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Profile of one of the best growing market research company in Indian subcontinent

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Profile-Visha Consultants

  1. 1. Visha Consultants ® MR company in Indian sub continent… … the companies trusts Let us introduce ourselves to services we offer. >>
  2. 2. >> << Consultancy Provided by Visha Consultants : Visha Consultants is an independent India based consultancy specializing in market research surveying. It has extensive experience of implementing and managing quantitative and qualitative market research projects within various industries and international sectors. The consultancy offers a range of services from identifying market research requirements, devising a suitable programme, through to project implementation and reporting findings.
  3. 3. >> << We are consultancy based in the Indian sub-continent and pride ourselves on offering affordable but quality research services. We also work on complex international market research projects. We guarantee that all of our market research projects receive the close personal attention of a Senior Market Research Executive and are undertaken according to the strict rules and standards
  4. 4. >> << The Offer: Market Research Surveys Advice -> Identifying your individual market research requirements and devising a suitable programme. We will be able to advise you on the best solution for your needs, whether it be quantitative market research , qualitative market research or a combination of both.
  5. 5. >> << Market Research Services -> After ascertaining your market research needs, Visha Consultants will be able to help with project design, implementation, management and analysis. This may include services such as desk research, questionnaire or topic guide design, depth interviews, group discussions or telephone interviews.
  6. 6. >> << Market Research Resource -> In addition, from time to time you may require extra resource for your market research survey projects - we would be happy to offer our services to work within your market research team. We are flexible in the way that we work, for your market research, you might require a full service approach or you may require a resource for a particular aspect of your market research project - whichever we will be happy to tailor our service accordingly.
  7. 7. >> << Our Services: Market Research Services -> Visha Consultants to operate in a flexible way. For your market research you might require a full service approach i.e. including the initial proposal through to fieldwork and the delivery of the results. Or you may need resource for a particular aspect of the market research project. Whichever, our market research company will be happy to fit in with your individual requirements.
  8. 8. >> << Market Research Services -> Outlined below are the services offered by our market research company - all of which are carried out according to the strict rules and standards of the Market Research Society
  9. 9. >> << Research Design Helping and advising on a suitable market research package package that fits your individual requirements. We will work with you to identify and put in place a programme of market research that will provide the answers to your business needs. Whatever your market research budget, our company will be able to advise on a suitable way forward that will produce actionable and meaningful results.
  10. 10. >> << Research Design -> Initial market research advice and help is free of charge and we would be more than happy to submit a detailed market research proposal for your reference
  11. 11. >> << Project Management -> For your market research our company will take care of the design of the project e.g. questionnaire design, topic guide design etc, the management and implementation of the project - making sure that your market research project runs smoothly, to plan and also adheres to the standards of the Market Research Society. In addition, as well as carrying out the fieldwork, we will manage the detailed analysis and interpretation of the market research findings.
  12. 12. >> << Desk Research -> At Visha Consultants we believe that desk research is an important part of the market research process and is something that is neglected by many market research company. Often agencies will focus purely on primary data (i.e. original/first hand market research) which does run the risk of limiting the effectiveness of the market research.
  13. 13. >> << Desk Research -> At Visha Consultants, we feel that before undertaking any market research project, we should at least ask the question what existing research is already out there? You’d be surprised how much information and market research data is already available, it’s just a matter of finding it! Desk research or secondary research is therefore something that our market research company can help with.
  14. 14. >> << Market Research Depth Interviews -> We have many years experience of conducting in-depth market research face to face or telephone interviews with consumers or businesses. The in-depth interview is a one-to-one qualitative market research technique. It is used in both business to business and consumer market places to help understand opinions and perceptions.
  15. 15. >> << Market Research Depth Interviews -> The interview is un-structured, open in nature and allows the market researcher (or executive interviewer) to explore issues in detail. The depth interview is often an initial part of the research process that allows the researcher to understand issues in depth before moving onto quantif- -ication. Our market research company is able to carry out the recruitment and conducting of depth interviews.
  16. 16. >> << Market Research Group Discussions or Focus Groups -> The market research group discussion or focus group is another qualitative market research technique carried out with consumers or businesses. Again, they are open ended in nature and help market research clients understand opinions, perceptions, generate ideas or gauge reactions to concepts.Groups normally include between 5 and 8 respondents and a research moderator who carefully leads the discussion.
  17. 17. >> << Market Research Group Discussions or Focus Groups -> If you are looking to conduct either mini or full group discussions with consumers or businesses, our market research company will be able to help with the recruitment, conducting the actual groups, analysis and offering meaningful and actionable market research results.
  18. 18. >> << Market Research Questionnaire and Topic Guide Design -> To carry out many market research projects a questionnaire or topic/discussion guide is required. Designing these research tools is a key market research skill - far too often people assume that producing a questi- -onnaire is simple and straightforward, but it is not. Careful attention should be paid to things such as the language used,
  19. 19. >> << Market Research Questionnaire and Topic Guide Design -> communicating the meaning of questions precisely, keeping question specific i.e. not asking two questions in one and not being ambiguous. Our market research company will ensure that a suitable research tool is used to meet your objectives.
  20. 20. >> << Telephone and Face to Face Market Research Interviews -> Through our strategic partnership with Feedback Market Research (a fieldwork market Research company ) we are able to offer a team of market research telephone intervi- -ewers, with CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) facilities. We also have access to a national network of trained interviewers who are able to handle all types of face-to -face interviews, including: street interviews, in-home interviews, door to door and hall testing.
  21. 21. >> << Virtual Assistant & Administrative Support Many entrepreneurs and small business owners feel as though they are in a Catch 22. In order to grow your client base, or even keep up with current requirements, you need time; time that you most likely don’t have. However, you may feel that until you grow your business, you can not afford to outsource those projects that take so much of your precious time. My opinion is-- at the very least, it is costing you time and money not to delegate some of these duties. Time that you spend on paperwork, information gathering, typing, list maintenance, etc., is lost opportunity to market, network, grow your business and increase profits. Visha Consultants can give you back this priceless time, so you can concentrate on what brings you joy. Partnering with Visha Consultants will put the reins of your business back into your hands.
  22. 22. >> << Save your valuable time for growing your business or nurturing your family. Visha’s Virtual Services is a team of professional virtual assistants ready to help you. We offer a wide variety of technical, clerical, and organizational services to help you meet the demands of your busy life. Using a Virtual Assistant means that projects are assigned and completed without the additional costs normally associated with employees, such as advertising costs, tax and NI, expensive space and equipment, training, holiday pay or agency fees. We are efficient, effective, flexible, convenient and good value for money - everything you've always wanted from your secretarial / administrative staff. In short, we are well qualified to assist you in managing many different aspects of your hectic life. Virtual Assistant & Administrative Support
  23. 23. >> << We are able to provide the following services, on an occasional, one-off, or regular basis. No job is too small:- Word / text processing - letters, manuscripts, reports, dissertation, theses, labels, etc. Research & Database Generation Desk Top Publishing - letterheads, newsletters, flyers, certificates, etc Data Entry & Processing Proof reading / Copy Editing - all types of material CV packages Mailshots / Bulk mailing PowerPoint presentations If the service in which you are interested is not on the list above, please ask as we may well be able to assist. Virtual Assistant & Administrative Support
  24. 24. >> << Internet Market Research -> With more and more people using the World- Wide-Web every day, internet market research is increasingly becoming a more popular methodology for projects. The method is cost effective and relatively easily allows access to large sample sizes. If you wish and if appropriate, Visha Consultants will be happy to help out with an internet market research company survey.
  25. 25. >> << Market Research Company Analysis -> Once we’ve conducted your market research fieldwork, the data will need to be analysed. There are various methods that can be adopted to do this depending on whether your market research project is qualitative, quantitative or both. For quantitative market research we are able to utilise various statistical packages that enable us to produce detailed market research data tabulations …
  26. 26. >> << Market Research Company Analysis -> these allow in-depth integration of the market research data. For qualitative market research, summary transcripts of all interviews or group discussions are produced - analysis is then conducted using these market research summaries.
  27. 27. >> << Reporting Market Research Company Findings -> After the market research analysis comes the reporting. At our market research company we produce clear, succinct, action-oriented market research reports and presentations ones that are not left on the shelf! You might want us to produce a market research report in Microsoft word format or a Powerpoint presentation whichever, we will fit in with your needs.
  28. 28. >> << Qualitative Market Research Methods -> Market Research is a systematic, objective collection and analysis of data about a particular target market, competition, and/or environment. It always incorporates some form of data collection whether it be secondary research (often referred to as desk research) or primary market research which is collected direct from a respondent.
  29. 29. >> << Qualitative Market Research Methods -> The purpose of any market research project is to achieve an increased understanding of the subject matter. With markets throughout the world becoming increasingly more competitive, market research is now on the agenda of many organizations, whether they be large or small. Market Research is either quantitative (e.g. structured street surveys), qualitative (e.g. market research focus group ), or a combination of both.
  30. 30. >> << Qualitative Market Research Methods -> Qualitative and quantitative market research methods each provide different insights into customer behavior. Normally, research results are more useful when the two methods are combined. Qualitative market research (e.g. market research focus group ) provides an understanding of how or why things are as they are. For example, a Market Researcher may stop a consumer who has purchased a particular type of bread and ask him or her why that type of bread was chosen.
  31. 31. >> << Qualitative Market Research Methods -> Unlike quantitative research there are no fixed set of questions but, instead, a topic guide (or discussion guide) is used to explore various issues in-depth. The discu- -ssion between the interviewer (or moderator) and the respondent is largely determined by the respondents' own thoughts and feelings.
  32. 32. >> << Qualitative Market Research Methods -> There are various types of qualitative market research methodologies. Research of this sort is mostly done face-to-face. One of the best-known techniques is the market research focus group discussion (or focus group). These are usually made up of 6 to 8 targeted respondents, a research moderator whose role is to ask the required questions, draw out answers, and encourage discussion, and an observation area usually behind one way mirrors, and video and/or audio taping facilities.
  33. 33. >> << Qualitative Market Research Methods -> A series of market research focus groups are usually conduct ed together - usually around 4-6 per project. In addition, qualitative market research can also be conducted on a ‘one on one’ basis i.e. an in-depth market research interview with a trained executive interviewer and one respondent, a paired depth (two respondents), a triad (three respondents) and a mini group discussion (4-5 respondents).
  34. 34. >> << The various types of qualitative market research methodologies are summarized below -> Market Research Depth Interviews: a single respondent is interviewed based on various themes and topics (can be conducted either face to face or via the phone). Market Research Paired Depths : the same as a depth interview but there are two respondents. Particularly useful when ideas need to be 'bounced off' one another.
  35. 35. >> << Triads : conducted with three respondents. Market Research Mini-Focus Groups : contains 4-5 respondents. Market Research Focus Groups or Group Discussions : normally contain 8 respondents. With groups you benefit from the interaction between the different personalities.
  36. 36. >> << Market Research Observation : observing a respondent in their 'natural' environment. Workshops : To elicit new ideas and to evaluate ideas.
  37. 37. home << To catch us: T 91 11 2237 8587 [email_address]