The 10 Commandments of Building an Effective Team


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The 10 Commandments of Building an Effective Team

  1. 1. The 10 Commandments of Building an Effective Team by Joe Timothy
  2. 2. The  10   Commandments   of  Building  an   Effective  Team  
  3. 3. ! It  is  so  important  these  days  to  ensure  that  you  have   a   team   that   is   working   effectively,   efficiently   and   together  to  achieve  the  goals  of  the  business.  There   are   many   different   people   or   books   that   tell   you   a   ream   of   things   that   you   need   to   do   to   make   sure   you   have  that  team  you  want.  You  are  not  alone  in  feeling   overwhelmed  with  information  in  this  area.     To   make   it   easier   for   you   we   have   distilled   all   that   knowledge   into   10   commandments   that,   if   you   follow,  you  will  be  able  to  make  your  team  work  like  a   dream.  
  4. 4. !   1.   Thou  shalt  get  the  right  people   One   of   the   most   important   things   to   consider   when   building   your   team   is   what   are   the   roles   involved?   Once   you   have   an   understanding   of   this   then   you  can  go  about  getting  the  right  people  to  fill  them.  You  must  search  for   people  who  not  only  have  the  skills  of  their  specific  role  but  also  enjoy  it.  If   you   can   get   this   combination   then   you   are   really   onto   something.   People   who   love   what   they   are   doing   are   infinitely   more   productive   than   people   who   don’t.   It   is   also   important   to   ensure   you   have   a   team   with   shared   values.  If  you  all  agree  on  how  things  should  be  done,  you  spend  a  lot  less   time  having  to  convince  people  of  things.       2.   Thou  shalt  create  the  right  environment   This   is   one   aspect   of   team   building   that   is   so   overlooked.   This   could   be   viewed  as  very  strange  given  that  millions  of  years  of  evolution  have  been   all   about   how   we   have   adapted   to   the   environment   around   us.   The   space   that   we   inhabit   has   such   a   major   impact   on   how   we   are   it   is   so   important   that   it   is   given   thought.   If   you   want   to   foster   innovation,   trust   and   loyalty   build   an   environment   that   will   enhance   these   values.   If   you   want   productiveness,   conformity   and   results,   build   a   space   that   encourages   it.   The   lesson   is:   decide   what   you   want,   then   build   your   environment   appropriately.       3.   Thou  shalt  build  trust   One   of   the   fundamental   building   blocks   for   a   great   working   team   is   trust.   If   someone   feels   that   you   trust   them,   then   that   feeling   will   be   reciprocated.   This   relationship   then   allows   someone   to   feel   secure   in   what   they   do   and   what   they   provide   in   the   team.   This   security   allows   them   to   explore   their   skills   further   which   leads   to   learning   that   then   ultimately   improves   their   performance  and  input  to  the  team.
  5. 5. !   4.   Thou  shalt  give  people  freedom   The   biggest   benefit   that   your   team   members   bring   to   you   is   the   unbelievable  potential  they  hold.  To  be  an  effective  team  leader  you  need  to   master  the  art  of  drawing  out  all  that  potential  to  make  best  use  of  it  within   your  team.  Many  people  often  think  the  best  way  to  do  that  is  to  tell  them   what  to  learn  and  how  to  learn,  well,  I  hate  to  break  the  party  but  it  isn’t.   Any  individual  will  be  drawn  to  what  they  are  good  at  and  what  they  enjoy.   If   you   have   built   your   team   well   then   your   team   members   will   naturally   grow  in  their  areas  of  expertise.  So  to  allow  them  to  do  this  you  must  give   them   freedom   to   learn,   make   mistakes   and   grow.   You   will   reap   the   rewards   from  this.       5.   Thou  shalt  let  them  fail   Another  thing  you  must  embrace  to  allow  all  that  potential  to  flourish  is  to   allow  your  team  members  the  room  to  fail.  Many  people  see  failure  as  a  bad   thing,   however,   a   more   fruitful   way   of   looking   at   it   is   that   it   is   an   inevitability,   it   is   impossible   to   succeed   all   of   the   time   and   the   best   opportunity  to  learn  you  will  ever  get.  So  by  accepting  that  your  team  will   fail  from  time  to  time  and  letting  them  know  that  is  ok,  they  will  then  learn   much   faster.   This   acceleration   in   learning   allows   your   team   to   grow   and   flourish  much  faster.       6.   Thou  shalt  respect  each  other’s  abilities   When  working  in  a  team  that  is  well  put  together  you  can  easily  see  where   the  expertise  is  in  that  team.  You  can  tell  which  person  is  the  go  to  person   for  any  particular  task.  However,  in  some  teams  they  do  not  value  this  and   the  team  leader  just  dictates  what  they  believe  is  the  best  course  of  action   even   though   someone   else   may   be   in   a   better   place   to   decide.   The   final   decision   does   reside   with   the   leader   but   it   is   important   you   show   some   respect   for   your   team   members’   experience   and   skills.   If   you   don't   you   only   serve  to  make  them  feel  devalued  and  thereby  demotivated.  
  6. 6. !   7.   Thou  shalt  encourage  my  team   No  matter  who  we  are,  and  how  strong  we  believe  we  are,  there  are  always   teams;   we   just   need   a   little   encouragement   to   get   to   our   goal.   It   is   so   important  that  as  a  team  leader  you  use  encouragement  as  a  way  of  keeping   your   team   motivated   and   on   course.   Some   people   believe   stress   and   pressure   will   do   this   more   effectively   however,   so   many   studies   demonstrate   you   get   much   more   from   people   through   encouragement   rather   than   pooling   on   the   pressure.   So   if   you   want   higher   productivity,   you   need  to  keep  encouraging  your  team.     8.   Thou  shalt  give  constructive  feedback   If   you   have   any   desire   to   help   your   team   grow   and   develop   then   it   is   so   important   you   learn   how   to   give   constructive   feedback.   So   many   people   think  constructive  essentially  is  just  pointing  out  someones  weaknesses,  it  is   not,   that   is   destructive   feedback.   Giving   constructive   feedback   is   telling   someone   where   they   could   improve   often   wrapped   in   where   the   have   done   well.   This   reassurance   of   what   they   did   well   provides   a   safety   net   and   security   that   allows   them   to   be   open   about   what   they   didn't   do   so   well.   Having   them   accept   things   in   this   way   helps   them   take   it   on   board   and   grow.     9.   Thou  shalt  let  them  have  (a  few)  treats   This  is  often  done  poorly  by  most  people.  How  often  do  you  not  celebrate   when  you  do  something  well?  This  habit  that  is  so  common  feeds  into  team   leadership.   The   importance   of   rewarding   your   team   serves   to   reinforce   great  outcomes.  You  associate  good  feelings  with  achieving  your  goals  and   thereby  giving  even  more  incentive  for  your  team  to  make  sure  that  they  hit   those  targets.     10.   Thou  shalt  have  some  fun   Basically  this  is  your  life  so  enjoy  it.  When  people  are  having  fun  they  tend  to   produce  some  of  their  best  work.  So  don't  take  things  too  seriously,  create   an  atmosphere  people  enjoy  and  they  will  be  the  better  team  player  for  it.
  7. 7. ! There   they   are,   a   distilled   version   of   all   that   advice   you   have   heard   for   how   to   create   an   effective  team.  I  urge  you  to  take  away  these  ten   commandments  and  apply  them  with  your  team.   If   you   can   harness   the   potential   and   talents   in   your  team  your  business  will  flourish.