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Creative thinking – training workshop


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Classify thinking Canalize thought
Process and thinking energies.

Input / emphasis on shift of focus of thinking from Material / financial / Mental/emotional/Informational / Intellectual / Psychological to Strategic/Power Related interdependencies And Energy / Harmony

Reprogrammed mind -
Value added. Enlightened ways of Looking at things - Issues / Situations.

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Creative thinking – training workshop

  1. 1. Creative Thinking Training - Workshop Er. Anup Bagla, MIE Engineer , Environment & Sustainability Professional Dr Kartikeyan, T.V, PhD Senior Scientist, DRDO
  2. 2. Outline and overview of the Workshop OBJECTIVE CONTENT / INPUT UTILITY TAKE HOME VALUE • Classify thinking • Canalize thought Process and thinking energies • Input / emphasis on shift of focus of thinking from Material / financial / Mental/emotional / Informational / Intellectual / Psychological to Strategic / Power Related interdependencies And Energy / Harmony Reprogrammed mind - Value added. Enlightened ways of Looking at things – Issues / Situations
  3. 3. Outline and overview of the Workshop • Problem SOLVING … by inspired thinking and coming out of routine mechanical thinking From mechanical & repetitive thinking …. preprogrammed by experiences, conditioning, understanding / misunderstanding to INSPIRED thinking & awareness development … (EXERCISES) Meeting day- to – day LIVE challenges with this expanded perspective / awareness & similar tools / techniques.
  4. 4. Outline and overview of the Workshop • Creative ideas from the realm of ever present bright consciousness / higher intelligences by proper tuning to the above i.e., subconscious …. based on Natural Principles / laws of universe. (THOUGHT-MENTAL UNIVERSE) Brain Storming vis-à-vis Brain-sailing i.e., sailing with the creative forces / energies of the nature … Creation. Methodology - exercises, case studies and illustrations. Keys to challenge - Interface. Operating from higher consciousness Realization of dimension of extra- terrestrial intelligence present in nature / existence. Proper listening, tuning & preparation of mental faculties can tap this. The above is the broad outline and overview of the training objectives, inputs and outputs …
  5. 5. Elaboration • Firstly, as we can see, the focus is on classifying thinking and moving from less important aspect of thinking in life to more important aspect of thinking by prioritizing and conserving energy by considering the comparatively higher or root cause of any situation by solving which all other aspects are automatically taken care of … • The next is coming out of routine / repetitive thinking and focusing on inspired thinking and thirdly a concept called Brain-Sailing, which I have introduced and defined as effortless process of opening the brain to creative ideas rather than somewhat effortful process of brain storming, which can be strenuous and stressful at times • Various methodologies and techniques are used for achieving the same as given above from illustrations, examples; case studies and exercises etc. (Still many others ways can be thought of like games, models-modeling etc.…) • Now we come to the course-content of the workshop … • Portions of the course content is taken and developed from Energo-Cybernetics Strategy (EKS) course developed by Wolfgang Mewes of Germany, which I have done at Baroda Productivity Council, Baroda in India by correspondence method
  6. 6. CONTENTS: • Introducing EKS … Basic concepts / (case study …. 1) (Introduction of Energo-Cybernetics Strategy Course as developed by Prof. Wolfgang Mewes of Germany …) • The basic premises states that we have to act as per the Energo-Cybernetics, which means focusing our strengths and the aptitudes or professional profile to the tension condition or need in the society / immediate environment and tuning our match or matching more and more so that our energies are sharply profiled against the needs and able to meet them in the society most efficiently without wasting our energies … • Key idea is matching our strengths (background, education, aptitudes, attitudes etc.) to the need in the immediate environment/society • 3- Coordinates of EKS … These are the three coordinates of EKS viz. • CONCENTRATION… / examples, illustrations, (case study …. 2) • VALUE OF SOCIALLY – ORIENTED – SPECIALIZATION…. / Examples, illustrations, (case study…3) • CONSEQUENCES OF INTROVERTED / EXTROVERTED BEHAVIOUR…. / Examples, illustrations, (case study…. 4) • These coordinates are the building blocks of the EKS natural principle
  7. 7. Other topics covered in the workshop are … • Locating the bottleneck in a particular situation or problem area in life or work • Cybernetic calculation for activities … prioritizing the activities as per the needs and importance in the given situation and moment of time • Marginal cost cooperation …. (Case study…5) deals with elemental cost aspects of each activity, sub activity and how to integrate them and cooperate in terms of resources – men, materials, machines/equipments, finance, Infrastructure and other inputs required for maximum optimization • Mental / Emotional (energy) work rationalization … This deals with psychological work to be done with each member of the team, individually and collectively • Individual challenges / issues … of an individual team member, which can be anything personal (including physical, mental, familial, professional etc.) • Guide to introspection / Insights (Practice of preparing the mind for meditation). • Creative Ideation practices … Intuition / Insights & tuning to infinite. • Practice of preparing the mind for creative visualization using techniques of meditation or concentration/expansion of mind… (NLP / Vipassana) Important Note on workshop: Practice oriented personalized attention / involvement must.
  8. 8. Philosophy behind the Course Content of the workshop and Natural Phenomenon for Learning / Education / Training • Uniqueness is the building criteria of life forms in Nature and natural phenomenon / manifestation … be it animal, mineral or vegetable kingdom … • There is a rhythm and natural growth in Nature. Each species grows as per its unique inherent / intrinsic nature, quality and characteristics. If we closely & keenly observe nature, there is cooperation in growth of life forms and also mutual support ~ and unfolding of its unique qualities as per individual seeds, if adequate nourishment and nurturing in terms of inputs of food, water, sunlight, fertilizers and catalysts are provided at the right time and place. • This is the philosophy or theory of growth, evolution and/or unfoldment – or in short Education … Perfection is the ultimate in this unfoldment or growth and the quality & characteristic of perfection is inherent in any seed. Right education is … to provide nurturing and supportive environment to students/people • As a great Indian & Vedic philosopher of Modern India remarked ‘Education is the unfolding of perfection already in man’ … individual nurturing is part & parcel of this process of education. Each person as seed form has to be given or provided individual/unique attention and input to allow his perfection to unfold. • …........................................................................................................................................ .........................................................................................................................................
  9. 9. Finally a Write-up / Note on Creative behavior personality traits (qualities …) • Generally creative behavior traits are thought of as: • Fluency • Flexibility • Originality • Elaboration…………………………………….. …….these are broad classification. • Some of the mental tendencies of a bright creative mind are: • High level of effective intelligence, applied intelligent imagination and openness to experience. • Very high sensitivity to feel, know, gauge and grasp human situations, energies in the neighborhood/atmosphere. The thought as energy wave is received, perceived, as it is, instantly as agreeable or un-agreeable, pleasant or unpleasant. Inimical/harmful and unfavorable wave energies tend to spontaneously disturb and lower/sink the life energy sapping and emptying it of life light (brilliant, bright light emitting goodness- feeling), by activating the downward motion/momentum. • The mind being highly sensitive with high power receiving antenna is vulnerable and subject to intense feelings....agitation and flux/flow of energies unless checked by strict discipline, understanding at the relational level, exposure to environment and people. • Aesthetic sensitivity towards beauty in all external things. • In course of interaction, they are free from crippling restraints and impoverishing inhibitions ---This freedom is essential which has to be cultivated, nurtured to remove unintelligent substance from life energy by overcoming erroneous thoughts and tiring / unhealthy thinking & feeling.
  10. 10. Creative Traits (Continued …) • Cognitive flexibility. • Independence in thought and action. • High level of creative, illuminated energy. • Unquestioning commitment to creative endeavors. • Unceasing striving for solutions to more and more difficult problems which he constantly sets for himself. • Creative people are lovers of nature, outdoors, rains etc. • Although they are just, honest and always look for justice, they do not get hurt if the circumstances are adverse. • They are courageous, treading unknown paths. They do not appreciate unnecessary or non-useful / stupid laws in social dealings. • They are independent in working without having any expectations or need for approval seeking, as their approval comes from inside, in proximity to spirit. They, generally, have a helping nature. • They love humor and are uncomplaining, accepting/adjusting with people / situations / circumstances as they are and also correcting which needs to be corrected. • Always, being doers, they do not always demand or are concerned with orderliness, organization. At the same time, they are self-disciplined with lot of energy and will. This aspect has to be regularly empowered. • As a natural outcome, they never play games to impress others for favors or promotion / raise. • …………………………………………………………………….
  11. 11. Final Word • Key words: Natural Laws/Principles, Creative Thinking - Creative mind traits, brain sailing vis-à-vis brain storming, Energo-Cybernetics Strategy (EKS)-course developed by Wolfgang Mewes of Germany, problem solving - thinking classification • Acknowledgements and references: • These Thoughts/Ideas are sourced from various sources as follows: • Professor and Consultant Wolfgang Mewes, Researcher & Developer of EKS Course (EKS - Cybernetic Strategy for Nature based Life and work Management) • Website reference: ( • My personal/professional experiences in 1980/90’s and post millennium • Nature’s observation and Intuition … • Books: • Dyer, Wayne, May 1976. Your Erroneous Zones. Funk & Wagnalls Co • Website reference ( • Levine, I.E. 1962. Inventive Wizard (Life / Biography of George Westinghouse), paperback edition. JULIAN MESSNER, INC Website reference digital publication: 2003-11-11 00:00:00 ( Note: Please respond at both E-mails: • Bagla Anup:; Dr. T.V.Kartikeyan: