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Viseum ivos-facerec

The World’s Best Face Recognition Software

Viseum iVOS FaceRec is a face indexing, detection, identification and re-identification software system. This face recognition software uses both centralized and de-centralized, singular or multiple face database architecture, to support a virtually unlimited number of registered faces.

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Viseum ivos-facerec

  1. 1. Viseum UK iVOS FaceRec Viseum UK iVOS FaceRec
  2. 2. • We sell trusted solutions to the problems with CCTV surveillance and security systems. We do not just sell product. • We are the fastest evolving CCTV technology business in the world. Primarily well known for solving the problems with monitored CCTV surveillance and standalone CCTV security systems. • Our CCTV security and surveillance solutions automatically present the right amount of high quality CCTV video information to the right people at the right time, allowing them to: • React in the quickest and most effective way during live emergencies and security threats, and • Clear up crime in the most efficient way during rapid investigations.
  3. 3. Reliably delivering 4 times greater accuracy than any other Face Recognition System – Encouraging more use for many more surveillance applications. Operates using any professionally selected and sited standard camera and can be further optimised by the unique 360° Viseum IMC Camera – Automatically detect, match, monitor and uniquely follow 100 times more faces and automatically detect over 15 times more incidents from just one camera installation. The only CCTV surveillance technology to accurately follow people until their face is captured, giving you the ability of capturing faces in populated wide areas of high risk suspects, even when they approach CCTV cameras and consistently hide their identity.
  4. 4. We have evolved a library of face detection and face matching algorithms for much longer than any other face recognition technology provider. Each face recognition software algorithm is used for different complex and challenging environments, and demanding applications. To optimise our projects we typically use 2 algorithms for our face recognition pilot installations: 1. Our most widely used and popular face recognition algorithm. 2. Our most complex face recognition algorithm for the most challenging applications and environments. 3. This allows us to refine the customer’s Product Solution design based on the results of the pilot.
  5. 5. Helping overcome attempts to obstruct the identification of a person, Viseum has developed a face recognition CCTV camera system that uses a special Infra-Red spectrum to operate in challenging ambient lighting conditions, including complete darkness. This Viseum Product Solution is the first of its kind and was developed with and for the most reputable police force in the Middle East. This Viseum Product Solution uses 2 customised high precision 5MP machine vision cameras: 1. Each camera has independent feature sets for gathering best results under many conditions. 2. Variable camera zoom lenses with Infra-Red illumination and filter system. 3. This also allows Viseum to customise the Product Solution design based on the results of the customer’s initial pilot installation. Viseum Hardware Technology Services
  6. 6. • Metropolitan Police Service - New Scotland Yard The Viseum technical support team set up and commissioned the cellular mobile CCTV communications services for this police force. • Olympics Major Public Event • Viseum UK products meet quality compliance as used to protect the construction of this event. • Viseum UK also sponsored the Olympics CCTV security for the Olympic Torch Relay. Viseum’s Rapid Deployment CCTV