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Skills & Hiring (Talk at DTE Event for Campus Placement Officers)


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On the realities of SME Hiring in Kerala, and how Startup Village is focused on improving status-quo.

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Skills & Hiring (Talk at DTE Event for Campus Placement Officers)

  1. 1. Skills & Hiring Vishnu Gopal
  2. 2. CTO, MobME.
  3. 3. Technology Mentor at Startup Village.
  4. 4. About me Technology guy. Initial engineer who worked on SlideShare. HCI from UCL, UK.
  5. 5. Let’s jump in.
  6. 6. Skills & Hiring
  7. 7. Skills noun. the ability to do something well. expertise.
  8. 8. Skills Different from acquired knowledge. Also not purely “experience”.
  9. 9. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. Gartner 2013.
  10. 10. Skills Expertise in “in memory analytics” is different from a degree in Computer Science.
  11. 11. Skills Skill development is also hard because of the increasing scale of technology inventions.
  12. 12. Computer Programming DevOps TDD Agile Design Patterns Functional Languages Premature optimisation Literate Programming
  13. 13. Skills Several of the programming skills were only refined in the last 10 years. How do you build expertise in it?
  14. 14. Skills What we need is a new framework to think about skills
  15. 15. Perpetual Beta Skills should be developed throughout one’s life. ! Not to be acquired once but constantly developed.
  16. 16. Skills A professional should think of himself as a startup. Constantly reinventing himself. Always learning.
  17. 17. Which of these should you learn?
  18. 18. Skills This is the same answer I give to startups. Pick something you are interested in. Pick something that has potential.
  19. 19. Skills But in life, things don’t go always as planned. So if that happens to you, pivot.
  20. 20. Btech HCI Tech Guy UX Guy (Persevere) (Pivot)
  21. 21. Btech HCI Tech Guy UX Guy (Persevere) (Pivot) Pivot happened here
  22. 22. Skills As a professional, think of lifelong learning through multiple changing careers. Pivot & persevere based on learning.
  23. 23. Skills <small break for questions>
  24. 24. Hiring MobME made 20Cr in top-line revenue last year. We started in 2005. We’re a 100+ person company.
  25. 25. Almost all great hires are through referrals. ! We’ve had some success in campus hiring, but it’s too much of cost. Direct Interviews Referrals Campus Hiring Remote Consultants Hiring Events
  26. 26. Direct Interviews Referrals Campus Hiring Remote Consultants Hiring Events 50+ 30+ <5 <5 <5 Getting great referrals is the secret sauce for us. ! To do that, we needed to build a great “company culture” ! MobME as a “cool place to work”.
  27. 27. Hiring It is very difficult to find skilled talent. Very difficult for people outside Kerala to adjust to life here.
  28. 28. Hiring Much, much better if we had local talent. People who could learn new skills well. But not there yet.
  29. 29. Hiring So with Startup Village, we’re doing something to make a difference.
  30. 30. College Bootcamps Grade Zero Entrepreneurs Funding & $$$ Startup Village has always been laser-focused on entrepreneurs.
  31. 31. College Bootcamps Grade Zero Entrepreneurs Funding & $$$ We’re investing 21Cr into building this ecosystem in 2015-16. Fab lab In cooperation with MIT Bits & Atoms Centre, a world-class Fab lab in SV.
  32. 32. College Bootcamps Grade Zero Entrepreneurs Funding & $$$ But we want to cater to people who miss this funnel too. Turn them into skilled professionals. Because the ecosystem will demand it.
  33. 33. Hiring We’re thinking of build a skill development product for students & professionals. Still in early alpha stage.
  34. 34. Hiring So do come talk to me about it :)
  35. 35. Skills & Hiring Finis. Questions?