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StratosHear Star Plus Case Study


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StratosHear Star Plus Case Study

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StratosHear Star Plus Case Study

  1. 1. StratosHear Stop Yelling... Start Whispering. A Revolutionary Audio Ad Medium. Innovative campaign gets additional eyeballs for Star-studded reality show When Star Plus wanted to create a buzz among the masses for its new, star-studded reality show, it went in for a new audio advertising medium to generate a high level of excitement. This is the first time ever that the company tried out a new audio medium to reach out to its mass market audience by attracting the undivided attention of the consumer. Campaign Objective and Strategy Star Plus wanted the right build-up for the show, ‘Music Ka Maha Muqqabla’, just before the show was aired. StratosHear's innovative audio Ad Ring Back Tone (AdRBT) on mobile phones cut through the clutter of multiple advertisements that swamp consumers, ensuring that the brand message did not get lost. The challenge was not only to generate a high level of excitement for the new show but also to initiate a word of mouth propagation of the brand message. The campaign consisted of six creatives by well-known artists (such as Mika Singh, Himesh Reshamiya, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan ) with a catchy background tune. A consumer making a mobile phone call to an AdRBT subscriber got to hear one out of six jingles of the show. The length of the jingles was kept at 12 seconds, ensuring that the brand message went across in the average time taken by the called party to respond. AdRBT Fundamentals Calling Plays an Ad on Ring Back Tone Isha Amit AdRBT Subscriber Calling Party AdRBT is simple yet effective. Let’s consider Isha, a mobile user, who subscribes to AdRBT. As a subscriber, she is allowing ad messages to replace her normal ring back tone. This means that while Amit is waiting for Isha to answer his call, he will hear your brand message.
  2. 2. StratosHear Precise Targeting and Deep Penetration StratosHear provided regional targeting to Star Plus. The campaign covered Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The AdRBT campaign also reached out to consumers by day of the week, running on two successive weekends (18-20 Dec ’09 and 25-26 Dec ’09). The Right Impact StratosHear's AdRBT platform succeeded in providing: VIRAL EFFECT: Callers heard the jingle when single-mindedly focused on the call. Since well-known artists like Shankar Mahadevan and Himesh Reshammiya had recorded the message, they struck a chord with the listeners and became a talking point once the call was answered, adding to the campaign’s success. EXTENSIVE REACH: The message reached a vast audience in high audio quality, thanks to the nature of the AdRBT medium and the deep penetration of mobile phones in the country. DELIVERY ASSURANCE: The monitoring system reduced spillover to zero by ensuring that the message was delivered to the right consumer at the right time. Campaign Performance Campaign Start Date 18-Dec-09 Campaign End Date 26-Dec-09 Total Ad Impressions Delivered 8 Lakhs plus Average Call Pickup Time 16.1 seconds Publisher-Client Summary StratosHear ( is a fast-growing new age technology & media venture providing turnkey media solutions for brands and mobile operators/publishers using state-of-the-art technology. A growing number of global, regional and local brands are using StratosHear media solutions to spread their messages from metros to rural areas. Star Plus is India’s leading general entertainment TV channel, part of the Star TV network. Contact Us You can reach StratosHear by email ( ) or send SMS (your name, company name ) to +91 9971486796