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Concept to cashflow kartik mehta


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Concept to cashflow kartik mehta

  1. 1. Date: March 02, 2013Concept to Cash FlowKartik MehtaFounder, Director & CEO, ExpressECG
  2. 2. The Company
  3. 3. GENERAL SCENARIO WITHOUT ExpressECG ( 2 to 3 hours)Patient arrives@ FamilyPhysicianPatient waits@ FamilyPhysicianPatient diagnosedFor ECG@ Family PhysicianPatient travels toConsultingPhysicianDoctorPatient waits @ConsultingPhysicianPatient ECG taken @Consulting PhysicianPatient ECG reviewed &Communicated @Consulting Physician withFamily PhysicianPatient travels backto Family PhysicianPatient waits again@ Family Physician
  4. 4. FAST AND ACCURATE ECG WITH ExpressECG (30 minutes)Patient arrives@ FamilyPhysicianPatient waits@ FamilyPhysicianPatient diagnosedfor ECG@ FamilyPhysicianFamily PhysicianSchedulesExpressECGtechnician for ECG@ Family PhysicianExpressECGtechnicianPerforms &Uploads ECG@ Family PhysicianCardiologist orSr. Consulting Physicianreviews & electronicallyreports ECG@ ExpressECGreporting centerExpressECG technicianprints 02 pages ECGreports @ FamilyPhysicianFamily Physician &ExpressECG reportingPhysician discussECG resultswhen needed
  5. 5. ExpressECG – In Business of Saving Human LivesSupply SideOne of the mostefficient BusinessSystems running24 X 7 - 365 days inabout 20 cities ofGujarat with a goal tosave patient lives & tosatisfy medicalfraternityDemand Side
  6. 6. ExpressECG – First in On-Demand ECG Service in the World
  7. 7. ExpressECG – Our Business Growth for Year 201216641958220918232044 20112089 2033 1977 1956242 312530 530 466 534 598800462 4208 0 69161 1590 0 24 0 005001000150020002500#ofECGsMonthNUMBER OF ECGs BY MONTH BY CHANNELGPsNGOsCAMPsLABsCHCs
  8. 8. ExpressECG – Creating Value for SocietyWe save timeWe are ExpressECGMost importantly, we save lifeWe also save money
  9. 9. ExpressECG – Gujarat State Coverage as of December, 2012
  10. 10. Important LessonsConcept to Cash Flow
  11. 11. Concept – Our Profound Belief It is not customers job to tell us what they want... Don’t let people tell you your ideas won’t work. If you have a hunchthat something will work, go build it. Ignore the haters... Developing revenue model early will help later...
  12. 12.  There is no "I" in "TEAMWORK“...ThoughtApproachIdeaChange Dependence, Interdependence, Integration...Team – Our Long Term Shared Destiny Extremely important during valuation assessment...
  13. 13. Customers – Our King, Our Royal Highness The purpose of a business is to create a customer...(Peter Drucker) Customers are key predictive indicators of a company success,investors generally are months behind...
  14. 14. Value Creation – Our Differentiator There is no such thing as commodity... Innovation does not only mean doing different things. It alsomeans doing things differently... Exploit available Resources, Processes and Values...
  15. 15. Cash Flow - Our Financial Prowess The number one job of a CEO is to not run our of money...(operating cash flow) It is going to be delicate dance of Growth v/s Profitability... VC & PE folks prefer to associate with financially savvypromoters...
  16. 16. Thank YouConcept to Cash FlowKartik MehtaFounder, Director & CEO, ExpressECG