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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAEName : Vishalanand S. Dange ( )Position : Sr. Manager Technical (Process/Project/Operations)Nationality : IndiaQualifications : • 1995 – 1999 Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at Amaravati University Maharashtra State (Distinction) • Energy Auditor, National Productivity Council India (Distinction) • Post Graduate Diploma in Piping & Design Engineering (Distinction) • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (Distinction) • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive), IMT Ghaziabad (pursuing)Languages : English - (Hindi, Marathi– India)Date of Birth : June 15, 1977Status : Married (No children)Home address : C/o Shri T.M. Ingale Gajanan Housing Society, Khondoba Mal Bhosari Pune -411039(Maharashtra –India)Telephone : +91 9423838110 (Personal)Computer experiences: Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Project/ERP Aspen-plus, Chemcad, Hysis, ASME Sec-VIII, Agitator Design, HTRI Piping Design, Hydraulic calculations, HAZOP software.Training : Simulation software by CPC Hazop by Central Labor Institute India Heat Exchanger Design by Indian chemical council Packed Column Design by Indian Institute of Process Equipments Training by IICHE India 3L training by Bureau of energy efficiency IndiaKey Areas : Total experience combines –12 years a) Project engineering & Management (green field & brown field) --@ 500 Cr value on 9 sites across India. b) Process Engineering, Technical Services and Energy conservation.Field : Bulk Drug, Monomers, Polymers, Speciality chemicals, Petrochemicals such as alkyl phenols, phenol, Pharmaceuticals (Tablets, capsule, injection, WFI), Vaccines, Fermentation, Powder plant, API,
  2. 2. Awards : • Group Performance Award as a coordinator of the Group in 2002 by HAL • Group Performance Award as a coordinator of the Group in 2003 by HAL • Award for development of high performance specialised advanced polymer in 2009 by Solvay Specialties India Limited • Best chemical engineer Award in Bharuch District for the year 2009 by IICHE Ankleshwar (For development of online Molecular weight system for advanced polymers)Work experienceDec-2010 to Present SI Group India Limited, (Rasal Site/ Navi Mumbai) (formerly Schenectady-Herdillia Petrochemicals) an US MNC Technical head responsible for – 1) Day to day activities and planning 2) Co-ordinates all site activities such as technical, production, sourcing, dispatch, QA and engineering and HSE. 3) To improve on Yield and Energy for Nonyl phenol and dodecyl phenol 4) To carry out Kaizen for all process development activities 5) To do MOC and PAF for brown field and green field projects 6) To do the project management for all projects on site 7) To ensure safe and continues running of plant 8) To ensure smooth and safe production activities. 9) Maintaining housekeeping of the site 10) To carry out troubleshooting, Scale-up and process engineering activities 11) Capex and Revex management 12) Maintaining Best yield and lowest energy for NP and DDP.Dec-2007 to Dec-2010 Solvay Specialities India Pvt Limited (An European MNC) (Ankleshwar) Worked as process engineer (B) responsible for Projects and Process-- 1) Residual solvent removal less than 0.1 % for 180 MT/month for PES polymer. 2) Online molecular weight system for polymers for batch reactor. 3) Scale-up for n-Peek from 15 MT/month to 40 MT/month. 4) Carrying out Hazop study for all systems 5) Scale-up for DHDPS monomer 4000 MT/annum by batch process. 6) Design of Pilot plant for Polymers & monomers. 7) Design of unit operations using ASPEN & implementation. 8) Development of new products, Energy conservation. 9) Basic & Detail engineering for 300 MT/month DCDPS plant. 10) Capacity increase for DCDPS from 145 MT/month to 185 MT/month for batch process. 11) Kaizen & 5S for reducing waste & improvement of process.
  3. 3. 12) Erection and commissioning of 100 Cr n-Peek plant.August- 2005 to Dec- 2007 IDMC LIMITED, an EPC company from Anand, Gujarat (A Government of India Enterprise) (A Group company of National Dairy Development Board, engaged in the projects & detail engineering and turnkey projects in the field of Pharma & Bulk drugs, biotech, Food, Chemicals & Beverages, vaccines and Dairy.) Worked as Asst.Manager Project responsible for--- Process engineering, Detailing, Designing & managements of Projects (As per USFDA, CGmp standard) (Schedule M for pharmaceutical products, ICHQ7A for API & ASME BPE) 1) Intas Pharma Limited pharmaceutical plant at Dehradun- turnkey project. 2) Ranbaxy at Dewas CIP, SIP system costing about 10 cr. 3) DSM Anti-infective Limited, Roper Punjab Bulk drug plant for 6 APA & 7 ADCA. (Total Plant Cost 100 Cr) 4) Process engineering work for large-scale fermentation projects costing about 15 croer. 5) Divis Laboratories Limited, Vishakhapattanam, CIP, Process plant & Powder plant for chemicals costing about 35 croer (Total Plant Cost 75 Cr), 6) Bicon Limited 3.5 croer, Nirma Limited 8 croer. All Project work includes vendor development, detail engineering P& ID finalization, Designing Specification Equipment layout, piping layout, sizing, Erection & commissioning of equipments, Negotiation & order finalization, resource management and project cost management. Piping Design, various codes for pipes & pipe fitting, selection for particular duty. Equipment designs ASME SEC VIII Div I 2001, Heat exchanger design (TEMA), Selection of agitator, pumps, valves, steam trap. Design Of skid fermentor system P &ID, SOP, BOQ, installation & erection. Experience on simulation software ASPEN PLUS 2004.1 & HYSIS 3.5
  4. 4. Mar-2001 to Aug 2005 Hindustan Antibiotics Limited, a large-scale bulk drug (Fermentation), formulation, IVF Pune (A Government of India Enterprise) Worked as Assistant engineer chemical (Process and Project) 1) Basic engineering Package (P&ID, Material balance, Energy balance, Design) for the fermentation products such as Aureofungin, Phophomeal, Azetomeal, Humor & Vit-B12. 2) Design, Installation & commissioning of Aureofungin plant 2 croer. Scale-up studies for fermentation products such as Aureofungin, Phophomeal, Azetomeal, &Humor. 3) Detailing & Designing of WFI & clean steam for IVF costing about 10 croer. 4) Calculation for number of plates, material balance, energy balance, & specification for distillation column. 5) Designing of Scrubber & Heat exchanger (TEMA) Specification sheets for equipments. 6) Troubleshooting for Penicillin, Vitamin-B12, & other bulk drugs. 7) Utility Calculation of total plant costing about 5 croer/month Energy conservation activities for total plant (Process as well as Utility generation) 8) Calculation of heat of fermentation for Penicillin, Vit-B12 & others. 9) Daily utility analysis, generation, use and percent excess. 10) Data collection & analysis of data, performance monitoring from DCS & SCADA. 11) Preparation of utility norm product wise / plant wise 12) Commissioning and startup, Operating procedure, Process documentation 13) Use of Process simulation softwares such as CHEMCAD, CCTHERM, Process engineering for Penicillin, Vit-B12, WTP, DMW plant, Chiller, Boiler plant, Process plant.CAREER SYNOPSISVishalanand has more than 12 years of experience in Process Engineering, Project Management(Greenfield & brown field), and Technical Services and Energy conservation. Being involved in all areasof project management from conceptual design through construction to commissioning and hand-over.Also in the area of process engineering such as Basic engineering, Detail engineering, ProcessDevelopment, Scale-up Design & troubleshooting.Vishalanand studied chemical engineering and an accredited Energy Auditor by National productivitycouncil of government of India; he has completed post graduate diploma in piping design andengineering and also lean six sigma black belt.Vishalanand is married, resides in the India and communicates native language Hindi and is fluently inEnglish and also speaks local languages.Vishalanand has wide experience in different field such as, Bulk Drug, Monomers, Polymers, Specialitychemicals, Petrochemicals such as alkyl phenols, phenol, Pharmaceuticals (Tablets, capsule, injection,WFI), Vaccines, Fermentation, Powder plant, API