Download and Install Joomla 2.5


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This presentation covers quick hands on workshop to download and setup Joomla on a demo server.

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  • Hi, I am Vishwash Gaur. Today, I am going to present a beginner series webinar on the topic of Component and Module development in Joomla 2.5
  • There would be an added benefit if you have downloaded, installed and used Joomla! a little bit in prior.In reducing the procedural code issues i.e. lack of code reusability, higher debugging time and more
  • Note: Joomla can automatically create a database as if an authorized MySQL user account details are provided here. It will take few extra seconds on this screen for the DB creation.
  • Download and Install Joomla 2.5

    1. 1. Vishwash Gaur © 2012 Vishwash Gaur. All rights reserved.All registered trademarks, logos, products and service names belong to their respective owners. Image Credit: Images used on this slide are for representative purposes only and belong to their respective owners.
    2. 2.  Basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and MySQL Interest in MVC and CMS frameworks to reduce development time A web server with PHP/MySQL installed on it NOTE: This presentation is focused for the beginners in Joomla! and would cover only a basic overview due to limited time. Further details can be discussed separately later.
    3. 3. How to download and installJoomla on your web server?
    4. 4.  Please go to Click on the below shown package on the page It would download a zip package to your local computer Unzip the package and place in the root or desired folder on web server Open the web server link for the Joomla! Package placed and follow on-screen instructions
    5. 5. Select languageand proceed tonext page
    6. 6. It checks ifyour servermeets theinstallationrequirements
    7. 7. Joomla! Licenseto accept andproceed ahead.
    8. 8. Joomla can automatically create adatabase as if an authorized MySQL useraccount details are provided here.
    9. 9.  That’s it – expecting more  Helpful for beginners Can setup a working website in few minutes For more details on content management, please visit
    10. 10.  I look forward to learn and share more with you in future too. I can be reached easily at my blog and/or using twitter @vishwashgaur
    11. 11.  XAMP: Joomla!: JED: Joomla! Forum: Joomla! Magazine: Joomla documentation: Joomla 2.5 essential training: Joomla! For beginners guide 2012: Joomla! Developers guide: