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"LEADING Change" delivered at ANC 2014, AIESEC India (based on the SWITCH framework by Dan & Chip Heath)

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  • Activity wrap up + FUN ‘(do activity again… hide eggs…)
  • Video: LEAD (boy pushing tree…)
  • Stories (questions/ interactive)Current things you want to changeIndividual levelTeam levelPortfolio/ LC level
  • We’re all trying to change things at different levels
  • Good news
  • Unconscious  ConsciousYou are doing some of this.. But I want to help bring it up to the conscious level.. Break it all down so you see what goes on behind the scenes..Language + Framework  Change
  • For anything to change…
  • As an influence..
  • But before that… storyExplain35,000 units @ $50… 2 years.. No marketingSuccess shows our Built in schizophreniaPart of us… gets up at 5am and go for a jogAnother part.. Warm, comfy, snoozeNormally.. Rational side will lose, clocky helps that win
  • Conflict, tension…
  • Rider – seems like the leader – but smallElephant – six tonIf they disagree, guess who’ll normally win?Experienced any such moments?
  • Sleeping in
  • overeating
  • Dialing ex at midight
  • Quit smoking .. fail
  • Angry..
  • Conflict, tension…
  • To change = appeal to bothRider = planning + directionEleph = energy + driveIf you appeal to your team’s…Riders > Elephants = understanding plan – motivationElephants > Riders = motivation – directionFor change – they both need to move together
  • Let’s understand the 2 main characters in this story….Elephant – has its weaknesses… emotional, instinctiveQuick pay off (ice cream/ choc) vs long term pay off (being fit)Change often fails because rider cant keep the elephant on the road long enough to reach destination..Strenghts- capacity for love, compassion, sympathy,,For change – gives the energy and drive
  • Rider’s strength = think long term, beyond immediate gratificationWeakness = over analysis… indecisive… gets stuck in the same place
  • As an influence..
  • Change is easier when you know where you’re going and why it’s worth it. Destination postcards
  • 1st step – driving to a new destination…Enter destination
  • Ok, maybe there is a plan.. But how clear and compelling is it?
  • Explain storyboard
  • Draw + Share
  • Disney story
  • Investigate what’s working and clone it.
  • Default tendency – what’s the problem and how can I fix it?Imagine parent… kid’s report card..
  • Story…Times when I’ve been fit.. What did I do well…Others around me who got fit.. What did they do?
  • As a leader, how is your Time spent…
  • Don’t think big picture, think in terms of specific behaviors.
  • Ambiguity.. Confusion..decision paralysis(confused face/ frustration)
  • Fail.
  • Win.
  • Hands off LD doesn’t work in a change situation.. Hardest part is in the precise detailsAmbiguity is the enemy
  • GlobAl financial crisis
  • Knowing vs. DoingPeople understand what’s good, what’s not (Eg. Smokers..) but gap between knowing and doing
  • Most change situations… leaders focus on strategy, systems, structure… To change behaviour – speak to people’s feelings…See the problems in a way that influence emotions, not just thought
  • Heart..etc.. Emotions…Knowing something isn’t enough to cause change. Make people feel something.
  • SONA @ ANC … how was it?What did you think/ feel?
  • Shrink.. Make smaller..Break down the change until it no longer spooks the Ele- phant.
  • Coffee loyalty card 2
  • What’s the difference…?You are closer than you thought…Sense of progress = critical (because elephant is easily demoralised)Remind people what’s already been achieved…
  • Find themAcknowledge themMake them visibleAA – one day at a timeTable Tennis – we can do this, one point @ a time (AI office)Meaningful (right direction) + Within immediate reachDon’t raise the bar, lower it…Quick winsEngineer early success = engineering hopeStart the day with a small, quick winFear of speaking = ask a question in smaller group, bigger group, host small session, bigger session
  • Any given sunday
  • With each step, elephant is feeling the changeFeeling hope + optimismFear  confidence
  • Superman pictureCultivate a sense of identity and instill the growth mind- set.
  • Cultivate a sense of identity and instill the growth mind- set.
  • In times of change we need to remind ourself that our brains and abilities are like muscles… they can be strengthened with practice.Motivation comes from feeling.. But also from confidence!Elephant has to believe it is capable of conquering the change.
  • When you lose, don’t lose the lesson
  • 1960s, senior VP at IBM made a decision that ended up losing the co. $10 million. CEO at the time called him to his office.CEO: Do you know why I’ve asked you here.“I assume I’m here so you can fire me”CEO (looked surprised): Fire you? Of course not. I just spent $10 educating you!
  • Put alert/ danger sign
  • Direct rider.. Motivate elephant… As you keep trying to make a switch/ lead change… the rider will always have the burden of keeping the elephant in control…Let’s make things easier…Remove obstacles.. Put clear signs…How can I set up an environment and situations that bring out the best in my people?
  • Video: Fun TheoryHow do you get more people to take the stairs?  Piano
  • When the situation changes, the behavior changes. So change the situation. Think about all the situations around in our environment… which have been tweaked..Smaller plates/ bowls = portion controlLeaving gym clothes ready night before..
  • Traffic lights…
  • ATMs… you have to remove it before you get cash
  • Amazon (launched in India) – famous “one-click-ordering”Encouraging right behaviours.. Making it easier
  • Story --- Office set up: Leaders – screen … vs. moving + couchQuiet hours in the air and in office10,000 hour ruleTuesday – Friday: 9am to Lunch = Quiet hours (leave notes on desk etc)
  • Habits = powerful thing -- When behavior is habitual, it’s “free”—it doesn’t tax the Rider. Look for ways to encourage habits. You’ve consciously or unconsciously already built habitsEg. Meetings (if they start late or with small talk.. That’s now the norm…)Build habits that serve the mission
  • Action triggers = instant habitsPreloading a decisionImagining time and place when you;ll do itGet your team to set action triggers… every time I come into office, I will immediately…(Example – today on my flight I would… Sunday on my flight I will…Tomorrow after dropping …. I will…
  • Eg. The reception checklist ( I had this in my place for my trainees… pre – arrival, on arrival, post arrival…. I even had one for this conference…The company checklist
  • Behavior is contagious. Help it spread.
  • Unfamiliar situations (fancy table… new organisation.. Think about you at Lcong…)
  • Video: LEAD (boy pushing tree…)
  • Eg. Obesity (you change your idea of what is an acceptable body by looking at others around you…) drinking..What you see others around you do.. You feel that is acceptable behaviour (Think about it within AIESEC itself…)Being LATE for sessions… Everyone in my room is sleeping..Everyone is still outside or at dinner… (we follow those cues)Eg. LCPs/ Ebs …. Others will follow… we will learn what is acceptable behaviour…
  • Story – connecting all elements - (AI)
  • The significance of organisational culture… how do you manage, lead and motivate such a big team.. Especially a team that if often spread across the world…The famous PRIORITIES systemClear, online…Tweaked environmentBuilding habitsHighlight the positive behavioursRallying herd (oh, others are all done, I am not)
  • AI priority systemThe significance of organisational culture… how do you manage, lead and motivate such a big team.. Especially a team that if often spread across the world…The famous PRIORITIES systemClear, online…Tweaked environmentBuilding habitsHighlight the positive behavioursRallying herd (oh, others are all done, I am not)
  • A single step doesn’t guarantee long journey…
  • Smth you’ve done has worked/ is working..Your team is moving..
  • Keep looking for bright stops & reinforcing themDon’t focus on problems..It was great that you did X .. Publicly praise positive behaviourHey, awesome, now do 1 more rep.
  • ANC 2014 Output__LEADING Change__AIESEC India

    1. 1. Activity: Blindfolded Egg Walk (EB  Team Leaders  Members)
    2. 2. Video: “Lead India” 8prk
    4. 4. What change are you trying to lead?
    5. 5. CHANGE… Individual Team Organizational Societal
    6. 6. 25%. Check done.
    7. 7. Increased Awareness
    8. 8. Change = 1 thing in common
    9. 9. Someone has to start behaving differently.
    10. 10. Can you get people to start behaving in a new way?
    11. 11. Change = resist vs. embrace ?
    12. 12. Change = easy vs. hard ?
    13. 13. Change = Common Pattern
    14. 14. As a Leader, you need 3 things to influence change…
    15. 15. “Clocky”
    16. 16. Rational vs. Emotional
    17. 17. Tension!
    18. 18. Slept in?
    19. 19. Over-eaten?
    20. 20. Texting/ calling an ex?
    21. 21. Quit smoking? Fail?
    22. 22. Anger?
    23. 23. Rational vs. Emotional
    24. 24. Rider & Elephant
    25. 25. The Elephant
    26. 26. The Rider
    27. 27. One more thing about change…
    28. 28. What seems like a person problem is sometimes a situation problem!
    29. 29. As a Leader, you need 3 things to influence change…
    30. 30. Successful Change… Clear Direction Right Motivation Supportive Environment
    31. 31. Successful Change… Direct the Rider Motivate the Elephant Shape the Path
    32. 32. Successful Change… Direct the Rider Motivate the Elephant Shape the Path
    33. 33. 1] Direct The Rider
    34. 34. A. Clear Destination
    35. 35. Quiz: What’s the first thing you need to do when driving to a new destination?
    36. 36. The GPS
    37. 37. The Storyboard
    38. 38. LC ________ 2014 1… 2… 3…
    39. 39. B. Find Bright Spots
    40. 40. Problem-focus
    41. 41. Solution-focus
    42. 42. What’s working and how can we do more of it?
    43. 43. Getting fit!
    44. 44. Solving problems vs. Scaling Successes
    45. 45. C. Script Critical Moves
    46. 46. Choose a jam (6 vs. 24)
    47. 47. Decision Paralysis
    48. 48. Obesity in the USA
    49. 49. Eat healthier
    50. 50. Critical move = 1% Milk
    51. 51. “I’ll set the vision & stay out of the details...”
    52. 52. No new expenses
    53. 53. 1] Direct the Rider Point to a Clear Destination Find the Bright Spots Script the Critical Moves
    54. 54. Successful Change… Direct the Rider Motivate the Elephant Shape the Path
    55. 55. 2] The Elephant
    56. 56. “Only if they understood…”
    57. 57. “To change behaviour, speak to people’s feelings”
    58. 58. A. Find the Feeling
    59. 59. SONAaaaaaahhhhh
    60. 60. B. Shrink the Change
    61. 61. Loyalty cards
    62. 62. Sense of progress
    63. 63. Small, Meaningful Wins
    64. 64. Video: “Any given Sunday” Dkk
    65. 65. Hope = Elephant fuel
    66. 66. C. Grow your people
    67. 67. Identity
    68. 68. “I aspire to be the kind of person who would make this change”
    69. 69. Subway = sandwich artists
    70. 70. Disneyland = performers
    71. 71. Fixed vs. Growth mindset
    72. 72. We will struggle, we will fail, we will be knocked down… but throughout, we’ll get better, and we’ll succeed in the end.
    73. 73. The Project Curve
    74. 74. Failure vs. Learning
    75. 75. Am I fired?
    76. 76. 2] Motivate the Elephant Find the Feeling Shrink the Change Grow your People
    77. 77. Successful Change… Direct the Rider Motivate the Elephant Shape the Path
    78. 78. Behaviour alert!
    79. 79. What looks like a person problem is often a… situation problem
    80. 80. 3] Shape the Path
    81. 81. Video: Piano stairs vs. Escalators Pyw
    82. 82. A. Tweak Environment
    83. 83. Traffic lights
    84. 84. ATMs
    85. 85. Amazon
    86. 86. Office design
    87. 87. B. Build Habits
    88. 88. “Action triggers”
    89. 89. Piggyback habits
    90. 90. Checklists
    91. 91. C. Rally the Herd
    92. 92. Unfamiliar situations
    93. 93. Video: “Lead India” 8prk
    94. 94. Behaviour is contagious
    95. 95. 3] Shape the Path Tweak the Environment Build Habits Rally the Herd
    96. 96. AIESEC International
    97. 97. A long journey starts with a single step, but…
    98. 98. A single step isn’t enough to keep the change going…
    99. 99. Recognize + Celebrate 1st step
    100. 100. Reinforcing positive behaviours
    101. 101. Change isn’t an event; Change is a process.
    102. 102. There’s no one moment when a child learns to walk; there’s a process.
    103. 103. There’s no one moment when your team…
    104. 104. Snowball effect
    105. 105. BIG changes start with small steps
    106. 106. Every situation is different, but the pattern is the same!
    107. 107. CHANGE follows a PATTERN
    108. 108. Successful Change… Clear Direction Right Motivation Supportive Environment
    109. 109. Successful Change… Direct the Rider Motivate the Elephant Shape the Path
    110. 110. Go on… LEAD the change!
    111. 111. Acknowledgeme nt: “SWITCH” framework by Dan & Chip Heath