Serverless java

Vishwas N
Intern at Flutura Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Sep. 12, 2021

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Serverless java

  1. Serverless @vishwasnarayan5 Vishwas N Complexity
  2. About me I am a Podcaster : I love to talking to techies A Bibliophile Passionate about Image dataset - Computer Vision Now exploring Azure cloud
  3. Increasing Complexity
  4. So before get to know ● API and Rest API ● OPS ● TOPS ● Server Side Scripting ● How an API works? ● What is the function of the entire system that you want to implement as there are many services.
  5. Why serverless is more handy ● Scalability is inherent in serverless designs. ● Developers are only charged for the server space they utilise, which saves money. ● Code may be executed closer to the end user, reducing latency. ● It is feasible to deploy and upgrade software quickly. ● There is no need for server administration.
  6. Cons of the Serverless ● Testing and debugging become more difficult. ● Serverless computing raises new worries about security. ● Serverless architectures are not intended to support long- running operations. ● Performance may suffer as a result. ● The possibility of vendor lock-in exists.
  7. We all have a problem to solve?
  8. How to solve it?
  9. How to solve it?
  10. How to solve it?
  11. So let's just compare to the Cloud? ● Buying a plane is - IaaS/VM ● Renting a Plane is - PaaS ● Buying a plane ticket and flying is - Serverless
  12. So now why is it priced the way it is priced? So there are multiple reasons for it: The money is the number one factor.
  13. Choice of Language C#,java,javascript,python and powershell is also available..
  14. Java Azure Function ● It is entirely open source. ● First-rate interaction with Visual Studio Code and the CLI Trigger Python code from a variety of sources. ● Scale and cost for serverless computing ● Monitoring in real time using Azure Application Insights, ● Set up continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) with Travis CI, Azure DevOps, and other tools.
  15. Rich Intellisense and Easy Cloud Integration ● They are nothing but easy auto fills and deployment of the code. ● It's independent of the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that we are using. ● This is “Pro” of the Technology today.
  16. We need to do some installation prior on bare metal OS Visual Studio Code (all our demos happen with this only and sometimes visual studio community edition) : .NET Core 3.1 (LTS is what I prefer) :.NET Tutorial | Hello World in 10 minutes ( JDK install - Maven Package Install - The live channel that i would love you all to see: .NET Live TV | Live developer streams every day ( Azure Functions Core Tools: Work with Azure Functions Core Tools | Microsoft Docs
  17. We need to do some installation prior on bare metal OS If you are a beginner we will be doing the Python interpreter from the Nodejs from the And if you need any more you can do it.
  18. Some commands will still remain same relate to some projects or the software 1. func init 2. func new 3. func start 4. func deploy 5. func publish
  19. Some VS Code Shortcuts ● ctrl + ` - Command prompt in the VS Code ● Code . - For opening the VS Code ● ctrl+shift+P - Command Pallet
  20. So let's go and

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