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PVPSIT/50/PROJ/ECE/                                              09/12/2012ToThe DirectorResearch Center ImaratVigyanakanc...
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Pro letter


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Pro letter

  1. 1. PVPSIT/50/PROJ/ECE/ 09/12/2012ToThe DirectorResearch Center ImaratVigyanakancha PostHyderabadSir, Sub: Permission to 2nd Year M.Tech student to do Project work in your esteemed organization - Reg. PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Sponsored by Siddhartha Academy ofGeneral & Technical Education, Vijayawada-10, is established in 1998 to impartTechnical Knowledge at B.Tech degree level to the students. The student of our college will be completing his M.Tech course in October2013. In his 2nd year M.Tech in Microwave & Communication Engineering, he has todo the project work as a part of the M.Tech program. He has to start his project workfrom December 2012 and should be finished by October 2013. I shall be grateful to youif you can kindly give permission and provide facilities to complete his project worksuccessfully in your organization. I propose to depute the following student working under the guidance ofMs.T.Sushma Asst. Professor in Electronics& Communication Engineering Departmentto your reputed organization for his project work. 1. Badiga Siva Rama Krishna I promise that our student will follow the regulations of your organization.There is no financial commitment on your Organization during this period and all theexpenses will be borne buy the student. Your Organization will not be responsible forany injury, accident to our student during his project work. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Dr. P. Rajesh Kumar) Prof. & H.O.D. Dept. of E.C.E.