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  1. 1. ForewordHi!I want to start by saying THANK YOU for subscribing to UpgradeReality and for yourawesome support.This ebook contains 117 tips that you can use to improve your life. The topics coveredherein are rather broad and this ebook serves more as an inspiration and motivation toenjoy life than anything else. If youre looking for practical advice how to overcomeobstacles, achieve happiness and gain success, you should get my premium UpgradeReality guide.For those of you who do not know me so well, my name is Diggy. I started my personaldevelopment journey 6 years ago after wanting to improve my social skills (specifically Iwanted to get better with girls).The last few years have been a tremendous learning experience for me and I want toshare with you what Ive learned.Ive realized that every single person can do so much more than what they think they can.We are all so far from reaching our full potential and yet we settle for the way things areright now.I still have a lot to learn and I am not some guru that can turn your life around for you inan instant. However, I do believe that I have quite a bit of wisdom and experience that Ican share with you, and together we can grow, inspire and motivate each other to liveour lives to the fullest and achieve whatever we set our minds to.For many years I was incredibly shy, experienced anxiety in social situations and I couldnever get dates (let alone a girlfriend). I worked hard to improve this area of my life, andthe hard work paid off because now I easily make friends wherever I go and have noproblem getting dates.Currently Im facing the dilemma of earning money because I want to do it in a way thatallows me to work on my own terms (my own time, my own location and about my owntopics of choice). Ive been working at this for the last two years and just like I overcamemy shyness through consistent effort, Ill achieve my goal of earning a steady income thatwill easily cover my expenses. Im currently earning $1000 per month from my websitesas of 2011.
  2. 2. It may not be easy to get to where you want to be and it will take dedication, hard workand persistence. Fortunately, nobody said you need to reach your goals by tomorrow orby next week. Lets take it one day at a time and one step at a time.You are free to share this ebook with anybody you want. In fact, I encourage you to shareit with your friends, family and colleagues. If you really think it is super awesome thenyou can even put it up on your website or blog.My only conditions are that the content and links herein remain unaltered and in theiroriginal state and that you do not sell this ebook (It is a free resource).That being said, letme not distract you any longer with my thoughts and rants.Enjoy my tips and have a wonderful day!Diggy - Author of you want to learn even more about me you can do so here)*Disclaimer: I am not a heath expert or qualified nutritionist. The tips and advice contained in this ebookare for educational purposes only. Theyre purely my opinion and my experience and may not bebeneficial for you. Please check with a qualified health expert or life coach if you want to make anysevere changes to your health or exercise regime.*
  3. 3. Table of Contents• Foreword• Three Ways To Take Control Of Your Life Right Now• Fifteen Ways To Boost Your Creativity• Six Simple Steps To A More Efficient Day• Eight Tips For Living Healthy With Ease• Fifteen Ways To Cheer You Up When You Feel Down• Twenty Three Creative Ways To Make Extra Money• Fourteen Sweet Tips For Making A Good First Impression• Thirty Three Beautiful Reasons Why Life Is Awesome• Parting Words
  4. 4. 3 Ways To Take Control Of Your Life Right NowYou and I both have dreams and goals that wed like to achieve. Unfortunately we donttake enough action on a daily basis to make progress towards achieving those goals (if weeven take action at all).Let me give you a personal example. One of my goals is to have 10,000 subscribedreaders to my blog and have it make $5,000 per month in profit.Sometimes I find myself thinking “I’d love to have 10,000 readers for my blog”, but then Iask myself if I am doing everything I can to achieve that goal. Am I writing enough? Am Icollaborating enough? Am I creating enough? The answer is usually ‘No’.It is very possible to stop waiting for life to throw the things you are looking for in yourlap and to take control. You “make your own luck” so to speak.Here are 3 simple ways that you can use to take control of your life to shape it to the waythat you want it to be:1-) Determine The Things You Arent Happy With Usually there are lots of little things (and possibly a few big things) in your life that youare not happy with right now. It could be anything ranging from your weight to your jobto your relationship.Ive been in the same situation of being unhappy, yet half the time I didn’t even knowwhat exactly I was unhappy with. I knew that there were things that bothered me but Inever took the time to pinpoint the exact trouble spots and come up with a plan of actionto improve those areas of my life.I suggest that you take some time RIGHT NOW to sit down with a notepad and writedown all the areas of your life that you are not happy with.
  5. 5. For example:• Are you happy with your job?• Are you happy with your finances?• Are you happy with your health?• Are you happy with you friends?• Are you happy with your partner? Then decide what kind of results you want in those areas and determine what steps ofaction you need to take to get your results. This will give you a nice list of things that youcan actively go out and start working on to improve.2-) What Is Standing Between You And Your Goal?Now that you have identified areas in your life that you are not happy with anddetermined goals or levels that you want to achieve, you need to figure out what isstanding in the way between where you are right now and where you want to be.Ask yourself the question “If only…” and fill in the missing details. • “If only I would sit down and write this article” • “If only I went to the gym 30 minutes a day” • “If only I spent an hour a day learning French”By completing the ‘If only’ question, you get the answer to what is standing between youand your goal. Once you have that answer, just do it.The only way that you are going to get closer to your goals and eventually reach them isby taking action. You have to make things happen!3-) The Art Of One Hour A Day A few months ago I wrote an article titled, ‘The Art Of One Hour A Day’. Its purpose wasto get you to realize to power of dedicating one hour every day to something you want tolearn or become good at.Most people have jobs, families or other responsibilities that they use as an excuse to putoff learning something new (whether it be a career, language, instrument, sport oranything else). However, I think it would be rather rare if you could not find one hourevery day (before you go to bed or when you wake up) to dedicate to learning whatever itis you want to do. It may mean you have to give up watching TV or sitting on Facebook,but often it can be done.
  6. 6. It may take a few months or even years to see significant results, but just imagine howclose you can get to your dreams or goals by dedicating this one hour every day. (If youhave more than one hour that would be even better).You could build up a passive income online and within a few years be making enough toquit your job and live the kind of life you always dreamed of. You could gain enoughknowledge to finally have a shot at the kind of job you have always dreamed about. Youcould learn another language that would allow you to go and live in another country andnot be lost. There are so many possibilities and you have the opportunity to really make your dreamscome true.“The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step” The journey towards reaching your dreams and goals starts with dedicating that firsthour towards them. After that one hour comes the next hour and after that the next andso on and so forth. Don’t delay, start today!
  7. 7. 15 Ways To Boost Your CreativityBeing creative is something that you can learn and contrary to popular belief, notsomething you need to be born with. Before you judge that statement and disagree withit, take some time to read what I have to say.I think that every person on this planet is really good at something. Every person iscreative in one way or another. The only reason why so many people think that they arenot creative and that creativity is somehow reserved for a select few, is that societyconditions us not to be creative.It starts from the day we get put in school (maybe even before that). We get taught tofollow rules, to follow a system. If we follow that system we get rewarded. If we goagainst the system or try to stand out from it, we often get punished. The system isdesigned for people to fit in and not for them to stand out. Thus, over time, peopleoppress any urges to be creative and stand out, and as a result come to believe that theyare not creative at all and never will be. I never used to think that I was creative but over the last two years I have trained myselfto be more and more creative using the techniques below:1-) Write Your Ideas DownGet into the habit of writing your ideas down as soon as you get them. This way you trainyour brain to keep coming up with ideas, and as soon as you get them you write themdown. When they are written down you don’t have to worry about remembering themand this allows more room for new ideas to form in your mind.
  8. 8. 2-) RelaxGood ideas and creativity usually do not appear under stress. When you are relaxed andrejuvenated, creative ideas usually come rather naturally. Take a walk on the beach, takea nap, go and play some sport or do whatever it is that relaxes you so that your brain canbe more creative when you get back to work.3-) No ExpectationsSimilar to no stress, but specifically no stress from the outcome. When you create withlove and passion and no expectation of the outcome, the chances are much greater thatyou will create something remarkable! Your passion will shine through in your work andthis is what makes it remarkable.4-)Be Easy On YourselfStop criticizing yourself and stop being so harsh on yourself. Accept yourself the way youare and do things to the best of your ability. You are enough and you are creative. Don’tlet self-limiting beliefs block out your creativity!5-) ReadReading stimulates the mind. The more you read, the more you open your mind up tonew ways of thinking and thus the more creative you will become. I know that readingcan be a bore, especially if you have to force yourself to do it. My advice is to start small.Choose a book on a topic that you like (it can even be about your favourite sport or artist)and spend 30 minutes before you go to bed reading that book. This way you can read 1-2new books every month without it being a lot of effort, and it will definitely contribute toyou being more creative. Heres a list of 12 great books to read.6-)Listen to Mozart (or Binaural Beats)Albert Einstein said he owes his creativity to listening to Mozart pieces. Certain songs andcompositions allow the brain to be more creative and function better. Albert Einstein didnot know why this was the case, but he found Mozart compositions to help his thinking. In the present age the concept of music enhancing your thinking has been scientificallyresearched and proven. Certain frequencies have a positive effect on increasing yourbrain’s performance and creativity.Today they are known as Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones. Basically, scientists haveengineered sound tracks with researched frequencies that have proven to increase brainperformance.
  9. 9. Every mood or state of mind that you experience (like anger, happiness, sadness etc.)causes your brain to operate at different frequencies. This means that its also possible toreplicate and enhance those moods at will, in other words, its possible to induce anystate of mind whenever you want with binaural beats and isochronic tones. These soundtracks that you listen to with stereo headphones synchronize your brain waves towhatever state you want to achieve.Thus there are binaural beats for dozens of purposes like: • Meditation • Increased Focus • Stress Relief • Healing • Creativity • Etc.The good binaural beats and isochronic tones usually cost a few dollars per track, but youcan get some excellent high-quality FREE samples here:The Unexplainable Store – Free Binaural Beat SamplesIts worth your while to give it a try. When I listen to certain binaural beats I immediatelynoticed an effect on my state of mind and felt more creative.(If you want you can find out more about Binaural Beats in this article I wrote)7-) MeditateIn combination with binaural beats, meditation can lead to a much more relaxed state ofbeing. This relaxed state allows creativity to naturally flow through your mind and youwill find it easier to come up with good ideas.8-)ExerciseAfter exercising, endorphins (the feel-good hormone) are released into yourbloodstream. Your body may be physically tired, but you feel good and relaxed. Regularexercise definitely contributes to creativity.
  10. 10. 9-) Ask For HelpDon’t be scared to ask someone for help or for their opinion. The input from a friend orstranger could be enough to jump-start a whole series of ideas and new creativity.10-) Expand Your HorizonsDo something you have never ever done before in your life. The experience of it may beenough to boost your creativity tenfold and give you many new ideas.12-) Eat BlueberriesBlueberries are said to be the richest in anti-oxidants and good for your brain an thinkingabilities. Eat a handful a day, and even if you don’t get extra creativity, enjoy the taste andthe health benefits. Its not only about eating blueberries, but more about eating anatural, healthy diet in general. The food you eat is the fuel for everything you do, andwhen you give your body “junk fuel” youll get “junk results”.13-) Stop Doing DrugsI’m talking about sugars, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. (I shouldn’thave to tell you not to do hard drugs!) These substances have a limiting effect on yourcreativity and your ways of thinking.14-) Do PuzzlesPuzzels stimulate your brain to look at a problem from different angles. The easier youare able to open up your mind to new ideas and new approaches, the more likely it willbe that you become more creative.15-) Play An InstrumentI personally like playing piano. It is relaxing and it allows me to experiment with newtones, melodies and ideas. I find it immensely satisfying and relaxing to be able to makemy own music or play a few of my favorite songs. Often while I am playing I will get anidea for something that I want to do or write about.
  11. 11. 6 Simple Steps To A More Efficient Day“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”Many hours in a day are wasted simply because we have no plan of action for that day.Life hardly ever goes exactly according to plan, but if you do not have a plan at all thenyou are relying for things to come to you instead of you making things happen. That iswhy I am a big fan of having a plan and having goals to work towards. If they changealong the way, then you make the necessary adjustments.So, instead of starting the day with no real plan to get things done, these few simplesteps should boost your efficiency in a big way.1-) Get Energized The first step in getting your day off to a super start is to make sure your body is well-rested and has the proper fuel for long-lasting energy.It is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. As soon as you wake up inthe morning, drink a full glass of water (or two). Scientific studies have shown that thismethod gives the body more energy for the entire day.Eat a good and healthy breakfast (I enjoy a variety of fruits). Don’t skip it becausebreakfast is the most important meal of the day and provides your body with fuel.
  12. 12. 2-) Plan Your Day The Night BeforeIf you want to get the most out of your day, then I suggest you plan your actions for thatday on the night before. Once you get used to this habit, it will only take you a fewminutes every night and usually results in getting way more done the next day. I actually have a whiteboard that I divided into columns for my tasks from Monday toFriday. On the weekend I already plan some of the tasks and things I want to get doneduring the week and write them down.Every night I will plan my following day as much as possible, and even though I don’talways get everything done, I feel it makes a big difference to my efficiency.There are people who say that daily to-do lists are pointless because you never end updoing all the things you write down. I do not agree, because by planning your day andweek ahead of the time, you can prioritize your most important tasks that will bring yougreat return in the future.3-) Optimize Your ActionsBy planning your day in advance, you can very likely combine certain actions to create amore efficient day.For example if you need to run errands, you can plan it all out and make one trip in alogical order instead of going back and forth like a headless chicken. This can save you alot of time and money.4-) Prioritize I think it is rather senseless to do 10 unimportant things on a day and not do the onething that really needs to be done. Whether this is due to procrastinating or whether it isdue to lack of planning, failing to do the important things is not an efficient use of yourday. When you plan your day in advance you can determine the one or two things that areessential and need to be done no matter what. After that you can dedicate any sparetime to completing less urgent tasks.5-) Stop Procrastinating Whatever the reason is for us to waste time and postpone getting our tasks done, one ofthe best ways to make your day more efficient is to cut out all those time-wastingactivities. Some examples would include Facebook, Twitter, Checking Email and aimlesslysurfing the net for amusement.
  13. 13. It might seem like a difficult idea to stop doing all these things. However, once you cutyourself off from these activities for a few days and see how much time they are taking,you realize that it is rather senseless to keep doing them every day. All that extra time you save by not procrastinating and doing senseless activities is timethat you can devote to completing tasks, working on your business or use to do the thingsyou really enjoy.6-) Automate Where Possible Automation is the key to efficiency. Automation does not necessarily mean that youneed to start using machines or computers to do your work for you; it simply means toreduce your involvement in a process as much as possible (sometimes machines arenecessary for this). Maybe you spend 5 minutes every day manually opening and closing your garage door.Invest in automatic garage openers and save hours a year. You might spend hours a day answering emails for support on a product you sell. Whynot set up an auto responder or an FAQ on your site or even hire a Virtual Assistant totake care of it for you in order to minimize answering repetitive questions?Most processes and routines that we use in our lives have some possibility of beingmade simpler or most efficient. Often by just asking yourself how you can make it moreefficient, you can come up with a few steps to apply to get the desired efficiency.To Sum Up 1. Energize 2. Plan 3. Optimize 4. Stop Procrastinating 5. Prioritize 6. AutomateThese 6 simple steps should make a big difference to your daily efficiency.You may ask yourself, “What if I don’t want to be efficient?”. Well, the sooner you get thethings done that need to be done, the more time you have to do the things you reallyenjoy (or work on your own projects that you are more passionate about).
  14. 14. 8 Ways To Live Healthy & Get In Shape“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to findtime for illness.” – Edward StanleyBeing healthy and getting in shape is not always the first thing on our minds. However,when we get seriously ill and our bodies protest, everything else in this world becomesrather insignificant and all we care about is our health.“Prevention is better than cure” You can spare yourself many illnesses, conditions and suffering by taking care of yourbody. While it may seem like a chore, simply eating healthy and keeping your body fit andin shape will make your quality of life much better. Youll be thankful for it later, trust me. You may think that it is cheaper to eat fast food or processed food but I think you will besurprised. Next time you are in a supermarket take a look what broccoli, cauliflower,carrots, lettuce, a can of tuna or chicken breasts cost. It’s pretty affordable and cheaperthan fast food (especially when youfactor in the medical costs of doctors, medication andsurgery that come with many years of eating a lot of fast and processed food).I don’t want to scare you or preach to you, I just want to help you be healthy and get inshape. Here are a few simple ways to help you achieve that:1-) Cut Down On Processed FoodStart slowly and wean yourself off processed and fast foods like burgers, pizza, sweets,chocolate, cakes, potato crisps, soda’s etc. This is the kind of food that tastes nice but iskilling you slowly. It contains very little nutrients and a lot of fat, sugar and artificialingredients. The end goal is to eliminate processed and fast food completely, butreducing it from your diet is a step in the right direction.
  15. 15. 2-) Cut Down On DrugsFor good health it is best to wean yourself off drugs like alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes.Needless to say that these things are very bad for you body. The goal is to eliminate thesedrugs completely or as much as possible.3-) Eat Fruits And VegetablesFruits and vegetables contain many essential vitamins and minerals that our body uses tofunction correctly. You should strive to include some fruits or vegetables with every mealthat you eat. Personally I enjoy eating fruit for breakfast because it is easily digestible andgives me good energy for the day. I enjoy vegetables with lunch and dinner.It is said that a raw food diet is the ultimate way to live as healthy as possible.4-) Drink Lots Of WaterWater is so important to good health. We can go for over 2 weeks without food, buthardly 3 days without water. The fact is that most people do not drink enough waterevery day. Some people never drink water and only drink coffee, juice and soda. I prettymuch only drink water, 1.5 to 3 litres a day. It keeps the body hydrated and helps filterout waste.The quality of water is important too. Bottled water is not always good and neither is tapwater (because of TDS or the amount of additives or chemicals). From my research I havefound the best kind of water to be water filtered by a reverse osmosis system. You canprobably find a filter system like this for a few hundred dollars and it will make your waterdrinkable and healthy for many years to come.5-) Do Some Form Of Exercise DailyYou do not need to go to the gym every day or spend hours working out. However, someform of exercise on a daily basis is beneficial to your health, body and mind. Exercisereleases endorphins which are those ‘feel good’ hormones. So, not only is exercisehealthy for your body, it usually puts you in a better mood which in turn makes you moreproductive and energetic. You can dance, go to the gym, go for a run, do some basic exercises at home, do yoga, goswimming, do martial arts and so many more things. I find the best way to get some formof daily exercise is make a nice combination of activities like the ones I mentioned above.
  16. 16. 6-) Get a DogIf you have the time and attention to take care of a dog then why not?A dog will warn against intruders, keep you company and keep you healthy. If you are agood owner then you will take your dog for a walk or run every day, which is beneficialboth for your dog and for you!7-) Join a ClubWhether it be a gym, dance class, rowing club or rock-climbing group, joining a club is agreat way to stay motivated to exercise.Everyone sometimes feels lazy or not in the mood to go out and exercise. However, whenyou are part of a team or you are paying a monthly fee to be able to exercise, it is mucheasier to stay motivated and keep attending that club. Find a club of an activity that youenjoy and sign up for it.8-) MeditateStress has a negative effect on our health and our bodies. The more stress we have, themore easily we get sick. Although stress is psychological, it can manifest physical illnessesand disruptions in our bodies. Maybe you are in a stressful environment or job that youcannot remove yourself from. If that is the case then I would suggest that you find amethod of removing that stress from your life on a daily basis.I find exercise to be a good stress-reliever. However, there are many other ways to get ridof stress. You can listen to music, you can take a walk in a park, take a hot bubble bath ordo yoga. You can even learn more about meditation.I’ve mentioned binaural beats earlier on. They are sound tracks of scientificallyengineered frequencies that are designed to enhance brain performance and create astate of total relaxation.
  17. 17. 15 Ways To Cheer You Up When You Feel DownWe all go through times when we feel sad or even a little depressed. It may be becausethings keep going against you or because you lost something or someone you care aboutor even because you regret something that you did or did not do.Going through some moments of sadness is nothing to be ashamed of or even to fear. Ithink that every now and then a bit of sadness is good to balance out the other emotions.However, it is not good to stay sad for very long because that is emotionally damaging.A good way to deal with sadness is to embrace it fully, let it hurt for a few days and thenlet it pass through you and be done with it.Whatever the reason for you being sad, it is always nice to have some ways to cheer youup and that is exactly what I am about to give you; 15 ways to cheer you up when youfeel sad.1-) BreatheTake 5 minutes and consciously breathe. Count your breaths, inhale and exhale. Whenyou focus on breathing, you will notice that you become more relaxed and your worriesand troubles melt away.2-) FriendsI’m talking about the sitcom. I have probably watched every episode ten times and italways gets a smile on my face. Feeling down? Just watch an episode or two and yourmood will lift.
  18. 18. 3-) Arnold SchwarzeneggerJust Google ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger switchboard’ and you’ll understand what I mean. It isan online switchboard with recorded clips from Arnold and his awesome accent.Guaranteed to make you feel better!4-) Saying ImagesSince I found this site I’ve been in love with it. No essays or articles, just unique andoriginal pictures with a message. Very cool.5-) Ice-CreamStuffing yourself with your favourite flavour ice-cream always does wonders. It might notbe healthy and it might not be a solution, but damn, it tastes good and makes you feelbetter!6-) PaintGet a canvas or a wall or something that you can paint on and let your emotions flow. Letthe paintbrush and colors flow freely and your mood will lift.7-) (Real) Friends, Food and MoviesAsk your best friends to come over for the night, get some good movies and great foodand just hang out. You don’t even have to say anything to each other, just enjoy themovies, food and each other’s company.8-) Play With A DogDogs never seem to have big troubles. They are always energetic and up for fun. Asksomeone who has a dog if you can borrow it for the day.9-) Bubble BathDraw a nice warm bath full of bubbles and bath salts. Relax and soak your troubles in thewater and leave them behind when you get out of the bath.
  19. 19. 10-) SingYou may not be in the mood to sing, because generally people only sing when they arehappy. Put on your favourite song and sing along. You will begin to feel better and itmight even change your mood completely!11-) Create SomethingI mentioned painting earlier, but you can do anything you want. Pottery, drawings,carpentry, paper-mache, a song and Lego are some ideas. Be artistic and just makesomething with your own two hands, it will make you feel better!12-) Bake a CakeYep, even if you are a guy, baking a cake once in a blue moon can be fun. It can be fun towhip up all the ingredients and create something delicious, especially when you arefeeling a little down. If your cake comes out perfectly, you can devour it to make you feeleven better!13-) Buy Yourself Flowers.A fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers always cheers me up. They smell amazing and lookso pretty. I can often notice a big lift in my mood when I have flower in front of me for afew hours.14-) Blow BubblesSo simple and yet so fascinating. Dip the little stick in the soapy water and blow on it tomake a bubble that floats through the air.15-) Happiness Comes From WithinEven though many of these suggestions will cheer you up and put you in a better mood,true happiness comes from within you. The only person who can ultimately make youhappy is you. I found that the less you rely on other things making you happy, the easierit is to be happy.
  20. 20. 23 Creative Ways To Make Extra MoneyMoney makes the world go round (or so they day). While money may not be able to buyyou happiness or love, we all need it to survive.If you are already balling in the cash then this section most likely will not apply to you(and I am happy for you). However, most people are not in that fortunate situation so thissection is dedicated to anybody who could happily use some extra money.Just like with so many things in life, your mindset and beliefs play a big role when itcomes to money. If you believe that money is very hard to come by and that you willlikely never make a lot of it, then that might be exactly what life gives you.I am not saying that by merely believing that you should make millions that you will, butthat mindset definitely opens new possibilities. When you believe that it is possible tomake a lot of money, your brain can now start to come up with ideas and ways that canmaterialize that belief (which was previously not possible because you did not believethat you could make a lot of money). I highly recommend Rishan Bs Manifest It All Today course. It only costs $17 and Rishan will teach you how to reprogram your mind to attract and “manifest” almost anything you desire with a few very simple steps. Even if youre skeptical about the law of attraction, check out his free video presentation here: Manifest It All Today
  21. 21. To continue with the theme of this are some creative ways you can goabout making extra money.Remember, even if these ways seem small, many small amounts add up to big amounts.Try not to consider yourself too good to do any type of work. You may have to start at thebottom, but if you dont give up you will work yourself up to the top.Here are 23 creative ways to make some extra money:Offline – The Real World1-) Mow LawnsSomething very simple that everyone can do. Lawns continue to grow and people withlawns usually have someone mow it for them. Go around in your neighbourhood and askyour neighbours if you can mow their lawn on a weekly basis for a small fee.2-) Paint Curb numbersGet a can of paint and go around your neighbourhood offering to paint the house-number clearly on the curb so that people will easily be able to find their house. Charge$5 or $10.3-) Au PairAre you good with kids? If you are trustworthy and responsible you should be able to findpeople with kids who need a babysitter every now and then. Possibly even on a regularor daily basis.4-) Dog WalkingStart your own little business and go around offering people to walk their dogs for themfor a small fee. It will give you good exercise too!5-) Part-Time JobWork can be scarce in today’s economy, but if you look around you should be able to finda part-time job somewhere. Clean windows, pack shelves, bag groceries. Just somethingsimple for a few hours a week and it could make you some extra money.
  22. 22. 6-) Work In a BarThis classifies as a part-time job but I thought I’d give it an extra mention. Bar-tending israther easy to learn and anybody can do it. It does require late nights but you can try tochoose nights when you are free (like weekends).7-) Write a BookDo you have extensive knowledge on a subject or do you have wild theories about life?Maybe you have a vivid imagination and can come up with entertaining and awesomefictional stories. Take a look at the ‘Harry Potter’ series that started as bedtime stories fora mother’s children.8-) Make MusicThe effect of music is enormous. There are hundreds of different styles and manyinstruments that you can choose from. Music is universal and you do not need a degreeto be able to make it. Who knows, maybe you have natural talent to write songs or comeup with amazing melodies and lyrics. What if you’re good enough to create an album?9-) Make JewelleryEverybody likes jewellery. Maybe you can come up with a creative or unique design thatis cheap and easy to make and hundreds or thousands of people will want to buy.10-) Paint or DrawBesides the fact that painting and drawing is fun, it can also bring in some extra money.People love art and sometimes the more abstract and unique the art, the more peoplewill pay for it. Discover if you have a hidden Van Gogh or Picasso inside of you.11-) Offer To AdvertiseBrand your car or walk around with a T-shirt promoting someone’s idea for them. Themore people you can advertise to or the smarter your advertising idea, the more you canmake with it.12-) Teach SomethingEveryone has something that they are good at. What are your skills? Offer to teachpeople one-on-one or start group lessons. Maybe you can teach someone a language, orteach guys how to get girls, or teach students how to become better writers.
  23. 23. 13-) Sell StuffChances are that you have stuff lying around your house that you never use or don’treally need. Sell it for some extra cash. You will be amazed what you can sometimes comeup with.14-) Sign Up For Medical TestsNot something I would personally do (maybe giving blood) but there are people who getthousands of dollars for being guinea pigs for medical procedures and new drugs.15-) Cut ExpensesThe easiest way to make money is by not spending it. Run through your expenses to see ifthere is anything you can cut down on or even eliminate completely.Online – The Virtual World16-) Build An Online BusinessThe evolution of the internet has made it possible for everyone to start their own onlinebusiness at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar business.In fact, you can start an online business for as little as $150. Add your own time and effortto the mix and within months you can be making a few hundred to a few thousanddollars per month.As an example, my own personal development blog which I startedas a hobby (and now turned into more of a business) is making me between $500 and$1000 every single month. And can you guess how much time I spend working on it? Onlyabout 2 hours every day.Even if you know nothing about the internet or setting up a website, you can start anonline business today about a topic that interests you. Ive set up a free tutorial with allthe steps (completely fool-proof) about setting up an online business: I can honestly say that this is the best way I know to make extra money, and the beautifulthing is that the amount of money you make keeps growing. Youre investing your timeand effort into something that will really pay off in the future and be worth your while.Remember that if you build an online business making $1000 per month, youre not onlymaking $12,000 per year, but youll also be able to sell it for $12,000-$24,000!
  24. 24. 17-) Start an affiliate siteAn affiliate site is a website set up with the sole purpose of promoting a product andgetting commissions for a sale. You can create a site for a product and drive traffictowards it by writing articles, advertising or getting good rankings in search engines bybuilding backlinks. This will also not happen overnight and will take quite a bit of effortand persistence to master, but once you get it right you can literally make thousands ofdollars a month with it.I wrote a detailed article about affiliate marketing here: SquidooSquidoo is a Web 2.0 community created my marketing genius Seth Godin. Web 2.0means that you can create your own account and set up free squidoo pages (as many asyou like). On those pages you can write about things you love and insert affiliate links. Itis similar to a website, but because it is free you are governed by the Squidoo rules.These rules often restrict certain products and they place ads all around the page whichresult in people clicking these ads and not your content or affiliate links. However, it isstill possible to make some extra money with Squidoo.19-) EbayEbay is an online market place where you can buy and sell all sorts of things. If you havestuff lying around at home you can put it up for auction on eBay. If you are creative andmake things that you can sell, do it on eBay.20-) Article MarketingHave you heard about article marketing? The concept is simple and it is totally free. Itinvolves you writing articles that promote affiliate products and if you make sales you getcommissions. However, thousands of people do this on a daily basis, so your articles haveto be good and targeted to be able to get traffic. There is definitely potential to makemoney with article marketing and all it will cost you is time (not money). Check outhttp://www.bummarketingmethod.com21-) Offer ServicesIf you are good at writing articles or you have some designing skills in Photoshop, youcould offer your services on a site like Digitalpoint Forums.
  25. 25. 22-) YoutubeJust like you can market with articles, you can also market with videos. Maybe you are askilled camera-person. Create funny clips or inspirational ones and you could getthousands of views. Link to a product in your video and you may find yourself makingsales.23-) Forex TradingI added forex trading but purposely put it last. The reason being that forex trading is riskyand requires capital that you can afford to lose. If you don’t have money to spare then Idon’t advise trading forex.However, if you have some money that you could afford to lose then forex trading couldbe a source of incredible wealth and freedom.I strongly advise that you spend days and weeks learning and studying the forex marketsand the ins and outs of trading before you even consider risking your hard-earned money.Ill soon release a detailed tutorial series about forex trading and how to make moneywith it. Be sure to keep an eye open when it arrives in your inbox.
  26. 26. 14 Sweet Ways To Make A Good First ImpressionAlthough first impressions can be totally deceiving, almost everyone judges a personbased on that first impression. This means your entire future relationship with anyone(business,friendship or lover) can depend on it.Often that first impression is created in just a few seconds. This is due to the fact that webuild a lot of prejudices into our minds. When you see someone the first time, our mindsubconsciously runs through a check-list of all these prejudices and picks up which onesare present and which ones are not. That is why you will instantly be fond of certainpeople and also instantly not want to be around other people.Just remember that first impressions are not always the truth and someone that youinitially like or dislike may not be someone that you will like or dislike as you get to knowmore about them.Here are some great ways to make a good first impression:1-) Be Well-Groomed Not everyone will admit it but most people allow someone’s physical appearance tomake a contribution to their first impression of that person. Sloppy personal hygiene canindicate lack of interest. The deduction (but not always the truth) from this is that ifsomeone does not pay attention to their own body, why would they pay attention to youor their role towards you.
  27. 27. 2-) Dress Neatly Some people are millionaires but dress in shorts and an old t-shirt because they don’tcare and it’s comfortable. However, if you are dressed neatly or stylishly, you will oftenmake a good impression on someone, A suit and tie are not necessary, as long as yourclothes look good and match the occasion.3-) Be On Time Being on time is very important for a first impression. If you have an appointment, ameeting or a date, it is always better to be 5 minutes early and have to wait than to betoo late. Being on time shows that you have integrity and do as you promise and that yourespect the other person’s time. Like I said, very important!4-) Good Manners Good manners go a long way in contributing to a good first impression. A goodintroduction, holding the door open for someone, being the last to sit and speaking withtwo words (yes Sir or yes Mam) are examples of good etiquette.5-) Be PoliteBeing polite kind of falls in the same category as having good manners. Don’t interruptpeople while they are talking, ask them how they are doing, be polite to the peoplearound that person who you are making a first impression on etc.6-) Be Authentic You can usually tell the difference between someone who is fake and someone who isauthentic within minutes of talking to them. People who are fake and who say and dothings only to impress others are not liked by many. Strive to let all your actions andwords be authentic. Mean what you say and do something because you believe in it andwant to do it.7-) Smile A smile goes a long way and is sometimes enough to brighten someone’s entire day.Seeing someone smile often makes me want to smile and this is a great effect to have onother people. If you can make someone smile and laugh from the moment you meetthem, you can count on it that you made a good first impression on them.
  28. 28. 8-) Give a Genuine Compliment Try to notice something about someone that really stands out and give them a genuinecompliment for it. Flattery always works, especially when it comes from the heart andyou mean what you say.9-) Help Someone Showing that you care about others and don’t only think about yourself will definitelyhelp you make a good first impression. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out of yourway to try to make that good impression. If someone happens to cross paths with youthat could use some help and it won’t cost you much, then help them out.10-) Take Initiative People like people who take initiative. People who take initiative are often known asleaders, because they do not wait for other people to tell them what to do and when todo it. Leaders are respected, they make decisions and they take initiative.11-) Take Interest In The Other Person Don’t try to talk about yourself too much. Rather, take interest in the other person. Whoare they, what are they all about? Get them to talk about themselves, most people lovethis. People want to feel important. The more personal stories you can get them to tell,the more likely it is that they will be impressed.12-) Be Humble Even if you are very successful, have a lot of money or are really famous, try not to use itas a way to impress people. Someone will be a lot more impressed if they know thesethings about you but that you did not try to flaunt it in their face.
  29. 29. 13-) Body Language 90% of communication is non-verbal. This is exactly why it is so important to havecorrect body language. Here are a few tips: • Sit up straight (don’t slouch) • Walk erect (shoulders back) • Maintain Eye Contact (don’t look away all the time) • Relaxed (not fidgety or nervous) • Confident Actions (do everything with intent and purpose)14-) Have FunThis is probably one of the more important things to make a good first impression. Havefun with whatever you do and be positive. This conveys that you are not doing anythingto make an impression, you are not there to take value from the other person. Insteadyou give value and your spread your positivity and enthusiasm.
  30. 30. 33 Beautiful Reasons Why Life Is AwesomeDo not take things for granted because your entire life could change forever in just a splitsecond. This chapter serves as a reminder to be grateful for the things you have.If all goes well we can expect to have a good 70-80 years of life on earth. There is anendless list of reasons why life is totally awesome and why you should look to make themost of it.From something as small as a butterfly to something as majestic as being part of a hugesolar system in an even bigger universe, life is absolutely amazing and our world has somany beautiful things to offer.When I see people who are depressed or who hate their lives, I just cant help myself butask “Why?”. If you ever find yourself in a bad mood, turn to this list to remind you of whyyou should be thankful for every moment of life you can experience.1-) Being in LoveThe feeling of being in love and being absolutely crazy about someone is one of the bestfeelings in the world. You just want everybody to be as happy as you are and your loveshows in everything that you do.2-) A KissA soft and tender or wild and passionate kiss is another one of life’s most amazing things.Especially if you really like the other person, the touch of their lips against yours is one toexperience as much as possible.
  31. 31. 3-) A HugA hug can take away worries or fears in an instant. It can cheer you up in seconds and it issuch a nice gesture of love, friendship or compassion. Whether you hug a lover, friend ortotal stranger, give and get as many hugs as you can!4-) A SmileJust like a hug, a smile can say and do so many things. A smile can make you feel safe, itcan cheer you up, it can invite you over, it can say ‘Hi’, it can say ‘I love you’ and it caninspire you. Smile every day, it is free and can affect so many people in a good way!5-) HappinessHappiness comes from within. You can have absolutely nothing and still be the happiestperson in this world.6-) Working TogetherThere are few things as amazing as working towards the same goal with other people. Itunites us and makes us feel like part of something bigger. Here in South Africa they have asaying that people in South Africa only work together if they have to carry a case of beer.Just take a look back in history and see all the great things that were achieved and builtby hundreds and thousands of people working together.7-) FriendshipBeing alone is not very fun. Having people to share your experiences with makes life fun.People who you can trust and who encourage you to be your best self, people who youhave adventures with, people who are there for you in good times and bad times, thosefriendships make life totally awesome. Heres how to make friends anywhere in theworld.8-) New LifeHave you ever held a new-born baby? If you did then you were holding life in its purestform. That miniature person can put a smile on anyone’s face.9-) TimeIf you live healthy the chances are great that you have 70 years on this planet to learn,love, grow, teach and do what you are passionate about.
  32. 32. 10-) AnimalsFuzzy furry creatures or fish in an aquarium. There are so many hundreds of types ofcreatures on our planet and it is absolutely amazing to see what they look like and howthey live and act. Read this story about a dogs purpose.11-)SushiSushi is one of my favourite foods! It just tastes so good and it’s rather healthy too. Goingfor sushi is a good reason why life is awesome!12-) PastaThe Italians got it right. All sorts of pastas, macaronis and lasagnes. Yum!13-) BlueberriesThese little power-berries taste delicious, are really healthy and rejuvenate your soul!Munch a few handfuls and you’ll see what I’m talking about.14-) Ice-creamIt’s not often that I eat ice-cream but every now and then I indulge. I always go to a placethat has the best ice-cream in the world (that I’ve tasted) and eating their icy coldgoodness is heavenly.15-) Martial ArtsFew things compare to the enjoyment you can get from martial arts. Not only is it goodfor exercise and physical health, martial arts are very good for spiritual strength andcultivating discipline. Read more about the top 3 martial arts styles.16-) No LimitsThere are no limits to what you can achieve in life. No matter what environment you arein and where you were brought up, there is always possibility for change. You could bethe person who single-handedly changes the way that the whole world thinks or doessomething. You can do anything you set your mind to.
  33. 33. 17-) UnpredictableLife is a series of adventures, all totally unpredictable. That is what makes it so much fun!You never know what is coming next. There are ups and there are downs, like arollercoaster ride. It’s up to you to make the most of it.18-) Scientific BreakthroughsConstantly discovering things we never knew and never thought possible.100 years agopeople said the automobile would never be able to go 100km/h. Hundreds of years agothey thought that the earth was flat. Every year we are making major break-throughs inmany different fields. How amazing is that?19-) Fly, Walk or DiveWe are lucky enough to be able to do what birds, fish and land-mammals do. We can flythrough the air (planes, hangliders, skydive), we can travel across water or be submergedin it (scuba-diving or submarines) and we can cross land (by foot, car, train etc). Here are100 crazy things to do before you die.20-) SunsetsOne of the world’s most beautiful sights is seeing the sun set in the horizon. The brightorange and pink spectrum of light setting the sky on fire as you sit on the beach or lie inthe grass. Guess what, it happens every single night (except for certain places in theworld that experience only day or only night for parts of the year)!21-) The BeachHearing the ocean, seeing the waves break on the shore, feeling the sand between yourtoes and smelling the fresh sea air is what makes the beach so beautiful. A trip to hebeach every now and then is one of the big enjoyments of life.22-) The SunThat big fiery ball of gas in the sky that is responsible for life as we know it. Feeling itswarmth and rays on our faces and allowing it go give us beautiful sunrises and sunsets,the sun makes our lives beautiful!
  34. 34. 23-) SnowIt’s cold but oh so beautiful. Tiny little snowflakes falling from the sky to cover our worldin a layer of white fluffy powder. Amazing to see and lots of fun to play with.24-) Tropical IslandsThere is something about tropical islands that make life totally sweet. Golden beaches,palm tress, hot weather, aqua blue waters…25-) The Wonders of the WorldI could list them all separately but I decided to group them together. The Pyramid of Giza,the gardens of Babylon, the Stone Henge and so on. These amzing sights are sobreathtaking and inspiring that being alive and having the possibility to see them withyour own eyes is incredible.26-) The Eiffel TowerThere are many beautiful sites and structures around the world, but the Eiffel Tower isone that I have been on personally. I love it and it’s really amazing to see Paris from highup.27-) TravelingThe world has so much to offer. So many beautiful places, different countries, differentcultures. In todays age its so easy to travel abroad. Seeing the beauty of the world reallymakes life worth living. Here are 100 reasons to travel the world.28-) HandstandsThey’re awesome, they’re free and they take a little skill to master.29-) Playing PianoMaking music with any instrument is wonderful. I listed piano because it is one that I play,but guitar or violin or saxophone are options too. The ability to create beautiful tones andcombine them into a piece of music makes life worth living!
  35. 35. 30-) DancingMove your body to the music and allow the beat to flow through you. Dancing is so muchfun and can be done by anyone of any age and any location. You could even dance rightnow while sitting in your chair reading this article!31-) MusicI would dare say that music is life. Life is rhythm, whether it be the breaking of the waveson the shore or the beat of your heart. Music is all around us. Songs have the power totransform moods in seconds and inspire us beyond imagination.32-) MoviesIt may be a little strange to say that life is awesome because we can watch movies.Personally I am a big movie fan and love kicking back with some good food and a greatmovie.33-) Life is AwesomeIf you think that life is awesome, then life will be awesome! Here is a list of my favoriteinspirational and awesome quotes.
  36. 36. Parting WordsOnce again I want to thank you for subscribing to I will do my verybest to keep writing articles filled with useful tips and information you can apply toimprove the quality of your daily life.I also hope that you enjoyed reading this ebook and that you found at least one “goldennugget” that will make a difference to your life.If you enjoyed reading this virtual book, I highly recommend getting my premium bookUpgrade Reality. It contains much more practical advice to overcome personal obstaclesand build the life you dream of living than this ebook youve just read. Click Here To Check Out Upgrade Reality here
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