - TECHNICAL INFORMATION DRAWING: VRL-PYC-S-DG STANDARD GLASS (DOUBLE GLAZED) ROOFUGH-I-S Rev. 4,0 DQ110113 PRODUCT CROSS SECTION VISION ‘EASY-FIT’ I NSU LATE D U PSTAN D {purchase our easy-fl"! option) NEW 30° PITCH EASY DOES IT. .. MAKE THE INSTALL 150mm EVEN EASIER USING OUR OWN D E D I CAT E D U PSTAN D SYSTE M I Professionally designed and tested 3 part extruded aluminium profile thermally broken with polyamide insulation sections. D.5W/ m2k Uniquely dual coloured using a durable rnarine grade polyester powder coating, linished externally to RAL 9005 (Black) for the slick contemporary look and RAL 9010 lwnite) for the internal finish then the profile is factory glazed for easy onsite installation. GLASS PERFORMANCE DETAILS 75mm . ISI-THERIVF - - V Energy saving Performance Glass unit Up5TAND SPECIHCATIQN 28mm double glazed Argon gas filled units featuring solar control external glazing, LowrE inner glazing with warmredge spacer bar technology. Glass is toughened and heat soaked for your safety in mind. Zx WBP Marine grade plywood encasing 32mm Polyfoarn ridgid insulation with Whitewood (treated) Capping. (w)75mm x lh)1S0rinm U~VaI|1E 1.1W/ m2k g-value 33.2% (ask us tor pricing, this can arrive before roofiight to prepare your tool prior to install) si-Value 0.039% UV Blocking 75.1% LightTrans. lC| ear) 68.9% Light Trans. liaioe) 50% ourspecintations Fmlnglnxlructlons (These are only meanrasaguide) Vision Roomgms Limited i§"£'£‘s'i’i§i2', Eteh"e"sEi? Z§’"sL‘a".5ii"‘. .“. §$‘3‘$CI"! li; ZIil'°2!i§§. i‘2§°a"I§. §“3.l‘l§§‘.1C? éEii 5o”'Zi. i’u‘riI‘ Jn"§‘§l‘§§IZCy" §l‘tII§s". "u§‘; ‘§i‘ZT3l3§Tl‘ii? .‘IiigiIiliiI! §ZIi"Z? n‘S2?L‘2°il§Iu"53;iflfilili'i§‘/ Tiiigillfilflfilsii 3522.313: 56 “WSW COW Kibworth BUWESS Park notice due to newer rnanuiacturine techniques or requirements, our resulting from errors orornissions. iiootiights should he installed bye competent person in iuii coinpiiance with the appropriate Harborough Road, Kibworth Harcourt irilurmatiori Wlll beupdated as often as uosslblewhenthexe changes occur. building regu| atians, goL7d pracliceand applicablecodes whilst adheringtuarchltecls/ engineers specific/ apumved desizridetails Le| cg5[eygh| re LE3 DEX For further help or advice call us on 0116 279 1900 or email us techsupport@visionroof| ights. co. uk www. visionroofIights. co k