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Taylormade Solar Solutions (P) Ltd. Presentation

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  1. 1. “Solar Energy holds out Greatest promise to Mankind” Its Free, Healthy, Friendly, Inexhaustible, Nonpolluting, Green & Clean Sustainable Energy
  2. 2. Mission & Objective The primary objective is to provide Solar Thermal Parabolic Concentrators for various thermal applications using Scheffler technology as a competitive, non subsidized source of energy. Our strategy is to straddle multiple technology platforms and to drive scale to bring down the costs of the technology and make it affordable to consumers globally with Best Engineering Standards and safe working culture. Our team comprises experienced, highly-motivated and skilled personnel from various disciplines with Solar Thermal diverse backgrounds that blend into a common work ethos that fosters excellence and continuous growth. To maintain Highest Safety at work and at Erecting sites, with staff well trained in safe working / operating practices and use best PPE like Gloves, Fluorescent Jackets, Helmets, Goggles, Safety Shoes etc. following Best Engineering practices and Workmanship.
  3. 3. Company Profile: TSS Experience: Team TSS has more than 15 years experience in Scheffler technology and was involved in all prestigious projects in India. Experience in projects related to Solar Cooking (All types including frying), Solar AC (with VAM), Waste Water Evaporation, Thermic Fluid Heating for process application, Hot Water Applications (Direct & Indirect), Process Heat, Solar Crematorium, Incineration, Solar Drying and Solar Laundry. Manufacturing plant ISO 9001-2008: certified & approved by MNRE / GEDA and registered with NSIC, SSI, GEDA, MNRE
  4. 4. H.O & Contact Details: Head Office: 705 – Shapath II, Opp. Rajpath Club, S.G Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad-380054, Gujarat. Contact Details: Tel – 079-40040888 Fax– 079-40040666 Mobile - +91 97129 33390 E-mail – Website – Factory: C-1/ B-51, GIDC Pardi, Taluka Pardi, District – Valsad, Gujarat.
  5. 5. Offices and Service Centers all across India
  6. 6. Research, Design, Development & Promotion tie-ups with: .
  7. 7. Technology The Technology is about concentrating Solar radiation by automatically tracking the Sun and using the Thermal Energy for different applications: – Steam Generation – Direct Heating – Indirect Heating – Thermic fluid Heating We have two technologies – Scheffler Technology & Parabolic Moving focus technology. India is blessed by “SUN GOD”
  8. 8. Applications in Education, Hospitality and Hospital Sector & Municipal Corp.’s: •Solar Steam Cooking •Solar Thermic fluid cooking for all kinds of food •Solar Hot Water System for washing and bathing •Solar Laundry Applications •Steam for Sterilization of Equipments •Solar Incineration of Bio-Medical Waste •Solar Air-conditioning •Solar Crematorium •Solar Waste Management Facility for Municipal waste •Many more thermal applications
  9. 9. Industrial Applications •Waste Water / Desalination •Hot Water & Ind. Boiler Feed Water •Pressurized Hot Water •Thermic Fluid Heating Applications •Steam Generation for Process & VAM •Hot Water Generators for Various Applications •Indirect Heating Applications – Drying •Dish Cookers & Steam Cooking •Hybrid Cooking System for all cooking needs •Incineration and many more……..
  10. 10. Technology For Industrial Waste Water Reuse By using Parabolic concentrators The MEESE- Process • Waste Water evaporation, brackish, saline water & Effluents and consecutive condensation of the generated humidity. • Energy recovery by sophisticated design of the condensation–evaporation unit. • Required process energy is low temperature heat at 82°C (175 °F) A System Truly : Self Reliant, Self Sufficient and Sustainable !
  11. 11. Worlds First Solar Hybrid Cooking System for all cooking needs Several static concentrators of 32 M² reflecting / concentrating solar rays on one receiver each. The Thermic fluid is heated in receivers due to solar energy goes to Hot oil storage tank. The system is connected with Thermic Fluid Storage tanks and Hot oil pipelines that in turn are inter-connected with the boiler and cooking vessels for all your cooking needs. Applications in Gurudwara serving Langar, Residential Schools, Mid-Day Meal program, Military and Defense teams deployed in remote and urban areas, hotels, Jails, Institutions, Industries providing Canteen facilities to Employees, Temples and many more Catering to more than 200 to Several Thousands Persons daily.
  12. 12. Solar Steam Cooking System Several static concentrators reflecting / concentrating solar rays on one receiver each. The steam generated in receivers due to solar energy goes to header. The system is connected with feed water and steam pipelines that in turn are inter-connected with the boiler and cooking vessel system. Applications in Residential Schools, Mid-Day Meal program, Military and Defense teams deployed in remote and urban areas, hotels, Jails, Institutions, Industries providing Canteen facilities to Employees, Temples and many more Catering to more than 200 to Several Thousands Persons daily.
  13. 13. Hot Water Application By using Thermo siphon Technology. In Thermo Siphoning Technology, the water is fed through feed water line to the receiver which comes from the storage tank and the outlet of the receiver sends the water back to the storage tank (small systems) In Pressurized Hot Water applications the water is pumped by pressure so the phase change does not occur due to high temperatures. Applications in Space heating, Power Plants, Process industries, Boiler feed water etc… Unlike flat plate collectors, due to high temperature at the receiver, the thermo siphoning is much faster and there is no blockages in the tubes or freezing of water.
  14. 14. Hot Water Application The other technology, where Thermic Fluid (Indirect heating) is used as media, is more suitable where the temperatures are much lower and temperature difference between available water and desired water is higher. By proper insulation, the water can stay hot for longer time as thermic fluid can store energy. Applications in Hotels, Malls, Hostels, Jails, Non-commercial Establishments such as, Orphanages, Educational Institutions, Clubs, Religious places, Military and Paramilitary Forces at high Altitudes, Boiler feed water and Industrial process applications and many more…… Hot water with Thermo-siphoning
  15. 15. Solar Steam Sterilization in Hospitals
  16. 16. Solar Incineration With Advance Solar Concentrated Technology, now it is possible to achieve temperatures above 1000 0 C. – The parabolas concentrate the solar radiations in the combustion chamber. – Air is blown in the chamber, which keeps the temperature uniform through out the chamber – Any kind of Hazardous waste ranging from Bio to Chemical to municipal can be incinerated in the chamber. Applications in Municipal Corporations for Municipal Solid Waste, Remote villages facing Solid waste problems, Hospitals, Military and Paramilitary forces for incinerating Human & Kitchen waste, Common Effluent Treatment Plants, Process plants and all the Industries generating Hazardous Liquid or Solid waste.
  17. 17. Solar Air Conditioning and Cold Storage Systems Heating and Cooling constitutes almost 50% of our energy needs. Centralized solar air conditioning and heating systems powered by solar system can substantially reduce the cost of energy bill. Applications in Malls, Corporate Houses, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Dairies, Government Offices, Process application in Industries where cooling is required and Cold Storages.
  18. 18. How Does It Work? In this system water itself works as a refrigerant and lithium bromide salt solution as an absorbent. Hot water of 90 0 C or PHW / Steam of 110 to 160 0 C temperature is generated using the parabolic systems. This hot water / steam is supplied to traditional VAM system VAM system generates chilled water /air which can be distributed to various parts of the Building / Process / Cold Rooms as per the requirement of the End User.
  19. 19. Principle of Working for Single stage VAM
  20. 20. Solar Small Parabolic Cookers Very Small and Portable SK-14 Dishes Capacity: 10-12 Persons (5 liters Cooker) SK-40 Community Dish Cooker up to 50 Persons (35 Ltr. Cooker) SK-10 Dishes, Capacity: 6 - 8 Persons (3 liters Cooker) Enables User to Cook, Bake, Fry etc. Applications in Rural Families who use traditional Mud Stoves, uses Fire- wood, Cow-dung and Crop residue etc. Residential schools, mid-day meal program, Military & Defense teams deployed in remote and urban areas, Small Canteen facilities to Employees, and many more Catering up to 50 persons daily. Creatively designed Solar Cookers Available in 3 models:
  21. 21. Solar Direct Cooking System Enables you to cook in the comfort of the Kitchen One dish can cook for approx. 50 to 100 persons per day Enables frying, cooking, baking and making chapattis also. Applications in Residential schools, Mid-Day Meal program, Military and Defense teams deployed in Remote and Urban areas alike, Hotels, Institutions, Industries providing Canteen facilities to employees, Temples and many more catering to less than 200 persons daily.
  22. 22. Solar Drying Systems Drying of Agriculture and Industrial products requires consistent hot air to remove moisture. With concentrated solar energy systems, drying can be much faster than sun-drying and more cost effective than conventional fossil fuels. Large scale projects for both Agricultural and Industrial applications are possible.
  23. 23. Solar Space Heating: Solar Space Heating is a very useful application for an area with low climate temperature and very good sun radiation (Ideal for higher altitudes) The concentrators heat up the Thermic fluid in the system. Heat exchangers are used to transfer the heat of Thermic fluid to the air and heated air is used for the space heating. Even Thermic fluid can be circulated through radiators. It keeps the room temp constant in winter in cold areas. It saves fuel for heating.
  24. 24. Solar Process Heat For Various Applications We understand various applications, which requires energy in different forms by different industries, including Tourism, Education, Hospitality Defence sectors and hence different Taylor Made Solar solutions can be integrated with any existing convectional thermal systems. Energy required in forms of Hot air, Thermic Fluid, Steam or pressurized hot water (Direct or Indirect) for any application. Applications can be in any Thermal Application.
  25. 25. Hybrid Applications: With Solar Steam Cooking Application it is possible to have Solar Hot Water System & Solar Laundry for washing and Ironing clothes. With Solar A.C you can also have Solar Space heating and hot water With Thermic fluid heating application you can have Solar Frying / Cooking, Space heating and Solar Hot Water application (best for High altitude and sub zero temp. regions) Similarly many Hybrid applications are possible…..
  26. 26. Subsidy, Depreciation & CDM MNRE gives subsidy on all Solar Thermal Parabolic Applications @ Rs. 5400.00 / M² or 30% which ever is lower. All renewable applications attract 80% accelerated depreciation benefits (First Year) which has a direct Income tax gain of more than 30% on tax which is a direct saving. End user can also avail CDM Benefits on big projects or bundle renewable projects. Benefits can be availed for continuous 10 years.
  27. 27. ROI With MNRE Subsidy, Depreciation benefits & CDM, all Solar Thermal applications by TSS has a very attractive paybacks. Generally the paybacks for any solar thermal application using: Liquid Fuels: Less than 2 Years Gas Fuel : Less than 3 Years Solid Fuel : Less than 4-6 Years Agro Waste : Less than 5-8 Years The payback varies according to the Location (DNI), Fuel used and Application.
  28. 28. Advantages of Solar Thermal Applications: No use of traditional and polluting source of energy. No recurring transportation problems for energy needs. No running cost. Very Low Maintenance Cost Very Clean and Hygienic Environment Huge Fuel Savings
  29. 29. Benefits with TSS: By reducing Fuel Consumption & implementing Solar Thermal applications, TSS can help in maintaining a top (Gold Standard) ranking in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index or CSR. Help to create value on all the three dimensions: People, Planet and Profit. Help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to great extent per year over the years Help in increasing Eco-Efficiency, Eco- Effectiveness & Sustainable Production.
  30. 30. Take a Step towards Free, Healthy, Friendly, Inexhaustible, Nonpolluting, Green & Clean Sustainable Energy And Join hands to Combat Climate Change & Global Warming
  31. 31. Thank You !!! TAYLORMADE SOLAR SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. H.O: 705 – Shapath II, Opp. Rajpath Club, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 380054 Dharmendra Gor - CMD Tel No.: 91-79-40040888 Cell: 91-97129 33390 Website: Email: