Review on the movie dances with wolves


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Review on the movie dances with wolves

  1. 1. Review on the movie Dances with Wolves This movie is about an American army lieutenant and hisjourney from an American to becoming a Lakota Indian. Thename of the lieutenant is john j. Dunbar. He is a very brave andgenerous man. This quality of john can be observed many timesin movie. His bravery can known in the start of the movie when healone went to the base of enemy, with a horse only and thisbrings an inspiration to his fellow soldier. This brings aninspiration to the victory to American army. As a reward for the bravery his general gives him a horseand asks him to choose a place for a posting. At this momentthe bravery of john j. Dunbar can be again observed when hechose a frontier posting, where there is a dispute between local 1
  2. 2. people (Lakota Indian) and American army. His senior officermakes fun of him when he heard of his desire to go frontier.But he still stays on his desire. We can see his determinationtowards the work. After arriving to the base he sees no man at the place. Buthe still decides to leave there. He not only stays there but alsocleans the base and makes it a livable place. He also started tomake the notation of his observation about the place. He alsomakes a friend who is a wolf. He named him as two socks.One day a Lakota Indian come to the base3 of American. Johanhide himself behind bush. But when the Lakota Indian try tosteal his horse Johan get out of his hiding place and go near tothe Lakota Indian. This make the Indian very frightened andthey ran away. This is the first encounter of John with a LakotaIndian and is not seems to be very impressive. After some day john decides to go on patrols and this isthe turning point of the movie. He finds a Lakota Indian womanwho was injured. John decides to bring her to the village ofLakota Indian. This shows john is a philanthropist and braveperson. John decides to go in the village of person who mightkill him. But he doesn’t fear to go in the village and as expectedthe villages don’t welcome him. John handover’s the women tothe villagers. The villagers try to attack him, but one of themstops them to do this. This shows if we help someone it can 2
  3. 3. change their mindset about us even if they are our enemy. Thiscreates a good impression of Johan in the Lakota Indians. Sothey decide to meet him. After some days Lakota Indians come to the base of Johanto meet him. They try to communicate with each other, butthey could understand only one word “buffalo” at this part ofmovie john create a good relationship with Lakota Indian. Nextday Lakota Indian brings fur of buffalo for john and john alsoinvites them to coffee. John creates a good bond with theLakota Indians specially the kicking bird. The Lakota Indians also invite john to their village which isthe most important part of the movie. This made the relationbetween the villagers and john stronger. John spends a lot oftime with the Lakota Indians and also learns their language.One day the Lakota Indians saw him playing with the wolf sothey give him the name “dances with wolves”. One day while sleeping at the night john hear sound ofbuffalo heard passing. He informs that to the Lakota Indiansand also participates with them to hunt them down. During thishe also saves life of boy. This increases the respect of john inthe Lakota Indians. He also marries with a woman called as“stands with a fist” whose life he saved with earlier. After few days because danger from other tribe called“Pawnee” and increasing influence of American the Lakota 3
  4. 4. Indian decide to more their village to other place. At this part ofmovie we can see the loyalty of john when he also decides togo with villagers of Lakota Indians. But then he remembers about his journal in which he hasnoted all the observation about the place and Lakota Indian. Hereturns to the base of American. But at this time he saw thereare more soldiers at the base. Because of his Lakota Indiandress they attack him. They kill his horse and capture him. Theyask him about the Lakota Indian but john doesn’t tell themanything. This shows the honesty and affection of john towardLakota Indians. Americans decide to transport him to other base and tohang him. But then Lakota Indian comes to rescue him and theykill all the Americans. They bring john again to the tribe. John tells his friend that the American will try to find andkill them all. So for the safety of everybody he says that he willleave the tribe with his wife. After few days john and his wifeleave the tribe for the safety of everyone. But after 13 year theAmerican find the Lakota Indian and kill them all. Written by: Vishal Narvekar (bfm,123) 4