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Group Brochure

  1. 1. Group   Tel:  01423  900950          Web:          Email:  
  2. 2. Who,  Why  and  How   Who  Are  We?   At  Vision  Britain  we  believe  that  you  are  the  most  important  cog  in  the  wheel,  our  clients  consistently   tell  us  that  the  most  noticeable  initial  improvement  in  their  business  is  themselves.  By  working  closely   with  you  and  giving  you  the  tools  that  will  help  you  understand  yourself  better  we  aim  to  empower   you  to  motivate  the  people  around  you  in  order  to  help  your  business  take  great  strides  forward.     Using   our   tailored   solutions   we   will   work   with   you   at   a   strategic   level   to   help   your   personal   development  and  give  you  an  understanding  of  your  business  needs.  At  a  practical  level  we  will  assist   you  to  identify  and  equip  you  to  execute  solutions  across  your  company  that  will  enhance  and  grow   the  entire  business.  We  will  work  with  you  to  identify  and  deliver  quick  wins  that  will  provide  fast   progress  whilst  at  the  same  time  enabling  you  to  create  clear  and  focused  medium  to  long  term  goals   both  for  your  business  and  its  employees.   Why  Choose  Us?   Although  we  are  a  national  company  we  have  retained  a  core  team  that  is  completely  focused  on   providing  a  personalised  plan  that  will  deliver  success.  By  using  our  proprietary  strategy  system  we   can  confidently  guarantee  positive  results  and  if  you  are  not  100%  satisfied  then  we  will  coach  you  for   FREE  with  no  questions  asked.   Our  clients  tell  us  that  our  honest  approach,  generous  information  exchange,  team  focus,  capabilities   and  guarantees  set  us  apart  from  the  rest.   You  Have  Had  The  Dream,  Now  Learn  How  to  Build  It.   Whatever  your  gauge  of  success  in  your  business,  you  need  to  understand  how  to  create  one  in  the   first  place.   You  are  the  expert  working  in  your  business,  now  become  the  expert  working  on  your  business.   Join   thousands   of   companies   that   have   learnt   the   core   principles   that   apply   to   any   successful   business.  Our  Group  Coaching  programme  is  built  for  all  businesses  to  learn  those  key  skills,  it  offers   the  amazing  benefits  of  coaching  at  an  affordable  investment.   The   sessions   are   put   together   to   guide   you   through   the   key   principles   in   business   around   sales,   marketing,  money,  time  and  team.     Expect  Success,   The  Vision  Team.         1  
  3. 3. Who  Uses  Vision   •  A  Personal  Development  Program:  Owner  Drivers:  Giving  individuals  the  opportunity  to   network  with  other  business  leaders  in  the  community  whilst  allowing  them  to  fill  important   skill  gaps  and  extend  their  overall  business  knowledge,  understanding  and  drive.   •  Senior  Leadership  Program:  Future  Talent:  Giving  your  future  business  leaders  a  rounded   view  on  all  aspects  of  successful  business  function  using  the  latest  strategies  and  technics  to   ensure  that  individuals  take  a  balanced  and  productive  approach  to  your  business  whether  from   a  commercial.  sales  or  financial  perspective.   •  Departmental   Heads   Program:   Department   Heads:   Allowing   you   to   invest   in   your   department   which   will   ensure   that   they   remain   driven   and   focussed   on   their   specialist   area   within  your  business  etc.:  MD  attends  sessions  1  &  9.  Sales  Director  attends      6,  8  and  3.  Finance   team  2  &  etc.  etc.  This  is  the  simplest  and  most  cost  effective  way  of  up  skilling  your  workforce   and  investing  in  your  team.   •  Apprentice   Program:   Apprentice:   Giving   you   the   ability   to   identify   and   mould   your   companies  future  stars  creating  a  meaningful  corporate  message  about  you  and  your  business   whilst   giving   unrivalled   broad   business   knowledge   to   your   management   team   and   in   turn   improving  staff  retention.   What  Our  Clients  Say  About  Us   “This   session   has   helped   to   focus   on   specific   areas   of   the   business   that   require   attention.   Mastering   these   areas   will   help   drive   sales   and   profitability”        -­‐  Tina  Elson,  PDC  Education,  Leeds   “As  always  I  have  come  away  with  loads  of  ideas   and  things  to  work  on”   -­‐  Shelley  Welsh,  Express  Data  Ltd.  Leeds   “These  sessions  always  make  me  reflect  on  what   we   are   doing...   We   are   definitely   learning   more   about   our   business   as   the   weeks   go   by   empowering  us  to  change”   -­‐  Marion  MacInnes,  Kaye  Aluminium,  Doncaster   “Today  gave  me  some  fantastic  ideas.  My  killer   quote   is:   ‘It   is   not   marketing;   it   is   business   acquisition.’  Great  energising  day”   -­‐  Daniel  Penney,  Flexseal  Ltd,  Barnsley   “The  information  is  always  relevant,  meaningful   and  impactful”   -­‐  Chris  Moody,  Moody  Hair,  Barnsley   “Highly  involved  day,  generating  many  ideas  to   improve  customer  service  and  communication”   -­‐  John  Clark,  Wharram’s  Furniture  Ltd,  Hull   “It  made  me  feel  confident  and  brave  enough  to   talk  to  our  customers  about  how  good  or  bad  we   are”   -­‐  Aidan  Crowe,  Display  I.T.,  Halifax   “From  the  session  today  I  realised  the  value  of   setting   systems   in   the   business   that   actually   mean   something   rather   than   systems   for   the   sake  of  having  them”   -­‐  Mark  Wilson,  EKC  Systems  Ltd,  Heckmondwike   We  believe  that  group  is  incredibly  valuable  to  ALL  businesses  out  there  but  rather  than  take  our   word  for  that,  have  a  read  of  a  selection  of  the  comments  our  clients  have  made:   2  
  4. 4. What  is  Group?   Group     When   you   sign   up   for   Group   you   get   10   day-­‐long   sessions   over   10   months   with   an   unbelievable   amount  of  content,  tools  and  techniques  to  take  away,  your  course  content  includes…   3   Module  1   Vision,  Mission  and  culture:  Discover  the  true  value  in  a  vision  helping  you   understand  where  you  want  to  be  and  why,  helping  you  focus  on  how  you’ll  achieve   these  goals.   Module  2   Time  and  Money:  We  will  work  with  you  on  effective  time  management  freeing   up  time  for  you  to  focus  on  important  areas  in  your  business.  We’ll  focus  on  cash  flow   which  will  reduce  your  risk  and  we’ll  give  practical  help  on  forecasting  and  budgeting   which  will  help  you  remain  focussed  and  on  track.   Module  3   Defining  Your  Niche:  7  steps  to  creating  your  USP  will  help  you  understand  why   your   business   is   different   allowing   you   to   focus   on   sectors   that   are   most   likely   to   benefit  from  your  offering  and  giving  guarantees  that  will    help  you  build  credibility   and  trust.   Module  4   Building  a  Successful  Marketing  Campaign:  Helping  you  to  better  utilise   your  budget.  We  use  a  “5  ways  method”  which  takes  a  structured  approach  to  lead   generation  and  conversion  as  well  as  sales  values  and  margin.  We’ll  help  you  create  a   powerful  message    and  use  your  network  more  effectively.   Module  5   Streetwise  Marketing:  Helping  you  build  core  messages  with  relevance  to  your   customers,  working  with  you  on  customer  profiling  and  the  power  of  AIDA  attention,   interest,  desire  and  action.   Module  6   Sales  Made  Simple:  Looking  at  what  makes  your  company  and  team  great,  how   and  when  to  ask  poignant  questions  which  will  help  during  negotiation  and  mitigate   objections.   We’ll   improve   closing   techniques   improving   your   conversion   rates,   revenue,  margin  and  profit.   Module  7   Building  Customer  Loyalty:  Helping  you  to  retain  customers  once  you  have   them   by   avoiding   toxic   assumptions   you’ll   stop   customers   leaving   you.   When   you   understand  how  loyalty  is  created  you  can  focus  on  duplicating  it  time  and  time  again.   Module  8   The  WOW  Factor:  What  is  it,  how  to  create  it  and  how  to  measure  it.  We’ll  give   tangible   advice   and   small   low   cost   tips   that   will   make   huge   differences   to   your   business.   We’ll   help   with   spending   time   on   things   that   mean   something   to   your   customer  not  things  that  don’t.   Module  9   Systemising  Your  Business:  We’ll  work  with  you  on  ways  to  better  leverage   your  business,  define  roles  within  the  teams  and  set  KPI’s  that  will  give  clarity  around   your  businesses  expectations.     Module  10   Team  Building  and  Leadership:  Working  with  you  to  put  together  the  right  team   with  the  right  mix  of  capabilities.  We’ll  look  at  what  is  important  to  your  team  which   will   ensure   retention   and   productivity.   We’ll   help   you   personally   with   portraying   a   consistent  persona  which  will  effect  team  behaviour.  We’ll  give  you  the  knowledge  to   identify  early  threats  helping  you  defuse  sabotage  and  remain  focused  on  your  goal.  
  5. 5. What  We  Offer   We  have  complete  belief  in  the  quality  and   value  of  our  group  programme.  Given  this,   we  guarantee  that  if  you  attend  any  session   and  are  not  completely  satisfied,  we  will   give  you  a  full  refund  for  that  session.     Talk  to  us  about  early  payment   incentive  or  group  discounts.   NINETY DAY When  you  attend  our  sessions  you  will  not  only  experience  our  relaxed  &  friendly  environment,  you   will  also  be  treated  to  a  great  locally  sourced  lunch  with  plenty  of  refreshments  along  the  way.  In   addition  to  Group  sessions  we  are  also  offering  a  range  of  other  valuable  services  at  no  extra  cost  to   you.     Valuable  Extras     Value:  Unlimited   Vision  Price:  £4000   +  vat   No  Risk     Guarantee   360° MID MONTH ENERGISER 4  
  6. 6. Tel:  01423  900950             Web:             Email:   10  Crown  House,     Hornbeam  Park,   Harrogate,  HG2  8PB   01-Oct-2013 To  find  out  more,  please  get  in  touch  with  us  and   we’ll  answer  any  quesLons  you  may  have.