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OpenStack What's New in Essex


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Brief slides from the last SF OpenStack Mettup describing what was added in Essex to OpenStack Compute and new stuff being planned for the Folsom release.

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OpenStack What's New in Essex

  1. 1. Compute State of the Project Vishvananda Ishaya OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Introduction sili-corn valley
  4. 4. History of Nova (According To Vish)
  5. 5. History of Nova (According To Vish)
  6. 6. History of Nova (According To Vish)
  7. 7. History of Nova (According To Vish)
  8. 8. Nova Architechure
  9. 9. where are we now?Essex Status Vishvananda Ishaya OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead
  10. 10. Operational‣ Real Deployments ‣ Rackspace ‣ HP ‣ Sony‣ Stable‣ Offered in Ubuntu Precise LTS
  11. 11. Essex Features
  12. 12. where are we now?Essex Highlights Vishvananda Ishaya OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead
  13. 13. Keystone Integration‣ Shared User System
  14. 14. Role-based Access Control‣ Fine grained control
  15. 15. Openstack-Common‣ code sharing across projects
  16. 16. Hypervisor Feature Parity‣ Disk Config‣ Resize‣ File Injection
  17. 17. RPC Improvements‣ Lots of bugfixes‣ Qpid suport‣ Prep for ZeroMQ
  18. 18. Admin Extensions‣ Ported many nova-manage features‣ Documented extensions
  19. 19. Volume Endpoint‣ Prepares for Cinder‣ Documented at
  20. 20. Network Decoupling‣ Prepares for Quantum
  21. 21. Metadata Server Separation‣ Supports deployment‣ Optimized with caching
  22. 22. Floating Ip Pools‣ Internal and public natted ips
  23. 23. where are we going?Folsom Plan Vishvananda Ishaya OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead
  24. 24. Design Summit
  25. 25. Minimizing Scope
  26. 26. Block Storage Breakout‣ Separate Repository‣ Client Library‣ Existing Volume code stays‣ Drop in replacement‣ Migration plan
  27. 27. Network Breakout‣ Consistent Network API‣ Quantum intended suggested default for Folsom‣ Existing Network code will remain but not be actively developed
  28. 28. Stable Trunk‣ Feature Branches‣ Merge Windows
  29. 29. Metadata/Config Drive‣ More Data‣ Network Configuration
  30. 30. AWS Compatibility‣ Testing library‣ AWSOME proxy
  31. 31. Consistent CLIs‣ Common library‣ Plugins
  32. 32. Operational Support‣ Logging improvements‣ Administrative tools
  33. 33. Security Improvements‣ Remove DB access from compute‣ Secure Queues
  34. 34. Stability Improvements‣ Distributed state management
  35. 35. Scaling Improvements‣ Cells code‣ Host Aggregates
  36. 36. Migration‣ Versioned RPC apis‣ Graceful worker shutdown‣ More careful DB upgrades
  37. 37. Questions