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Computers & Programming for Creativity in Children


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Introduce computers and programming to kids to nurture their creativity. Some pointers on using Scratch, Light Bot, blogspot, etc. The main idea is to insert computers into the kid's natural passion (eg writing, arts) as a tool and then give the right mental model of programming.

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Computers & Programming for Creativity in Children

  1. 1. Introducing Computer Usage and Programming to Childrento Nurture Creativity
  2. 2. • Slides used at KidsINK, 2011• This talk is best viewed with the accompanying notes. Contact me if you want the notes – vishyp at twitter
  3. 3. Parents like kids to be creative (and famous)
  4. 4. .. Kids know what they want to do“Oooh!” Something hurt Rohan’s heart.He wanted that star.
  5. 5. Where do Computers come in?First,Introduce computers to kids as a tool for *their* hobby they are already passionate about e.g., Computers for budding writersThen, show them how they can make the computers do new stuff (programming), again, for their hobby
  6. 6. Blogspot for writing stories MS Paint Browser Word ProcessorGoogle Images[WITH parental guidance]
  7. 7. Go Social. Involve their friends Publish work at Social widgets
  9. 9. As a Computer Scientist, I know that computers are more funwhen you MADE stuff with them.Plus, I also believe that thinking to program develops thinkingin general – what they call algorithmically.But how to do it? Doesn’t make sense to start with a textbookso young.So I did some research online and came up with the followingsteps
  10. 10. Light Bot: Great mental model of how a computer is an instruction-follower & not a magic box.
  11. 11. DOWNLOAD it,TODAY.Kids LOVE it!And it’s realprogramming
  12. 12. Next? Alice, Animation, Lego Mindstorms, Web pages, BASIC.Or, Acting, if the child wants!
  13. 13. Resources• MS Paint• Google Search, Images (SUPERVISION)• Light Bot: Google for “Light Bot”• Scratch:• Alice:•• Google Earth:
  14. 14. Go with the Kid’s interest & pace PC or MAC, not iPad & Wii Show the tools & tricks. Step away.See familiar stuff through kids’ eyes. Re-learn. Computers are not Magic, they are Magical