3D Holography


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3D Hologrophy, how it works a better PPT for academic seminors.

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3D Holography

  1. 1. Introduction The holography The technology behind holography The holographic imaging Spectral imaging Projected imaging Custom imaging How 3-D hologram create & done Holographic versatile discs(HVD) Applications The holo wonders conclusion
  2. 2. Now a days we have so many techniques for tele communication to communicate with others. That are telephone, tele conference(video conference),tele immersion, virtual reality,3D-halography.And also we have a technique named by tele portation. But tele portation needs most advanced technology like quantum computers and e tc. In those tele phone is widely used technique. Tele conference is used by the higher authority of officers. Tele immersion, virtual reality is going to be used in special cases. But the three- dimensional holography is separate from all of the above techniques. Using this advanced technology we con see any person or thing in front of us in our room, using high definition holographic projector.
  3. 3. Unlike photography or painting, holography can render a subject with complete dimensional fidelity. A hologram creates everything your eyes see -- depth, size, shape, texture, and relative position – from many points of view. In fact, the term "hologram" was coined from the Greek words holos, meaning "whole," and gramma, meaning "message." Holography is a three-dimensional imaging technique. It uses laser light to record the patterns of light waves reflected from an object onto the emulsion of light sensitive film (or glass plates). When that film is developed, and re-exposed to laser light (or normal incandescent light like most holograms today), it re-creates -- in space -- all the points of light that originally came from the object. The resulting image, either behind or in front of the holographic film, has all the dimensions of the original object and looks so real that you are tempted to reach out and touch it -- only to find nothing there but focused light.
  4. 4. “Mujan I liner system” is a new technology. It will projects moments and image of a person where we want to place. Through this technology an image generates a transference screen and it will appears as three- dimensional image by setting that are exit in the backside of transference screen. Now there is no need to journey from one place to another place. By using this technology we will give the live presentation where ever from this place. We can use this technology in education, entertainment, media, business etc. It will available within four years in the market. It will have done only one person in different to appear on live.
  5. 5. A unique presentation system that projects moving, 3-dimensional images of people onto a small theatrical stage that is set with real objects, artifacts, or client products. A 6-12 minute show-stopping theatrical production. Spectral Imagery is a presentation system that can project a 3-dimensional image of your company's spokesperson -- real or fictional -- in thin air onto a small stage set with props or real life objects. From that vantage point, this magical illusion can walk around and tell your story to fascinated audiences.
  6. 6. Specially prepared video images that are projected onto transparent screens of glass or Plexiglas to achieve holography-like special effects. Logos and products can appear to move and float in space.
  7. 7. Special-commission large-format holograms for use in trade shows & conventions, and corporate lobby displays. Mind-boggling images jump off the film as viewers try to touch them, only to find nothing there but focused light. Custom-image holograms help to meet the corporate marketing objectives of our clients. We work closely with our clients to design and develop imagery that is memorable, with high visual impact. The applications range from holograms used to attract customers and prospect at trade shows to mass produced images included in publications and specialty advertising products
  8. 8. The 3D interference pattern of light scattered by an object and a reference laser beam can be etched volumetrically. In brighter regions of the interference pattern, mobile charge carriers — electrons (-) and 'holes' (+) left by departed electrons — are generated and the more mobile holes drift into the darker regions.
  9. 9. There are several hurdles that have been holding holographic storage back from the realm of mass consumption, including price and complexity. Until now, the systems have required a cost-prohibitive level of precision in manufacturing. But recent changes have made the holographic versatile disc (HVD) developed by Optware a viable option for consumers.
  10. 10. 1. 3-D hologram is most useful in business applications. 2. It gives the best results military uses like aircraft wings. 3. The use of holograms to locate and retrieve information without knowing its address in a storage medium, but by knowing some of its content. 4. The Air Force Scientific Research Office has taken the wraps off a research project that uses holography to create high-definition, 3-D images. 5. Supermarket scanners read the bar codes on merchandise for the store's computer by using a holographic lens system to direct laser light onto the product labels during checkout. 6. Imagine being able to record 100 movies on a disk the size of a CD - or one day recording the contents of the Library of Congress on such a disk. These are the promises of holographic data storage.
  11. 11. 1.Through this technology the pop singer Madonna has danced in gramee awards without her involvement. That means the life size hologram of Madonna was presented in gramee awards.
  12. 12. 1.In world football awards programme (fifa) a player named by Mister Woo was appeared as three persons at a unique time. 2.First time in the world the fashion show without models was done in Newyork in this fashion show the dresses of male and female were only cat walked by the holo magic. 3.In a press meet the football player David Beckhom was appeared in holo form to expose the details of “London Olympics 2012”.
  13. 13. The holography rapidly changes our daily lives. With this technology there is no need to phone call. Simply we call a particular person and invite to the virtual room And we can talk with him as direct. More number of people will be interactive with one another in an small conference hall. Even it give the this type of advantages, we don’t have the perfect PC’s which full fill the requirements of this technology , and also it needs INTERNET2(WWW2).