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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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  1. 1. Pradeep Jobanputra
  2. 2. Where and howinformation andcommunicationtechnology cancontribute to theimprovement ofhealth care
  3. 3. Obtain,Manage andUse informationto improvehealth careand medical servicesperformance,governance,managementandsupport process.
  4. 4. What is INFORMATIONWhat is INFORMATION ??A billion $ Questionis
  5. 5. ?From where do we beginInformation Technology in Healthcare
  6. 6. What is in the center for us ?◦ HOSPITAL or PATIENT….
  7. 7. Begin withInformation Technology inHealthcarePatient
  8. 8. Present Methodology ofMedical assistance to Patient1.Patient record : Manual2.Patient Prescription :manual3.Periodic checkup aftermedical aid: Patient has tomaintain4.Drug purchase : searchesand purchases frommarkets.
  9. 9. Transform the Present Methodologyof Medical assistance to PatientUsing ICT1.Patient record : E-record on smart cardavailable online or mail.2.Patient Prescription : pdf format smartphone/ web view3.Periodic checkup after medical aid: UseSMS, e-mails, voice calls4.Drug purchase : Pharmacy store tomaintain the stocks and ,SMS, e-mails,B2B Purchase
  10. 10. Health Smart CardsSecureSave time - money -lives.Improve - security and privacy of patientinformationProvide - secure carrier for portablemedical recordsReduce - healthcare fraud,Support - Portability of medical records,Provide - secure access to emergencymedical information,Enable - compliance with governmentinitiativesHelps - administrative process andclaiming speed.
  11. 11. The Medco Pharmacymobile app is built onMedcos My Rx Choicesprescription savings andpatient safety program,To use the app, patientsmust first register atthe Medco website.Once registered, theirmedication histories anddrug plans are madeavailable online.
  12. 12. Where HIT Needs To BeI/P LabSystemRadiologySystemHosp. BillingSystemPt. RegistrationSystemHospitalInterfaceI/P PharmacySystemO/P PharmacySystemsHome HealthSystemO/P LabSystemElec. Med.RecordOffice BillingSystemMD OfficeInterfacePt. ReportedData(On-Line Dx)(QOL Data)(Compliance)MasterInterfaceEngine
  13. 13. Converging Data Streams ShouldConverging Data Streams ShouldDrive Clinical AutomationDrive Clinical AutomationComputerizedPatient RecordConsumerDecision SupportClinicalDecision SupportSOURCE: Health Futures, Inc.Molecular(Genetic characterof self-pathogens)Organ Systems(Anatomic detail)Interventions(Orders, meds,procedures)Tissues(Metabolism,pathology)Cellular(Types, counts,receptors)
  14. 14. Better Day HealthThe Better Day Health app is aWeb-based, patient-centeredhealth and practicemanagement software platformthat is designed to driveimprovements in patient carequality, coordination, andcollaboration. The platform wasdeveloped by VoiceHIT, and itcombines predictive modelingand third-party applications anddevices to turn patient data intoactionable information.It isprimarily used by healthcare pro
  15. 15. Medical InformaticsMedical InformaticsApplicationsApplicationsAutomated remindersComputerized expertsystemsTelemedicineTele SurgeryDigital imagingVoice recognitionMedical InformaticsMedical Informatics
  16. 16. Future Consultant’s Office:Future Consultant’s Office:CT Scan, MR Imaging,Infrared and Near InfraredScanners, Holographic Imageof Patient (Medical Avtar),Surgical Simulators, andIntraoperative NavigationMedical InformaticsMedical Informatics
  17. 17. Medical InformaticsMedical Informatics
  18. 18. Virtual Reality SimulatorsVirtual Reality SimulatorsTraining in Surgical ProceduresMaster the Surgical Skills before OperatingMonitor the Actions of Resident Surgeonsduring surgery
  19. 19. Intraoperative Navigation
  20. 20. Expert system Expert SystemsEncoding the knowledge of human experts andapplying it in goal-directed reasoningNeural Networks, Machine Learning in biomedicaldomainsMedical InformaticsMedical Informatics
  21. 21. Anatomy of an expert systemKnowledge baseInference engineBlackboardlanguageprocessorjustifierfactsrulesinterpreterschedulerconsistencyenforcerplanagendasolutionUSERMedical InformaticsMedical Informatics
  22. 22. Expert Systems◦Examples:Medical DiagnosisEvent monitoring in clinicalsystems - decision support viaMedical Logic ModulesGenetic motif detection inmolecular sequence andmolecular structure databases
  23. 23. Bioinformatics◦Molecular sequence andstructure databases◦Similarity (homology)detectionCorrelation of molecularand clinical events
  24. 24. Interactive, Immediate and SpecificFeedback, Individually Tailored Instruction,Objective Testing, and EntertainingSelf-Directed LearningDiscretion of Content, Time, Place, andPace of Instruction.One’s Own Level of Knowledge, Specific toProblem-Solving
  25. 25. On-Line Discussion Groups -Difficult CasesOn-Line Journal ClubsCMEScientific PostersTelemedicineStreaming
  26. 26. Research & Manuscript PreparationPatient Care & Clinical ProblemSolvingLower the Hospital Cost with ShortStayChoose Diagnostic TestsSelect and Implement BestTreatment PlanEasy, Effective, Efficient, andEconomical
  27. 27. Medical InformaticsMedical Informatics