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Design of hospitality program


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Design of hospitality program

  1. 1. Hospitality Programmes /Spousal Programmes or Special Events; Design of Hospitality Programmes
  2. 2. Hospitality Programmes /Spousal Programmes or Special Events • In earlier days the attendees of conference use the conference as an excuse to get away from the family. • Now they use conference as an excuse to take a mini vacation with their families. • The host facility that has services and amenities in a place to service the guest of the attendees in one step ahead of competitors. • The programs for the guest(s) of conference participants are commonly labelled hospitality programs or spousal programs. • It is designed to entertain guests of the conference attendees. • These programs ranges from having a very extensive itinerary that keeps participants continuously busy with entire time, to a program that just provide suggestions for individual activities.
  3. 3. • The host property that provides helps to meeting planner in developing the hospitality program will insure increased profit for themselves. • Hospitality programs increase the attendance at conferences. • This increase revenue for host property- guest will eat in restaurants, shops etc. • Hospitality programs have come along way from standard fashion shows, shopping spree or ladies luncheons designed for housewives accompany their husbands. • Today’s hospitality programs are more likely to be male than ever before and/or a professionals themselves. • Therefore, their wants and desires are different from those of past participants. • The addition of children as hospitality program participants is also another that must be addressed when planning the hospitality programs.
  4. 4. • Although the meeting planners and associations committees are ultimately responsible for planning the hospitality programs, the host property should play an integral part in the planning.
  5. 5. Design of Hospitality Programmes • History must be carefully reviewed before plans are made. • Previous year programs must be analyzed in order toil ascertain the groups likes and dislikes. • It is not a good idea to repeat the entire program, but some of the successful can be used in conjunction with new programs. • The meeting planners should survey in advance to determine the interest of the group in following areas: 1. Hobbies 2. Sports they enjoy 3. Ages of participants 4. Gender of participants.
  6. 6. • A list of the local sites and attractions as well as services also be included. • Upon reviewing the sites ,attractions and host property services ,the participants should be surveyed to determine weather or not there is interest in any suggested activities. • Once this information is compiled, the meeting planner in collaboration with the host property can plan a program that is tailor- made for the participants. • Then the host property ensure that the property is properly staffed for all the activities.
  7. 7. • When designing a program the meeting planners may make use of destination management companies as they provide onsite coordination and if any special events necessary for meeting planner, local contacts, provide excellent into unique qualities of area, are also work in liaison for developing hospitality programs. • Tour companies may also provide services for meeting planners or groups. • The actual design of the program from will vary from group to group and within the groups their programmes vary from year to year
  8. 8. Planned Social Activities for Hospitality Program • Tours • Plays • Concerts • Tournaments • Guest Speakers • Shopping Trips • Demonstrations • Cooking lesion • Craft Activities • Movies
  9. 9. • These activities are chosen based on the interest of group as well as the budget for the hospitality program. • These programs may finance by registration fees and by corporate sponsorship or the participants may the cost. • The care and feeding of the hospitality participants is another area of concentration with the hospitality program. • Another area that hospitality programs should address is children’s program. • Children’s program are designed to entertain the young guests of the program attendees during the critical times if agenda • These programmes can be elaborate as providing all-day activities ,in the form day camps as well as supervision during the evening functions or they can be or a simple trip to zoo.
  10. 10. • Programs can be fashioned to include both parents and children, or they can be designed to entertain the children while their parents attend other social functions. • Once the program is developed, it very important that the itinerary be marketed properly to assure adequate participation. • This usually entitles at least two mailing of the itinerary and various brochures describing the events to a potential program participants. • This broachers should have a detailed description about their amenities. • Marketing of the hospitality programs should be continue on-site once the guest arrives • This can be accomplished through posters in the lobby, broachers and itineraries being placed in the registration packets ,and fliers strategically placed throughout the host property
  11. 11. • If the host property have a television information system showing the conference agenda, the hospitality program itinerary should be included on the daily calendar. • Serving the hospitality programs requires careful attention. • You want the participants to feel comfortable, well cared for and anxious to return. • The primary goal of any hospitality programs is to ensure the well being of participants
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