StratosHear Action Shoes Case Study


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StratosHear Action Shoes Case Study

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StratosHear Action Shoes Case Study

  1. 1. StratosHear Stop Yelling... Start Whispering. A Revolutionary Audio Ad Medium. Marketing Innovation puts the Action back in School Time What does an already established brand, which everybody seems to have grown up with, need to retain top-of-the- mind brand recall in the mass consumer market? The immediate answer is an anytime-anywhere medium which captures undivided attention for the brand message. StratosHear AdRBT was the medium that enabled Action Shoes to do just that! Campaign Objective and Strategy Action Shoes’ objective was to create top-of-the-mind recall of the School Time brand for the back-to-school sale season. The company, which, till now, had limited itself to traditional advertising wanted to strengthen its brand recall by attracting the undivided attention of the consumer. The medium used was StratosHear's innovative audio Ad Ring Back Tone (AdRBT) on mobile phones to ensure that the brand message did not get lost in the clutter of multiple advertisements that swamp consumers today. The challenge was not only to generate a high level of attention from the audience but also to initiate a word of mouth propagation of the brand message. A consumer making a mobile phone call to an AdRBT subscriber got to hear the popular School Time jingle till the called person responded. The advertiser was encouraged to keep the jingle short – 10 to 12 seconds – so that the brand message went across in the average time taken by the called party to respond to a call. Amit calls Isha Isha Amit (AdRBT subscriber) (calling party) Amit Listens to Brand Jingle Ad on Ring Back Tone
  2. 2. StratosHear Precise Targeting and Deep Penetration StratosHear offered flexibility to Action Shoes to target consumers by region. The School Time campaign was launched in Karnataka, a key market for Action Shoes. The message was heard by callers from Karnataka who called AdRBT subscribers anywhere in India. Given the success in Karnataka, the focus then shifted to Delhi and Mumbai, two metros where the company wanted to drive penetration. StratosHear's AdRBT was Action Shoes’ first foray into new-age media. The novelty factor of the new medium proved to be effective as the company believes it connected to people who were not covered earlier. The strategy allowed Action Shoes to focus on one territory at a time, thereby increasing the campaign's return on investment. The Right Impact StratosHear's AdRBT platform succeeded in providing: HIGH BRAND RECALL: Callers heard the jingle when single-mindedly focused on the call. EXTENSIVE REACH: The message reached a vast audience in high audio quality. DELIVERY ASSURANCE: The monitoring system ensured accurate message delivery. Campaign Start Date 20-July-09 Campaign End Date 31-Aug-09 Total Ad Impressions Delivered 84,000 Average Call Pickup Time 15.7 seconds Client Feedback Action Shoes feels the campaign succeeded in providing a high brand recall. “We were urgently looking for a medium which can reach out to remote parts of the country where conventional media reach is limited. StratosHear's AdRBT was the solution we were looking for. An impulse-driven, high-reach medium bundled with high retention makes StratosHear a platform of choice for audio-based advertising," said Naresh Agarwal, Founding Member, Action Group. "The feedback from the retailers has been very good and brand recall stands at a very good level," said Abhishek Parashar, head of marketing, Action Group. Publisher-Client Summary StratosHear ( is a fast-growing new age media & technology venture providing media solutions for brands & mobile operators/publishers using state-of-the-art technology. A growing number of global, regional & local brands are using StratosHear media solutions to spread their messages from metros to rural areas. Action Group (, which has over three decades of experience in the footwear industry, is synonymous with quality shoes for the whole family-ranging from casuals to formals. Contact Us You can reach StratosHear by email ( ) or send SMS (your name, company name ) to +91 9971486796