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Re tailing your brand story


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Retail Success Strategy

Published in: Marketing
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Re tailing your brand story

  1. 1. Re-tailing your brand story Asia Retail Congress, February 14, 2014
  2. 2. Rural India Is a Rs 3,75,000 Crore market ! But! Spread across over 6,00,000 villages
  3. 3. And the general basic thoughts to succeed in rural markets are…
  4. 4. And what are the top 3 priorities to succeed in rural markets *Source – Accenture Consulting 1 2 3
  5. 5. Yes Distribution : is one of the key to success ConsumersStockiest RetailersWholesalersC&FManufacturer
  6. 6. However over the years this challenge would wither away Competition will catch up Increasing physical connectivity 1,28,000 Kms of rural roads built from (2005-2011) Technology Intervention Volume growth of product & Services
  7. 7. Ok agreed, you have done it all right  Last mile distribution  Consumer Awareness  Efficient Logistic Planning  Product Customization  Blah Blah Blah….. BUT… ?
  8. 8. Where is your brand ?
  9. 9. Is it lost somewhere in this brand tsunami ?
  10. 10. Do we expect that the consumer would find your brand/product here.. He can’t, because he doesn’t have full fledged access to pick the products inside the store
  11. 11. Lets refer the priorities once again 1 2 3 Are we underplaying the second priority ?
  12. 12. isn't it that your products though present in the consumer’s vicinity is at the mercy of the GATEKEEPER ….
  13. 13. Yes.. He is your re-tailer Remember him….remember THE GATEKEEPER
  14. 14. Yes.. He is your re-teller Look Closely
  15. 15. If we dwell into numbers 15m Retail outlets* *Technopak Analysis
  16. 16. If we dwell into numbers 6.3m Rural Retail* 8.6m Urban Retail* *RK Swami BBDO Market Guide
  17. 17. If we dwell into numbers 6.3m Rural Retail* *RK Swami BBDO Market Guide *2011 census o That’s ~ 10 shops per village in India o However the data is skewed towards larger villages
  18. 18. ConsumersStockiest RetailersWholesalersC&FManufacturer The retailer is the most crucial & important node in the value chain Because he enjoys tremendous trust amongst his customer as he interacts with them on a regular basis
  19. 19. Rural Retailers influence* up to 35% of purchase decisions 80-85% customers loyal* to one retail outlet for their daily shopping needs. Closely analyzing the retailer-customer relationship *South Asian Journal of Marketing & Management, Retailing in Rural India, Abhishek & Rajesh
  20. 20. Rural Retailers influence up to 35% of purchase decisions What if Your brand gets a portion of this in its favour?
  21. 21. Impression of the retailer in the mind of consumers However for the retailer to influence a consumer would depend upon two factors Motivation of the retailer to promote the brand &
  22. 22. Don’t Agree!
  23. 23. Which retailer’s recommendation would you consider for buying your next toothbrush?
  24. 24. So the larger question rests on how do we #educate the retailer #empower the retailer #equip the retailer The 3 E’s of rural retail success lets look at few case studies of marquee retail strategy…
  25. 25. “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes” - Peter F. Drucker THANKS