Gamifying Enterprise e-Commerce Applications


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Gamifying Enterprise e-Commerce Applications

This is based on real time e Commerce Application - which is live and using Gamifications Process in various part in functionalists , process and other part of these application.

Marksman can help to - Gamify your e Commerce business ...

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Gamifying Enterprise e-Commerce Applications

  1. 1. Vishal Bisht Gamifying Enterprise e-Commerce Applications Does it work?
  2. 2. © marksman™ | 2013 Agenda  What is Gamificaion  Why Gamification  Gamification in e Commerce  Best Practices & Success Stories  Conclusion
  3. 3. © marksman™ | 2013 What is Gamificaion Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics is a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems. wikipedia
  4. 4. © marksman™ | 2013 What is Gamificaion Gamification and game apply the exciting , productive , addictive aspects of game play to non game activities.
  5. 5. © marksman™ | 2013 Why Gamificaion  Gamification focuses on activities that are self motivated and generate intrinsic rewards, which are a renewable resource.  Extrinsic rewards(cash offers, discounts) may work in the short term but are difficult to sustain unless aligned with intrinsic rewards.
  6. 6. © marksman™ | 2013 Why Gamificaion  By 2014 more than 70 % of Global 2000 organization will have at least one gamified application.  By 2014, 80 % of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives , primarily due to poor design. Gartner Inc
  7. 7. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamificaion in e Commerce Goal of eCommerce Visits Converts in to Sales
  8. 8. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamificaion in e Commerce
  9. 9. © marksman™ | 2013 The Magic of Games  "Games are unnecessary obstacles that we volunteer to tackle" Bernard Suits  "Games are work we volunteer for" Jane McGonigal  "A game is a problem-solving activity, approached with a playful attitude" Jesse Schell
  10. 10. © marksman™ | 2013 Motivation Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits , controls , and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. Wikipedia
  11. 11. © marksman™ | 2013 More Motivation Theory Intrinsic Rewards (self motivation) Create tasks Flexible thinking Thoughtful solutions Extrinsic Rewards (carrot/stick) Prescriptive tasks Rote tasks Work faster
  12. 12. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamification Principles Drive user rewards and incentives where  User feel invested  User have long term goals  Content and activity are rewards in and themselves
  13. 13. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamification Principles Creating Intrinsic Rewards  Satisfying the work with meaningful rewards  The experience or hope of being successful  Stronger social connectivity  Meaning to be a pat of something larger than ourselves
  14. 14. © marksman™ | 2013 Game Mechanics & Elements  Points , Badges and Leaderboard  Avatars  Status  Progress Bars / Levels  Achievements  Rewards - Tangible / Intangible
  15. 15. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamification Design Framework
  16. 16. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamification Design Framework  Define business objectives  Delineate target behaviors  Describe your players  Devise activity loops  Don't forget the fun  Deploy the appropriate tools
  17. 17. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamification and Loyalty  Gamification provides a framework for designing your user experience to increase loyalty  It allows user to link their online experiences together and work towards a goal
  18. 18. © marksman™ | 2013 Traditional Loyalty Programs  Based on repeat purchases  Relies on extrinsic rewards  Modifies user behavior but not intent
  19. 19. © marksman™ | 2013 The future of loyalty is Social  Create a meaningful relationship between you answer your customer - between purchases  Influence behavior and create intent
  20. 20. © marksman™ | 2013 Convert Visitors in to Leader Visitor Contributor Leader  Visit & Write Reviews POINTS X  Visit & Write Reviews  Answers - Questions POINTS X+  Visit & Write Reviews  Answers – Questions  Share (Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin.. etc) POINTS X++
  21. 21. © marksman™ | 2013 What does Gamification Deliver - Deepens Engagement - Create Loyalty - Increases Revenue
  22. 22. © marksman™ | 2013 What does Gamification Deliver - Content Volume - Content Quality - Social Sharing
  23. 23. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories eBay Case 1 Gamify : Competitive Bidding and Feedback System
  24. 24. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 1 Ownership & Possession - The power of eBay is that buying items on eBay isn‟t just a “purchase” - If you were to just think of creating an ecommerce store, it‟s not necessarily intuitive to have a competitive bidding system, real-time feedback, and stars for leveling up that eBay introduced. Development & Accomplishment - but when you buy something on eBay, you felt that you WON! Even though you might have paid 10% more compared to what you initially wanted to pay, you felt that you beat the other bastards who were bidding against you, sealing your victory.
  25. 25. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories Linkedin Case 2 Gamify : Personalization
  26. 26. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 2 For LinkedIn, its product is only as good as the quality of the data that its members upload. So to encourage users to maintain accurate profiles it gives you a different status based on the amount of data you‟ve included. This is obviously only a small feature, but it‟s one that could be implemented on ecommerce sites to encourage customers to part with more personal data.
  27. 27. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories Nike Case 3 Gamify : Winter’s Angry Campaign
  28. 28. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 3 Decent example of how a brand can use an online game to drive awareness of its new product range. Back in 2011 Nike created an online game in which players had to help athletes stay warm while they trained outside in the cold. A leaderboard tracked the highest scores in the „Winter‟s Angry‟ campaign as entrants competed for a trip to meet one of the athletes.
  29. 29. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories Teleflora www. Case 4 Gamify : Engagement Platform
  30. 30. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 4 US florist Teleflora gamifies its entire store and offering points for actions including user reviews, comments, answering other customer queries and posting on Facebook. There are additional points on offer if you are the first person to review a product or answer a question in the user Q&A section. As a result of its social program, referral traffic from Facebook increased by 105% and there was a 10-fold increase in the number of pictures and videos being uploaded. Most importantly though, Teleflora‟s conversion rate improved by 92%.
  31. 31. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories Zappos www. Case 5 Gamify : Culture and Customer Service
  32. 32. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 5 At Zappos, the world‟s largest online shoe store, company culture and core values are believed to be the keys to its phenomenal success. An integral part of this philosophy is the belief that individuals that have fun on the job tend to be more creative and productive. Also, that work and play are actually intertwined. Based on these beliefs, activities that seem unrelated to work actually build excellent working relationships. This “culture of play” at Zappos has proven to work in getting people to unite and stay together in pursuit of a common goal, especially when they are encouraged to laugh and go beyond superficial tasks. Zappos customers feel the fun in the culture of the company, and buying items or dealing with customer service become a joyful ride instead of a senseless grind.
  33. 33. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories Woot www. Case 6 Gamify : Daily Deal System
  34. 34. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 6 Unpredictability & Curiosity, as well as Scarcity & Impatience The online retailer, Woot offers only one initial product per day in limited quantities at a special sale price. A new product will be offered only after the supply of the first product has been exhausted, or by 12:00 AM Central Time. Each day people will wait for the next product to be introduced, often at the midnight hour. Since each product is limited and unknown beforehand, there are a combination of factors which influence the site‟s shoppers.
  35. 35. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories Jillian Michaels Case 7 Gamify : Workout Plans
  36. 36. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 7 Fitness guru Jillian Michaels gamifies her workout plans by awarding badges to users who stay on track and complete their goals. As we all know, fitness plans tend to start with gusto and peter out within a couple of weeks, which is bad news for a business that relies on people staying the course.
  37. 37. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories Dropbox Case 8 Gamify : Engagement Platform
  38. 38. © marksman™ | 2013 Best Practices & Success Stories OutcomeCase 8 Cloud storage supplier Dropbox has included an element of gamification in its platform by offering additional storage space if users complete certain tasks. A free account gives you access to 2GB of storage, but you can earn an extra 250MB just by taking a tour of Dropbox‟s services. There‟s also 125MB up for grabs for connecting your account to either Twitter or Facebook, following Dropbox on Twitter or leaving feedback. But the biggest rewards are reserved for referring friends – 500MB for each referral up to a maximum of 16GB.
  39. 39. © marksman™ | 2013 Conclusion Increasing conversion rates on our eCommerce websites is the ultimate goal. Gamification is a rather unique way of doing this, The idea is that by adding gaming elements to the sales process, such as small challenges and rewards, you can increase customer loyalty and advocacy. As in every game or competition, the participants have to be motivated by a worthwhile reward. It‟s also true that the greater the reward, the more you can ask people to do to earn the reward. marksman - Can help to Gamify your e Commerce Business
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  41. 41. © marksman™ | 2013 Gamify your e Commerce Business With marksman
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