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Our Vision payment solutions is regarded as the reputable company and offers different services such as merchant account, debit card processing and many more. So, without giving a second thought, read our website properly to have clear understanding.

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Vision payment solutions

  1. 1. Welcome To Vision Payment Solutions 1. Overview 2. Card Payment Solutions 3. Credit Card Payment Solutions: The Explosion of Day-to-Day Credit Card Usage 4. Credit Card Merchant Account Service Helps To Grow In Business 5. The Reasons Why You Need Debit Card Merchant Account 6. Why You Need a Merchant Credit Card Payment Account 7. Merchant Account Credit Card Online Facilitate businesses to run profitably 8. Increase Efficiency of Business with Hassle Free Payment Gateways
  2. 2. 1. Overview It is important for any business that is just starting up; just starting to see revenue come in, consider methods for accepting payments. The approved methods of payment should be tailored to the industry in which the company operates, and the kinds of customers the company has. For example, one might notice that, in many smaller stores, or store chains, that checks are no longer accepted. Checks represent older technology for transferring money that is slowly falling out. There are many other companies that deal almost solely in check transactions. What is true however is that accepting credit cards is critical to the success of a business’s operation? In some cases it could make the difference between getting a sale, and losing one. It is the good and/or service providers’ job to ensure that the methods of payment they accept are desirable to their customers. As payment is often the buyers least favorite part, a good strategy is to make payment as easy as possible. A way of doing
  3. 3. that is by making sure that multiple forms of payment are available to the buyer. Buying with credit cards is a common way for a customer to pay for goods or services. Whether it is for some things from the hardware store for home improvement, or a bulk order of materials needed for an industrial construction job accepting credit cards can make these transactions possible. As technology advances taking credit cards as a form of payment is easier than ever. The streamlining of the process has made the use of credit cards as fast a transaction as debit cards. New mobile technologies make processing card based transactions a breeze. There are new mobile apps on the market, for both android and iPhone that allow a transaction to take place with just a cell phone, no card swipe needed. They do offer card swipes with the use of some apps for transactions that plug into the head jack of the cell phone or tablet. Others are compatible with many different types of tablets and typically allow the user to track transactions, check balances, and even transfer funds. The use of credit cards is a matter of ease for many people, and many other business owners, who will want to use their business or personal credit cards to make sales happen.
  4. 4. 2. Card Payment Solutions Businesses that accept debit and credit cards as payments for merchandise and services have a larger revenue of up to 80 percent more than businesses that do not accept cards. Many businesses who do not accept card payment solutions, fail to get their business off the ground. A credit card payment solution is not just debit and credit cards. Businesses can expand their revenue by offering gift cards for customers to give to their family and friends. Gift cards will introduce more people to their business and make repeat customers out of those who receive the cards. Accepting debit card payments is essential for all businesses. Many people do not like carrying around cash, but have a debit card. Accepting debit card payments allows customers to pay for products and services with payments that come directly out of their checking accounts. As a business, it would be a lot cheaper to accept debit payments instead of credit card payments. Processing costs for the business that accepts debit cards could range 40 to 60 percent cheaper than transactions conducted with a credit card.
  5. 5. Credit card payments come in handy for customers buying larger items where they need to spread out their payments. Credit card payments can be used at the counter, on the Internet or when using a mobile device. Swiping the credit card at the counter saves time in processing the customer. Businesses can take care of more customers, at a faster rate when they use their credit card then if paying in cash. The high-speed broadband processing of credit cards will take care of customers fast, so another one can be taken care of right away. Businesses that are on the move all the time need the convenience of taking payments by credit cards wherever they are located. Trade shows, craft fairs and others who deal with the public and payments will want credit Card Payment Solutions for their customers that best fit their needs. Mobile businesses can make many more sales with a wireless payment solution for their customers. A credit card payment solution on a cellular phone is just a quick swipe of the credit card, and payment is accepted. Businesses can keep track of all their sales while roaming around or traveling by checking their accounts on the Internet. Payments for products or services are not just in person, in a store. Customers are buying many different types of products and services off the web. Card payment solutions allow for monthly payments online to stores and other businesses. Businesses benefit by having their payments received on time from their customers using their website.
  6. 6. 3. Credit Card Payment Solutions: The Explosion of Day-to-Day Credit Card Usage As of 2012, there were over 500 million active credit cards in the United States. Recent data found that 76% of all college students have credit cards; most of those cardholders used their credit cards for everyday purchases. It should come as no surprise that credit card payment solutions are a necessity in today's business model with statistics like that floating around. The credit card industry has exploded in recent years. The advent of online shopping has made people feel more comfortable and at home with credit card payment options. Prior to the internet revolution, most people reserved credit cards for emergencies and major expenses. That is simply not the case anymore and most consumers are looking for payment options that include paying with plastic; simply put. The comfort with credit that consumers now feel means businesses most grow and change to meet the demanding needs of this new customer base. After all, if a business does not offer a preferred payment method, the consumer can simply find another store that does.
  7. 7. Businesses, now more than ever, simply must offer Credit Card Payment Solutions. These solutions, thankfully, are easy to come by and come in a variety of different forms. Those searching for merchant payment solutions have the ability to use traditional credit card processing equipment, sign up for mobile payment options, or even, to set up online payment options for e-commerce stores and checkouts. Vision payment solutions; for example, offers a variety of different merchant payment solutions that meet the needs of today's unique business owners. Some business owners rarely see the inside of their stores; opting to deal with costumers on site. For such businesses, mobile payment options are more fitting. Some retailers do the majority of their business online and thus find payment solutions associated with online shopping carts and e-commerce sites to be the most helpful. Vision payment solutions have the options that will work for most business owners that are finally coming to terms with the fact that the notion of cash-only business is quickly dying out. Thankfully, credit card payment solutions are not only easy to come by, but are becoming more affordable for even the smallest of businesses. Whether a business is being run out of a home, through an online storefront, or in a traditional brick and mortar setting, it can benefit greatly from a variety of payment options for its consumers.
  8. 8. 4. Credit Card Merchant Account Service Helps To Grow In Business Businesses rely on their ability to generate revenue and maintain healthy profit levels. When this ability is taken away, for any reason, businesses often lose business, often times forever. One of the fastest ways to ensure that a business loses profit is to take away their means of accepting payment. In our modern world, businesses are no longer cash based. In fact, most businesses are no longer check based either. Electronic means of payment are the most prevalent and by far the most popular forms of payment among consumers. To cater to these demands, businesses must be prepared to accept electronic forms of payment, and they must ensure that these electronic payment gateways always remain open. Having a credit card merchant account service is the basis for ensuring that a company is always able to accept electronic payments, and maintain their revenue standards. A credit card merchant account is simply an account that can be setup with a credit card processor that allows a business to accept credit card payments. Credit card merchant accounts can be bought with a vast number of various companies so it is imperative that businesses take their time in deciding which
  9. 9. merchant account credit card to open. This relationship will likely and hopefully last for years so it is important to make a good decision. The credit card merchant account service is varied depending on what type of business they are operating under. A fast food style restaurant will have a much different merchant account credit card than a department store, or an attorney office. The size and scope of a business will determine the needs and the services offered by that card service. In the end, it may not matter too much about the company that a business signs a contract with, as much as the level of service that the credit card merchant accounts provides to the company. Downtime in business means lost revenue, and a credit card merchant account will almost never reimburse a company for lost revenue due to downtime. This is only something that would come as a result of a lawsuit, which is expensive and time consuming. With that said, because of the important of downtime, it is important for a business to evaluate the best service for their business and make sure that they have a signed contract on file, so that their business can progress and generate as much revenue as possible.
  10. 10. 5. The Reasons Why You Need Debit Card Merchant Account As the number of payment methods available to consumers has increased, having a debit card merchant account has become necessary for most businesses. When a customer uses their debit card, funds are withdrawn from their bank account and transferred to the merchant. There are fees associated with this service, but they are usually less than comparable fees for credit cards. Being able to accept debit cards provides access to a greater variety of customers, and provides assurance that private customer information is secure and that they are spending within their means. Some customers may choose not to use credit cards or may be unable to obtain one, but almost everyone with a bank account has a debit card. Debit cards require the use of a PIN to complete a transaction and offer more security to the customer. Since the card is tied to a bank account, the customer knows that they have the available funds to make their purchase and are not incurring additional debt or overdrawing their bank account. Therefore, it can be very useful to have Debit Card Merchant Account and Merchants are guaranteed to receive the funds, and there is less of a chance of customer fraud versus when a credit card is used.
  11. 11. Obtaining a debit card merchant account is straightforward. Some businesses can request service from their bank. However, if the business is new or does not have a proven sales record, they may require a third party provider for debit transactions. If the merchant already has an ecommerce merchant account, then that vendor may provide debit services as well and offer a price discount for multiple accounts. Pricing for a debit card merchant account varies greatly between vendors. There is usually a monthly fee for the service, plus a per transaction fee that can be a set rate or a percentage of the total sale amount. These fees can vary depending on the volume of debit transactions the merchant processes, the amount of risk the bank or vendor feels they are taking on by providing the service, and the average sale amounts of the transactions. It is important for a business to research providers and rates before opening their debit card merchant account. They should check with other businesses as well as the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau to gauge the provider’s reputation and service record. Lastly, most debit cards also carry a credit card logo on them. Therefore, if the business has an ecommerce merchant account that allows them to process credit cards online, they will also be able to accept debit cards tied to a major provider.
  12. 12. 6. Why You Need a Merchant Credit Card Payment Account In the past few years, there has been a great boom in online commerce around the world. Companies located in different parts of the world are now selling their products or services worldwide. This setup is very convenient to the customers as they can buy anything from the comforts of their home, and sellers too benefit as they can receive payments from anywhere on this earth. If you have an online business and want to increase your online sales, you should sign up for merchant credit card payment system and get your merchant account. With this setup in place, you can accept and process payments via credit cards such as Master Card, and Visa without any problem. You will face lots of problem if you cannot process e-payment transactions for your customers. The key benefits of merchant account that is available when you sign up for merchant credit card payment processing system is that you can accept multi- currency payments, faster processing, full security during transaction, convenient processing (virtual terminals allow you to transact anytime and anywhere), prompt e-reporting (merchant service providers offer reports and updates to businesses
  13. 13. about their transactions), and a worthy partner that partners with top credit card companies to offer you world class service. Actually, signing up for Merchant Credit card Payment processing system is a necessity if you want to sell online. Nobody sends checks or wire transfer these days for small orders. If you operate a small business, you can also seek the services of acquirers of merchant bank without signing up for full fledge for merchant credit card payment processing system. You can sign up for merchant credit card payment processing system by visiting the websites of merchant account providers or acquirers. However, you should take care for choosing the provider and should sign up after proper scrutiny of their credential and their past performance. One important consideration about their genuineness is whether they are clearly identified as representatives authorized to process the transactions. Master Card and Visa have thousands of entities that have been authorized by them for processing transactions involving their services and products. You should be able to see their names on their websites, and business cards. Can you get a cheap merchant account? Well, you cannot get access to merchant credit card payment processing system at cheap rates. If you will shop around online, you will find that providers usually charge high rates for one single account. However, if you consider the benefit of merchant credit card payment processing system, you will find that its benefits far outweigh its cost. If you think about the best benefit of merchant credit card payment processing system, then it is immediate increase in sales across your target markets. Customers appreciate the ease with which they can make payments using merchant credit card payment processing system. By opening your account, you get access to endless opportunities, can increase your market exposure and can also meet the expectations of your buyers.
  14. 14. 7. Merchant Account Credit Card Online Facilitate businesses to run profitably Anytime a consumer makes a purchase online, he or she must use a form of electronic payment. While this can consist of any number of payment types including eCheck, gift card, virtual wallets and other, in today’s economy, the majority of electronic payments are originated using a credit or debit card. In order for an online business to accept electronic payments on their sites, they must have an online credit card merchant account. Here’s how it works: A consumer enters his or her credit or debit card information into a secure form on the online retailer’s website. This form directly feeds into the business's online credit card merchant account. The merchant account credit card online provider receives the payment information through a payment gateway and passes it to the processor. The gateway and/ or processor may or may not be owned by the merchant account credit card online provider. The processor receives the transaction and passes it to the cardholder’s card issuing bank for authorization. If the cardholder has the money available to fund the transaction, the issuing bank returns an approval code. If the cardholder does not have the funds to cover the purchase, the transaction will be declined. The approval or decline message is passed back from the issuing bank to the processor via the Visa/MasterCard network. The message is then passed from the
  15. 15. processor back through the gateway and to the online merchant via his or her merchant account credit card online account. The processor will retain a “copy” of the transaction along with the disposition provided by the issuing bank for later funding. This entire process usually occurs in seconds. Finally, the card issuing bank transfers the funds from the cardholder’s account to the processor, which in turn forwards the funds to the merchant’s bank account, minus the appropriate processing fees. This process is known as settlement and usually occurs within 48-72 hours after the transaction is initiated. Ultimately, this is the same process that brick and mortar retail merchants experience with one notable difference: the credit card merchant machines. Retail businesses have a physical terminal they use to process credit cards while online retailers use virtual credit card merchant machines. Merchant accounts credit card processing is vital to the health and success of online retailers no matter what is sold. Without merchant accounts credit card processing, there would be no way that an online business could generate revenue timely.
  16. 16. 8. Increase Efficiency of Business with Hassle Free Payment Gateways When you run your own business it is very important for you to accept as many different forms of payments as possible. If you turn down a customer because you do not accept their form of payment you are just going to end up completely losing the sale and the individual is likely to take their business elsewhere. There is no reason you should lose this kind of sale and the best way to avoid this is to have different payment gateways. With the different payment gateways it is always going to drastically improve your ability to land a new client and to increase your chances of improving the way you do business, regardless what you sell or what kinds of services you offer. In Store Payments Of course, it is very important for you to accept in store payments. When you are able to do this it is going to improve your ability to make as many sales as possible the payment gateways are going to run through your point of sales system, as this is very important for everything to run through the same account. When everything runs through the same account it is going to improve your ability to monitor everything properly and to see whenever you make a sale or receive a payment. Having multiple accounts is going to make it very difficult to do this and you might not know when certain sales are made.
  17. 17. Mobile Payments The payment gateways also work while on the go. Mobile payments are an excellent way for you to make money while on the go through sales. The mobile equipment connects directly through a Smartphone or a tablet computer and allows you to swipe credit cards anywhere. With this feature you'll be able to travel for work and even take vacations without having to worry about leaving your business at home. Internet Payments With more and more individuals making sales and purchases over the Internet it is incredibly important for you to have an Internet store and offer products and services online. This way, someone who isn't even in the same city as you can purchase your material while over on the Internet. The Internet feature is going to help you out with this and it also expands your services to a completely new region of the country, no matter where you are or what you sell.