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5 ways to make your data count

Market research and insight professionals are now at center stage for helping businesses make sense of consumer data and make it count. More than ever before, marketing team heads and C-suite executives are counting on these individuals and groups to get a handle on the people that matter most to the business—the customers.

Industry pundits and analyst have come out and said that we’re living in the Age of the Customer and the only competitive advantage a business has is how it interacts with and wins over its customers. Marketing teams are trying harder than ever to get a handle on this group. So much so that Gartner has predicted that by 2017 the CMO will outspend the CIO on information technology tools used to help marketing understand the customer.

This presentation is about the researcher of the future; it walks through the 5 steps researchers and marketers need to do to make data count in the enterprise.

This PowerPoint deck was first presented by Andrew Reid, Founder, President and Chief Product Officer at Vision Critical, at the Advertising Research Foundation's Re:Think 2014 conference.

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5 ways to make your data count

  1. 1. @The_ARF | @reidandrew | #ARFRETHINK14 5 ways to make your data count Andrew Reid – Vision Critical Re:Think 2014
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  3. 3. 5 ways to kick butt in MR • Know your business • Leverage all listening posts • Think longitudinally • Market your insights • Embrace technology
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  7. 7. Know Your BusinessKnow Your BusinessKnow Your BusinessKnow Your Business @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14
  8. 8. @The_ARF | @reidandrew | #ARFRETHINK14 Product marketing Corporate coms Partner activation Product Development Internal Inputs (Pull)
  9. 9. @The_ARF | @reidandrew | #ARFRETHINK14 Marketing Job Shadow Cross Dept. Meet Ups Be Curious Internal Inputs (Push)
  10. 10. Work with all listening postsWork with all listening postsWork with all listening postsWork with all listening posts @The_ARF #ARFRETHINK14
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  12. 12. @The_ARF | @reidandrew | #ARFRETHINK14 Gartner’s Quantified self definition
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  16. 16. Think longitudinallyThink longitudinallyThink longitudinallyThink longitudinally
  17. 17. Market your insightsMarket your insightsMarket your insightsMarket your insights
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  21. 21. Embrace technologyEmbrace technologyEmbrace technologyEmbrace technology
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